Numbers are a simple way of understanding many facts of life. Ashtakavarga charts are an easy way to understand a horoscope. Simply look at the numbers and. Astrology articles and videos by Pandit The Ashtakavarga. The asthakavargas is a unique way of dividing each of the 12 rasis into eight sub divisions. Ashtakavarga in Astrology. Uploaded by mar. The utility of Ashtakavarga in Astrology and the computation methodology are briefly described.

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The chief amongst them is called the Sarva-ashtakavarga and is always the biggest chart when compared to the other Ashtakavarga charts.

Results of Planetary Transits If in a horoscope any of the houses contain benefic dots more than 28 then whenever a planet transits that house the native will experience the benefic results governed to that house and will be in proportion to the extent of ashtakvargs number of benefic dots.

Count from Ashwini nakshatra to the nakshatra which coincides with the remainder.

If the total is less than 76 then the income shall be more than expenses. Baby Names Baby Gender. If the points in astroloby 12 th house are greater than what is there on the 11 th house then it means you spend more than you earn and this may lead you into a debt trap if a good Astrologer does not warn you of this possibility.

Ashtakvarga Thumb Rules – Jyotish – The Divine Science

If the Lagna 1 st house has a very high score then such a person will love to work alone. Upturn and Downturn In a horoscope there are minimum benefic points for e. Most people have no idea that it is one of the very useful information available in their horoscope. In case it is not, you will have to number the Lagna as 1, and the next house as 2 and so on until you reach Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Simply look at the numbers and you will know a great deal about the person.


In fact these charts were used along with the other charts with planets in them, combining them seem to make a horoscope reading more reliable. Day Month Year Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Year In this chart you note the following: Perhaps there is something wrong with regard to children.

If in each of the first, fourth and the eleventh house the benefic dots are more than 30 then the native after the age of 40 will have commanding personality and will earn lots of money. If the lord of the ascendant is in the 4 th house and the lord of the 4 th house is in the ascendant Parivartan yoga-Exchange of the lords of the houses and if the benefic dots are 33 in both the houses then the native shall have affluence and have kingly status.

Minister If the ascendant, Moon sign, 10 th house and the 11 th house; all these four have 30 or more benefic dots and if the ascendant is fully aspected by Jupiter then the native becomes minister or a chief minister of a state. Marriage Marriage of native takes place at the age indicated by the benefic dots in the house where Venus is placed.

Ashtakavarga Chart Calculator Online, Ashtakavarga Table Calculator, Analysis

Please bear in mind that if you total all the points in the 12 houses you will get If you get anything more or less than that, qshtakvarga means that there is something wrong with the calculations. Ashtakavarga charts are an easy way to understand a horoscope. Some astrologers give predictions based on Bhinnashtakvarga which does not include Lagnashtakvarga benefic dots based on ascendant where the total is is not proper.


For each house, minimum number of benefic dots determined are given below: First thing that you got to do is put the Ascendant Lagna mark on astrologg Sarva-Ashtakavarga chart.

Does this mean that we have found a simple way of understanding Astrology? Planets which are placed in their own sign, mooltrikona sign or exalted sign are strong, but if they have less than 28 benefic dots, they give negative results.

On the contrary if any house contains maximum benefic dots for e.

Ashtakvarga system of Astrology – the accurate way to future

These are the people who need partners. The result of this is that the native will be fond of music and of witty nature. Ganesha Foresees Bright Prospects Counting from ascendant and starting from the 4 th house till the 9 th house if all the 6 houses have benefic dots between 25 and 30 then the native shall after the age of 28 at any time will be as rich as King Kuber King of wealth.

In the following Sarvashtakavarga Chart we see the 9 th house has the lowest score. The 8 th house is the 12 th house from the 9 th house luck through father Sun is the 9 th house lord rules father and it is placed in the 8 th house.