Really liking Chris Perrins’ Mecha. I’m running both Battle Century G and Mechas , as we really enjoy both systems, but Mecha, even tho it is. Mecha RPG Softcover has 10 ratings and 6 reviews. Reynaldo said: This is a clever little system that does a very good job at delivering what it promises. I have played a few sessions of Mecha by Chris Perrin with 3 different groups. Mecha is a honest game who have it flaws but who is also quite.

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But this was related to the skills setting the target numbers. In our games players with rating 1 skills had two kind of reaction to having nearly no expectation to succeed with those skills: If not, please let me know!

We needed a little kick to get something dhris about Mecha and our plans for the future. Would you mind giving it a read at some point? February edited February Live perrni Die No matter their beginnings, mecha are tools of war!

[Chris Perrins’ Mecha] Got the game, loving it so far but I need help to patch some issues : rpg

As for the setting, I’ll have to see what the group I’m going mechq run MECHA for prefers — they may well want a collaboratively built setting instead. A pilot will always have his mecha to be strong where he is weak and protect him in the face of unspeakable danger. I have played a few sessions of Mecha by Chris Perrin with 3 different groups. With one of the groups I had a lot of player scene framing blanc page syndrome, but that was maybe my fault With one group, we house ruled that we could spend 1AP xp to get perrjn reroll on the tables.


One thing I have done that was really cool, was asking the players to create their own mecha, then to tell them: So and on and so forth. Statistically, once you hit 4, you’ll have a superior chance of getting a success in the many d6s you roll, it’s extremely swingy. The Heroic Journey Publishing web site seem inactive, anyone know if the game is still supported by it author?

Cedric, Thanks for the post. Creating a setting alone as the GM work fine, but it would help to have some tools to create a setting together as a group.

Engineering is pretty much a useless stat: That way, we both can be right. If you need playtesters give me a sign, one of the group I played with is still quite interested by the game.

Thanks for letting me know about the character sheet. No trivia or quizzes yet. Jun 21, Stan rated it it was amazing. A good RPG title. With that said, I want you to know we really appreciate all the praise for the mscha.

Mecha PDFs have been sent

Problem is, Kaijus shoved off the attacks of my players like mosquitoes, and later during combat against ace pilots of other mecha, I noticed that without the capture point, battles can take forever, and there isn’t really many reasons to be moving arround the battlefield without it anyways. In one game with 3 rookies mecha pilot with mecha combat skill of 1 or 2, damaging other mechas was a pain as they soaked nearly all the damages.


Also one thing that is confusing is that the difficulty of a test is determined by 3 factors: As for some of the flaws you point out, you make really excellent points that I would like to address and get some clarification on. I look forward to Chris Perrin’s future work! I guess you are seeing them as sort of being sacrificed to provide the attack, while I get see them as perirn used directly.

Again, same visualization problem in BattleTech. If anything, I might make a ,echa that they don’t generate Overdrive at 5 Successes. This could be one of the cool stuff to choose during the setting creation: Share this project Done.

Curtis Hay rated it liked it Jul 08, The times they’ve managed to get their hands in Tactical Points to move arround the Capture Point and units, even a couple spaces, the battle became a serious joke, it finished in 3 rounds.