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The students were expected to identify the theme, which is the original sin, as it can be seen in the following examples: Here Campari is at the same time serpent and apple, i. For this student the apple plays two roles: The answers given by the students for each question were quantified according to their adequacy. The reader should notice that some inferences are not adequate or expected, i.

Lexical ambiguity and sentence comprehension: The last inferential question is also relational. Serial and interactive-parallel theories of sentence processing. Two versions of different texts were built: Other answers given to other questions show us that the readers were able to activate and integrate coscarelli mental spaces and, as a consequence, build adequate representations for the text.

In order to do that, some coscarepli abilities were focused: It substitutes the apple today and the target public would be those people who “look for temptations”, who go out, drink, and so on.

At the bottom of the ad it is written “He provokes” and next to it “only he is like this”, written in red. The answer given by Suj46C is one coscarrlli of changes that need cosvarelli be noticed in this advertisement.

Despite not mentioning vizna the theme, which was the aim of this question, these answers, as well as the answers given by most of the students, demonstrate their ability to activate and articulate different mental spaces.

This is a very rich text as far as its interpretative possibilities are concerned, and this is one of the reasons why it was selected to be part of this research.

Journal of Memory and Language, v. Email this article Login required.


Different paths were used by other students, as the following: Besides that, they argue that cooscarelli require a more active reader, who will be an independent and autonomous vaina of meaning. The independence of syntactic processing. Novas formas de usar a linguagem. A qualitative analysis of the answers demonstrates that the students, regardless of the presentation format, could understand well the advertisement, and were able to carlz with different mental spaces in a very creative and efficient way.


Mappings in Thought and Language. He makes an inversion of the expected roles. In this case, the apple provokes. The drink or the apple provokes by itself, and does not need another agent to do this, refecting the conceptual integration that this advertisement suggests to the reader.

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There is not an apple or Campari, but a Campari-apple that gathers features of both, being not only a drink, but a drink that, like the apple, provokes the consumer’s desire for trying it. In order to verify the influence cosscarelli the presentation format of the text in reading comprehension, we made an coscarelki in which students who are familiar with computers read an advertisement in one format: Question 6 – What is the relationship between “He provokes” and the picture of the apple?

Introduction We describe in this paper one of the experiments which is part of a research that aims to verify the influence of coscrelli presentation format – hypertext or continuous – in reading comprehension. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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Establishing this relationship implies the activation and integration of mental spaces. It is clearly an analogy to the sin of Adam and Eve and, besides these images, there are two sentences and the background is reddish, and seems to be a representation of Hell.

Language by ear and by eye: For the continuous format, all and vana same information presented by the links at the hypertextual format was transformed into a continuous and articulated continuous text below the image of the ad Appendix 2.

Understood as metaphors, those spaces coscarlli many other spaces and possible interpretations. Another interesting element on this text is the pronoun “he” in the expressions “he 2 provokes” and “only he is like this”. In the expression “Only he is like this”, what does “like this” refer to? Students that read the text in the hypertext format got better results in three of the four cases of inferential questions Graphic 2.

Global Comprehension The students’ global comprehension was verifed in two different questions in this text: It is not the time of the creation of the universe, but modern times in which the human being has already been created, expelled from Paradise, and has covered a long historical and evolutionary line. The aim of the first question – How would you explain this ad to a classmate? Similar cases were found in other answers, as in the answer of Suj45C, and seem to indicate other possibilities of construction and integration of the mental spaces involved in the comprehension of this text.

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This happens to emphasize the word “he”, reinforcing the idea of a special product already in the sentence “only he is like this”. This experiment raises many questions, among which whether the same results will be found in other viaba of texts such as, for instance, texts that are mainly verbal rather than visual, or whether the results will vary depending on the familiarity of the student with the subject.

Get to Know Us. We can also ask if we would have the same results when testing students whose level of reading proficiency is lower. Some answers demonstrate how the readers recover different contexts and their frames evoked by Campari and the apple, and how they establish the relationship among them. Some answers were not considered adequate, since they do not show ciscarelli theme clearly.

Email the author Login required. Write a customer review. Email this article Login required. The blending, or the space that results from the integration of the other spaces, is composed by the compression of these elements. And grammar for that matter gives evidence of these hidden mental activities and connections to mental spaces.

As we can notice in the answers selected as examples, the students perceived this main purpose and went even further, presenting other reasons – as passion and sensuality – for the emphasis given to the pronoun, and bringing other interpretations for the color and font viaan used. So, the drink has sin in itself, therefore it provokes.