Zero and jude relationship

Jude and Zero have their final scene – in the shower – as VH1′s ‘Hit the Floor’ ends its run

zero and jude relationship

Jude Kinkade started out as an agent for Zero - a player for The Devils who was and impress his father, Oscar, despite their somewhat estranged relationship. Jude Kinkade and Zero are fictional characters from the VH1 series Hit the Floor, which Jude and Zero's working relationship soon evolves into a sexual and then romantic one, which continues for two seasons until the series was cancelled. The Gay Drama Returns For Zero And Jude On The Season and told Zero he'd like an actual, out-in-public relationship, leaving Zero (who.

Smart people fall in love with the wrong people, too, though. So it remains to be seen what will happen with Jude. But I like the fact that both Jude and Zero are smart. Frankly, they're our most functional couple.

They have each other's backs, they plot together, they have great chemistry And we've gotten to learn more about them as individuals, and I think sometimes when you couple up characters it becomes all about these two people and particularly Once Zero did what he did on the court and came out, that's when you really started to get deeper into Jude's feelings about his father and Zero's backstory And they're there for each other throughout that.

While Zero makes advances toward Devil Girls captain Jelena Howardrecent ex-girlfriend of team captain Terrence WallZero's junior agent Jude wants only to impress his estranged father: To this end, Jude moves to have coach Pete Davenport 's wife, the famous actress Lionel Davenportpresent at all of the Devils' games, but she will only agree if Pete is no longer dating Raquel Saldana.

In " Passing ", Jude manages to drive a wedge between Pete and Raquel, and Jelena finally gives in to Zero's advances and has sex with him.

Zero and Jelena continue sleeping together in " Behind the Back ", but she resists his romantic overtures. Jude and Lionel sour Pete and Raquel's plans for a weekend getaway.

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In " Full-Court Press ", Zero goes to assistant coach German Vega with plays that he says would guarantee the team more wins, but would feature more of Zero and less of Derek Roman. Jude is revealed to have one of Olivia Vincent 's red blackmail envelopes. In " Shattered Glass ", Jude discovers that Olivia was also blackmailing his other client Derek; she knew that he tested positive for cocaine, and that Jude provided it for him.

Zero sleeps with a pair of prostitutes. In " Blow Out ", Zero helps Jelena dig up dirt on her nemesis Sloane Hayeswhich includes his posing nude in exchange for an embarrassing photo of Sloane. Raquel convinces Jude not to submit her to a background check.

Zero gives Jelena an ultimatum to choose him or Terrence in " Isolation ", and Jude discovers that Sloane and Raquel want to take Oscar down. In " Playing Dirty ", Jude demands that Sloane and Raquel give him what they have on Oscar, or he will tell his father that they are plotting against him. Zero threatens to purposely sabotage the Devils' chance at a championship ring if Jelena does not choose him over Terrence.

Zero makes Jude his only agent, and buys him a sportscar. In retaliation for Zero's threats, Jelena destroys Zero's religious image by leaking information about his dalliances with prostitutes to the press, and he loses all of his sponsors. Raquel and Sloane turn the tables on Jude when they find out that he was being blackmailed by Olivia, and why.

Jude promises to stand by Zero and help him navigate the scandal. Jude interprets an intimate moment between them as a romantic advance, and kisses Zero.

Zero pulls away in " Unguarded ", supportive of Jude's apparent homosexuality but not interested. Jude explains to Zero that he kissed him because he thought Zero wanted him to.

When Jude moves to meet up with another guy, a jealous Zero kisses him, and they have sex. In " Steal ", Zero tells Jude that he has been with both men and women before, but does not do relationships. Jude wants to know what they are doing, and Zero says "having fun". Jude tells Lionel that he is seeing another man, and the revelation that Jude is gay cements a bond with Lionel. Meanwhile, Zero steps up his plan to supplant Terrence and Derek by giving reporter Kendall a scoop.

Jude & Zero storyline Part 1 - video dailymotion

Thanks to Zero, news of Terrence's injury goes public in " Sudden Death ". Jude goes to Oscar to tell him that Sloane and Raquel are investigating him, even though the women may reveal Jude's crime.

Oscar, however, throws his discovery of Jude's homosexuality in his face, so Jude stays silent. Jude learns that Zero knows about the cocaine, but did not use the information against Derek because it would also hurt Jude.

Zero tells Jude about his rough childhood in foster care. In the season two finale " Winner Takes All ", Jude is Lionel's "man of honor" at her impromptu wedding to Oscar, but is annoyed when Zero flirts with a woman. Jude becomes frustrated by the secret nature of his relationship with Zero, and gives Zero an ultimatum that he wants it to go to the next level.

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He recognizes that Zero is not concerned with being labeled as gay or bisexual, but is afraid to expose his true self to the world. Zero is unwilling to comply, but tells Jude that his real name is Gideon.

Jude tells Gideon to call him when he is ready to go on a date in public. Season three [ edit ] In " Power Play ", Zero's new bad boy image has attracted endorsements, and he wants Jude back as his agent. Jude, however, accepts Lionel's offer to be executive vice president of the Devils. Noticing that Derek's new agent, Lucas, is interested in Jude, Lionel tasks Jude to use it to their advantage in " Blocked ". Lucas asks Jude out, but Zero sends Lucas—who is also his agent—off on an errand.

zero and jude relationship

Zero makes a play for captain of the team, and Pete gives it to him. Jude inadvertently sabotages his date with Lucas by making it clear that he is still in love with someone else. Zero discovers that Terrence and Jelena are the secret investors attempting to buy the Devils. Summoned to jail to visit Oscar, Jude refuses to give any aid until Oscar fully accepts him as his son. Jude and Zero give in to their desires and have sex in a closet at Terrence and Jelena's engagement party, but Jude is furious that Zero still wants to hide their relationship.

Later, Zero says "I love you" to Jude, who says it back, but leaves when Zero is still not ready to take their relationship to the next level. Jude has another date with Lucas, and they sleep together. Not realizing that Zero is the man Jude loves, Lucas tells Zero that he is not interested in pursuing anything with "needy" Jude.

On the court, Zero tells Jude that Lucas is not coming to meet him, because Zero told him not to. Zero kisses a surprised Jude in front of the press and millions of viewers, effectively coming out. In " Lockout ", Jude and Zero's romance is big news. Zero tells Jude that every move he has ever made has been planned in advance—but kissing Jude was not.

Zero is uncomfortable with the new attention to his personal life and regrets the kiss, but is soon bolstered by overshadowing Derek in the press.

Zero warms to his situation as more endorsements and a book deal come his way in " Carrying ". The book falls apart when Zero refuses to talk about his past.

Oscar makes a heartfelt plea for Jude's help, but fails Jude's test of his trustworthiness.

Jude and Zero

Zero agrees to open up about his childhood to Jude. In " Killer Crossover ", Zero and Jude visit the house where Zero grew up in foster care, which is about to be demolished.

Zero opens up, and Jude encourages him to trash the place with a sledgehammer to get some closure. Zero helps Jude win the support of a powerful Devils board member in " Upset ", and Zero takes Jude up on his offer to help find his sister Laura.

Jude's private detective finds Laura in " Loss ". In the season three finale " Possession ", Oscar keeps Jude on the payroll, giving him a limited time to prove his loyalty. Zero decides not to contact his sister, who is doing well, to protect her from any blowback from his life. He tells Jude that he bought his childhood home for them to renovate and live in together.

Jelena seizes control of the team, and informs Zero that she is trading him. Jude is unwilling to leave Lionel at Oscar's mercy, putting Jude and Zero's future together in question.

With Jelena temporarily out of commission, Zero's position on the team seems secure. When Jelena recovers, she tells Jude that she is keeping him as EVP, and Zero that she is going to make him miserable. Zero suspects that Jude shot Jelena to protect him—which he did not—but Jude is touched by Zero's willingness to lie for him.

zero and jude relationship

When Ahsha Hayes throws her wedding bouquet, it bounces off Zero's shoulder and into Jude's hands. Season four [ edit ] In " Slay ", Zero has left the Devils, and Jude laments that Zero rejected his marriage proposal. Jude is still reeling from their breakup, but has developed a better relationship with Jelena as they both worked to keep the team afloat. Lionel encourages Jude to go out and get over Zero. Jude meets another guy, Noah, during an attempted convenience store robbery.

Jude brings an injured Noah home, and they have sex. Later, Jude and Noah realize that they will be working together, as Noah is a new sideline reporter assigned to the Devils. Jude tries to keep his distance from Noah at work in " Beast Mode ", but the men end up having sex in Noah's press office.

He makes a deal with them that he won't tell Oscar if they give him all the information that they already have about him but this later escalates when Sloane and Raquel discover Jude's secret about the cocaine and his sexuality. He eventually decides to drop the whole ordeal if they both back away from it. Towards the end of season 2, Zero finds his reputation in tatters when Asha Hayes accidentally publicizes that he has been a fraud this entire time.

However, Jude is there for him and tells him that he will always be on Zero's team and that he will never leave him.

Zero tells him he doesn't know what he'd do without him and Jude kisses Zero abruptly.

Jude & Zero storyline Part 2

Zero pulls away and tells Jude that it's completely fine if he's gay but that he, himself doesn't swing the other way. Later on, Jude defends Zero's position with the Devils by ensuring that he gets to be part of a new campaign t alongside Terrence and Derek. It is at this photo-shoot where he meets Danny, the photographer's assistant and they decide to meet at the party later.

However, between convincing Zero that he should actually attend the party, Jude realizes that Zero is jealous of him going to the party with Danny and the two have sex. The morning after, Zero tells him that he's been with men and women before but that he doesn't do relationships much to Jude's dismay and they enter into a sexual relationship despite the fact that Jude is falling fast for Zero.

When Zero finds out about the deal that Jude had with Derek about the cocaine, he opens up to Jude about his childhood. He tells Jude that he comes from a foster family who only cared about collecting the checks rather than the actual children and that the name "Zero" was given to him by them.

He says he decided to keep it to show them how big "Zero" could actually be. Jude asks him what his real name is but Zero changes the subject. Season 3 Edit At the beginning of season 3, Jude becomes the executive vice president for Lionel Davenport, his new stepmother and close friend, and together they are in charge of Devil's Nation.

It is clear that he still has feelings for Zero, but will not go back to being a secret as he is proud of who he is.