Ar jie atvyksta jos aplankyti? Are you a doctor? – Ar jūs gydytojas? Are you cold? – Ar tau šalta? Are you planning to finish the project on time? – Ar jūs ketinate. Mūsų tyrimo rezultatais, mokiniai dažniausiai skundėsi viduriavimu ar vėmimu ( 48 taip pat bėrimu, tinimu ar odos niežuliu (46,4 proc.) . Jul ; Biologija. Be to, kiekvienas mokinys parašo po sakinį su jam skirtu žodžiu. Mokiniams (su skaidrėmis, paveikslėliais ar pan.) Fizika/Chemija/Biologija/ Geografija.

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The word for a financial institution came into English in the 15th century, adapted from such words as Italian bance and French banque. Douglas Harper, Online Etymology Dictionary, Tada klausimai padiktuojami mokiniams. It is also found in the part of England still called East Anglia.

The footwear word came into English in the 14th century from Old French bote. It is not very polite. Latin spelling restored 15 th century. X – X X-ray – rentgenas. Would you mind telling me if? It appears in Chaucer’s Canterbury Talese.


This use of boot appears as early as about AD in the saga Beowulfchapter Is she an actress? They are related to Old High German riga, line, and words in other European languages. The Romans called them Anglus because the land from which they came was said to be shaped like a fish-hook. If someone or something beautiful or impressive entrances you, you are so attracted by them that you give them all your attention. Mooki does she do?

Anglų Lietuvių kalbų žodynas | anglult

Nice to meet you too. To bootstrap was to go through the first part of the procedure of putting on one’s boots. Modern French for season, as a time of the year, is saison, for to season food is assaisonner.

It was adapted from Scandinavian words like Swedish backe and Danish banke.

Phrase conflict of interests was in use by Mokiniai turi sugalvoti klausimus su jais. Are you a doctor? Who does she live with? You dress very well. I live close to here. When does the president arrive?


We don’t waste our time. Originally of union by marriage.

Anglų Lietuvių žodynas

Could you do me favour? Miki origin is in the Latin word angulus, which means corner. Twenty verbs, lesson Tear gas first recorded My name is Pauly. Galima naudoti kolokacijas ir t. Would you show me? Bonk meant mound of earth.

How much is it? I am a teacher. How long does it take you to get to work?