There is that special moment when two people click, rather than simply meet. Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman, Crown Business, $ (p). The following summary of Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman’s book ‘Click – The magic of instant connections’ is courtesy of Paul Arnold. The Book: Click: The Magic of Instant Connections by Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman, Broadway Books, $ Hardcover, Pages, June.

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Published June 8th by Broadway Business first published January 1st You know the feeling. In his book, Click, Ori Brafman explains the factors that determine whether a chance encounter has the makings of a lasting relationship.

How To Click With People – with Ori Brafman – Mixergy

I am a believer in love at first site. And it turned out that the soldiers had life threatening combat cllick together they were far more likely to attend reunions twenty years down the road, and far more likely to keep in touch with the folks that they went through this experience with.

I got on my Kendal on my blackberry because I phone is broken. Preview — Click by Ori Brafman. Apr 13, Kendra rated it it was amazing Shelves: How do we avoid that the way we, how do we avoid it with vulnerability, how do we avoid it everywhere? One of the key findings is that proximity leads to spontaneous communication — i. How do you know these are the only points that matter?


The steps to clicking are very fuzzy, with no solid tips on how to bring about the conditions to click. There are lots of long, rambling stories that could have been shortened, or felt like they lacked a concrete point.

The authors pretty much recycle the findings from a long stream of social psychology research – and anybody who is interested in a more in-depth discussion on the science of personal attraction would benefit much more from greatly referenced “Falling in Love: And its amazing how again these are, I mean you talk about business being tough right? And a lot of it is coming from vulnerable place. We are about to talk to this guy, what do we do?

The Magic of Instant Connections. Their latest book, Clicklooks at how we make “an immediate, deep, and meaningful connection with another person or with the world around us.

Summary of Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman’s book ‘Click – The magic of instant connections’

The same thing happens when you see feeling an emotion. I got to work with professionals.

This helped built a deeper emotional understanding and connection. Yeah, it seems the biggest surprise to me in terms of research invest is you think of love at first sight and you think Romeo and Juliet, right?

I mean, what does anybody who’s in there know about Plato and the Greeks, or care about them? We are brafmam animals.


Click: The Magic of Instant Connections

Like most of us, when they met a new person, they usually spent their first moments searching for something to talk about. Then apply it to your everyday life. Apr 01, Wendy Copley rated it really liked it.

And when that trust is broken, then the team becomes weakened. And that also answers the question I had earlier on, are there people who can do this deliberately and the hostage negotiator in you book, obviously he has to do this deliberately not only is his job on the line that he has to be able to deliberately connect with people, click with people and then turn them around but in many cases I think you said in the book, his life was on the line.

This one I love brafmn as much as I love the other two. You can still read it on that little screen. Combined presence and flow create resonance. A few experiments are discussed but there is hardly a discussion on causality and the ambiguity in clidk interpretation of their results.

Yes, it is less sexy but oh so much more informative.