The Argonautika: Expanded Edition. Apollonios Rhodios. TRANSLATED, WITH INTRODUCTION, COMMENTARY AND GLOSSARY BY Peter Green. Copyright. Peter Green’s lively, readable verse translation captures the swift narrative movement of Apollonios’s epic Alternate spelling: Argonautica, Apollonius Rhodius. Peter Green (University of California Press, ), ISBN ; and Jason and the Golden Fleece (The Argonautica), trans. Richard Hunter (Oxford.

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As I am not a scholar of Greek or Roman writings or mythology the depth of the commentary was generally too much for me. In his version, Apsyrtus is only her half-brother and not a baby but the leader of the pursuit. Moreover, he states, “[e]ven were there no evidence whatsoever for a fundamental aryonautica between the Kallimachean school and the author of the Argonautikait would still be necessary to postulate its existence” ibid.

We learn in the preface that the translation was begun in and finished inan impressive feat, especially considering the quality of the translation. It seems, amazingly, as if Apollonius was popular as well as highly esteemed. The Avengers are all just playing out this script, a continual reboot.

Given the already excessive length of this review, I shall limit my remarks on the commentary to these. Give us the original! Rowing all day, the Argonauts remind Apollonius of oxen, sweating and heaving and rolling their eyes as they plant their hooves one after another in the sod. It is often seen as a classic rite-of-passage tale.

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As when two bulls charge, brow to brow, in mortal battle. Talos trips and falls like a half-hewn pine-tree prematurely broken by the wind.

Apollo appears suddenly to the Argonauts and they stare at the ground in awe, but inscriptions insist that both Apollo and Artemis appeared to a priestess in Hellenistic Magnesia. Can the head argonqutica the Library be so peyer of his Thucydides or is it a transparent lie? As in the sun’s bright beam the gamesome boy Plays with the shining steel or crystal toy, Swift and irregular, by sudden starts, The living ray with viewless motion darts, Swift over the wall, the floor, the roof, by turns The sunbeam dances, and the radiance burns.


Excellent maps detailing the route the Argonauts took are found in the back of the book.

James Davidson reviews ‘Apollonios Rhodios’ translated by Peter Green · LRB 5 March

These online bookshops told us they have this item: This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Robert Fagles Iuppiter, hospitibus nam te dare iura loquuntur.

Wikisource has original text related to: Cupid hugs his mother and she bribes him with the promise of a toy. As an illustration of the translations’ power and musicality, I cite a brief passage from Book 3 and compare it with the other versions currently available.

Between andthree new translations of the epic have appeared: English Choose a language for shopping. Indeed, one sometimes gets the feeling that critics are trying too hard, crashing through more obvious layers to get at recondite allusions underneath. VirgilGeorgicsBook I, line 51 tr. The generous commentary in the hardback edition and the detailed and fully cross-referenced Glossary, included in both arbonautica hard- and paperback editions, with a slimmer version accompanying the audiocassettes, provide a wealth of information for the reader eager to navigate the numerous mythological, historical, literary, and geographical references in the poem.

: The Argonautika eBook: Apollonios Rhodios, Peter Green: Kindle Store

Far from struggling to bridge the gap, the heroic age must sometimes have seemed to Apollonius too close to home. God bless the translator for this masterful work.

See all 11 reviews. The angel ended, and in Adam’s ear So charming left his voice, that he awhile Thought him still speaking, still stood fixed to hear. It certainly was for me, since its screening on television was the first occasion I was allowed to stay up after half-past ten. By the time the Colchians have picked up his pieces, gree Argonauts are well away. Apollonius may even have witnessed its accidental ruin, toppled, like his similative tree, at the knee. Marvel, DC, step aside.

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Argoautica that Callimachus included epic among the long poems to geen avoided and given that Apollonius was ultimately a successful and highly visible practitioner of the genre, Green concludes that Callimachus must have abhorred the Argonautica. Before reading this particular version one should first study the structure of the work, completly discarding Green’s Introduction to it, unless, of course, you happen to be a working classical scholar!

But not the tragic queen If anything, the long success the Hecale enjoyed and the fragments themselves suggest that Callimachus wholeheartedly embraced the project wherein he could question the way in which traditional epic verse was perceived peteg composed.

Perhaps this is what you would expect from a poet who held the post of chief librarian at the great Museum in Alexandria, and even his most enthusiastic supporters concede that Apollonius was never easy to read. But even Apollonius could not reconcile all the variants of the Argonaut myth. Stories just like we get into Hulk vs Ironman, or who backstabbed who in ‘Civil War’. Rieu’s Penguin edition My only criticism of the translation is the occasional use of a colloquial word or expression that momentarily undermines the high poetic tone that Green has managed so successfully to create.

Its fans must have learnt to relax in the scintillating surfaces, following events at a distance.