Chuk and Gek (Russian: Чук и Гек) is a Russian short-story written by Soviet children’s writer Arkady Gaidar. It was adapted as a film in , directed by. Chuck and Geck by Gaidar, Arkadi and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at : CHUCK AND GECK: Translated from the Russian by L. Stoklitsky . 35 b/w illustrations by D. Dubinsky. 63 pages, clean and clear.

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Chuck and Geck

Thanks to Arkady Gaidar. Now my next mission is take a look at the movie as well. The train rocked, the wind moaned. In his absence the young mother has to work hard to keep herself and the boys warm and fed.

You’re a stubborn lot, I can see that,” he muttered. Here was the turn.

While she was gone, Chuck and Geek had a quarrel. I find the some guys who were also fan of this book and through blogs, search we find a person who had a copy of Marathi version ; understanding our anxiety he scanned and send it to our facebook group Soviet Literature in Marathi. Larisa rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Somehow it was lost when we shifted to another town. But he merely began to grumble at Geek for overturning the box of wads in the trunk, and at Mother for breaking the lantern.


Chuk and Gek – Wikipedia

The driver brought up the rear with the bags. This time, I hit paydirt, and found not only the name of the book and the author, but also a pdf file of the story. Geek could not wait any longer after that and jumped down the steps. And then at last New Year’s Eve arrived.

buro angla: Teer-lil-lilli-dong: Chuck and Geck and Other Books by Arkady Gaidar

Still dazed with sleep, he drew on his felt boots, pattered over to the table, drank some water out of the kettle and then sat down on a stool by the window. Chuck made himself a dagger out of a kitchen knife, while Geek found a smooth stick, hammered a nail into it and — lo! He sulked, and for want of anything better to do began to push Geek and squeeze him against the edge of the sleigh.

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Here was a sentry box and, standing by it, the sentry wrapped in a sheepskin coat. Most of these children live like old people now: That is why Chuck and Geek studied Mother’s face so intently as she read.


Four days slipped by unnoticed. Then there was a sort of scraping and hissing, and from far away came a melodious tinkle. Our ten favourite Balraj Sahni songs 11 grck ago.

chuck and geck rebound journal

The bags were loaded into the roomy sleigh. It was the postman with a letter. Soon the dancing ended.

Sitting where little Geek had been sitting she thought just as he had that there surely could not be many places in the world farther gedk than this spot that her adventuresome husband had come to. All they had for dinner that day was porridge with lard and onions. Just think of it yourselves. Meanwhile I’ll tend to my coat.

And in fhuck opening beyond we’ll find the camp. Day and night red stars sparkled atop the towers of this city. He wagged his tail gently, and eyed with longing a chunk of bread lying on the table. I searched on Google in and find the English version.