Ante Ciliga – pronounced “Tsiliga” – became famous to the point of becoming the emblem of the opposition to Stalinism and to “the Bolshevik system” of state. ANTE CILIGA. It is with an extreme discretion that the French press (Le Monde, October 28, ), announced, in some poor lines, the death of Ante Ciliga. The file was just too big and I can’t seem to compress it without losing quality, so I posted it on : The Russian Enigma – Ante Ciliga.

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From July to FebruaryCiliga travelled with the visa granted in Vienna and Berlin, noting the atmosphere reigning in the two countries.

Ciliga, Ante – Registry – Courage – Connecting collections

This review of “the writer-editor Dr. Belgrade, for its part, employed the passage of Istra to Italian rule inat the end of World War I, as a pretext to expel Ciliga from Yugoslavia in spring as an Italian subject and therefore, a foreigner.

It is remarkable that in his Autobiography and his interviews Ciliga did not speak by ciliba means about these internal problems, of the parliamentary question, or of the Left Opposition in the party. In the Struggle for freedomNew York, Although having “a place of honour in the heart of the workers and the Pantheon of the history “, he ciliya become the spokesman of the Soviet bureaucracy “, by liquidating socialism in the economic field. As “left” communist between andclassified as Left Trotskyist and close to anarchism, Ciliga symbolises all the hesitations of militants of Central and Eastern Europe who became revolutionaries shortly after the First World War, while seeking – consciously ciilga unconsciously – a national “identity”.

Second, he discovered that while cilkga rich, Protestant Czech peasants in Southern Moravia professed undying hatred for the Habsburg order and were ultra-nationalist in their public devotion to Czech culture, they betrayed the national cause by refusing to help the poorer, Catholic Czech peasants, many of them landless agricultural laborers, in time of famine.

He also affirmed that “the crisis of the Serb hegemony is the nucleus of the current Yugoslav situation” Underlined by Ciliga itself.

He finished school in Brno. He also parted ways with the Trotskyists very soon, but continued to be loyal to socialist ideas.


Ciliga suggested a committee which would defend the “Bolshevik-Leninists as well as the imprisoned Socialist-Revolutionaries and Mensheviks”. Their resolution, minority, supported by 15 vote, proclaimed that the bureaucracy was a true class hostile to the proletariat; and thus that only the social revolution could lead to socialism.


In he met Ivo Vucicevic, who was working in Berlin as a newspaper correspondent under, it should be added, constant surveillance and warnings from his superiors because of acts of intellectual and journalistic independence including reporting of Nazi atrocities in Poland. Philippe Bourrinet, Un itinerario ambiguo: He benefited from this status to take part in the organisation of the Maximalist Italian Socialist Party in Istria at the summerin full revolutionary agitation in Italy.

Ante Ciliga

Apart from these fractions, only the Trotskyist Densov considered, while citing Lenin, that the Soviet economy was a form of State capitalism. Descending from a family of Croatian peasants, his grandfather let share in with the young boy interest to the Croatian culture and the cikiga of national emancipation directed against the Italian Bourgeois and Austrian administration.

There he encountered an entirely new world: Two things then intervened to make up his mind about the character of modern society: A journalist, writer, politician, communist dissident antf pamphleteer, he was one of the most prominent Croatian emigrant intellectuals. Comments Spikymike Jul 31 InSima Markovic published a booklet entitled Nacionalno pitanje u svetlosti marksizma “the ciliba question in the light of the Marxism “.

On these and related issues the reader is also directed to my Kosovo: All these leading functions drew to him the attention of the police.

Returned from Russia, where he was since as prisoner, then fighter of the Red Nate, arrived at the end of Josip Broz, who was going to begin one fulgurating rise in the Party, like man of Bukharin, untilthen after his arrest this same year, of Stalin. Collector at Ante Ciliga Collection. He was not seeking a comfortable position. At that time, already, he interpreted the fall of the Councils in Hungary as the end of the revolutionary wave of He underlined the risk of the reconstitution of a Serb block, after the disappearance of Tito “with annexation of the mixed areas with Serb minorities”; then “there would inevitably be dangerous tensions which would burst in civil war, war of nationalities, war of religion “.

The Trotskyist known as “right-wing Trotskyists” and the “centrists” excluded them, with hateful methods which proved “that between Trotskyism and Stalinism there were many common items” Nevertheless, Ciliga, who had been with the extreme Left of the Trotskyism, to join finally in with certain positions of the Russian Communist Left Workers Group, Decists moved away from there to approach gradually ciilga positions.


In the winter of he was elevated to the CPY Politburo. It is very characteristic that Ciliga was always opposed to this extradition, taking care well anye to publicly criticise Ustashe before the middle of the Fifties. At the beginning of the Croatian Social Democrats held a congress in Zagreb at which Ciliga was the most radical exponent of the left.

This was too thanks to the archbishop Alois Stepinac, but not, as the Titoist propaganda claimed it, for glorifying the Croatian State in various publications. At the beginning of the Thirties, isolators did work: May 18,therefore, Ciliga left the insulator, his detention having been gracefully prolonged for two years by the OGPU, with the acceptance of Politburo of the Yugoslav CP. Ciliga as editor of Borbaagitated for this position: He was fully sustained by Moscow for his radicalism.

Ante Ciliga – Wikipedia

One can speak with. Ciliga was a major figure in the evolution of attitudes toward Soviet Russia and Stalinism on the part of certain radical intellectuals — ate in the s and; perhaps surprisingly, afterwhen Au Pays … saw its third and most complete edition in French, issued by the anti-Stalinist publishing house Champ Libre, directed by Guy Debord.

In addition, another unforgivable crime, the CPY did not have ci,iga clandestine organisations.

A law of July 30, worsened the situation: His reasoning is approximately as follows: Titled An Ambiguous Itinerary: Trotsky was “at the bottom the theorist of a regime whose Stalin is the practitian” They criticised at the root Leninism and “party dictatorship”. He became prominent, in this period, in the political life of the Croat diaspora.

We thank Arturo Peregalli for us for having communicated a photocopy of it. Inhe was appointed as member of the central committee.

Many specific points on the young Ciliga in some Story of ciluga Croatian Communism published as from the Seventies in former Yugoslavia. I am informed that a French edition of this work is in preparation.