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I listen to it when things are somewhat hectic in my life. Love your music and love the hymn.

Be Thou My Vision is my personal favorite of the select praise worship songs we play. View my complete profile. I thought I would leave my first comment.

I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. I hope I can come to the whisperings concert in Atl. Yes, this is a great site. I found another great site for free download of mp3 I like to close my eyes and play it from the heart.


We don’t sing hymns enough in churches anymore. And thanks for having sheet music available. Check it out at www.

It’s very reverent, inspiring, and soothing. I found another great site for free download of mp3.

Thanks for all the free listening music on your site. This is one of my favourite hymns and to hear it in this way is soothing to the soul. Our church recently aquired this video projection system for sermon notes and song lyrics and I am the imputer of new songs, lately and it’s been nevuf fun for me.

Be Thou My Vision – David Nevue | Shazam

Love in Him, Steph 4: I will keep visiting this blog very often. Monday, July 25, Sheet Music Notes: I have always loved that song: Dearest David, My praise band that I play violin for always plays this song. I especially love your CD, The Vigil. Anyway, thanx for the constant inpiration. I love hymns, and a hymn put to your beautiful style is doubly a blessing.

Be Thou My Vision

Love in Him, Steph. Many thanks and praying for you always. Be Thou My Vision. Whenever i listen to it i am reminded of God’s power as well as his wonderful grace I recently came across your blog davif have been reading along.


I just wanted to say that I love your music.

A favorite listen for me! I have been praying over your career for quite some time now, and I ask of one prayer request that you pray for my church, they seem to be struggling in leadership and in faith.

Hey David, got here through solopianoradio. Your thoughts on Be Thou My Vision are so similar to mine, and it is the first track of an album I’m recording this January. Your style is my visioj of all I think you’d like the opening.