Confluence Markup Cheat Sheet from tgdchmi2. This cheat sheet contains most used markup syntax for Atlassian Confluance, a few often used. Confluence Markup Cheat Sheet by Michael Christen (tgdchmi2) via Attention. (1) . Markup (Wiki Syntax). {quote} Multiple-line quote {quote}. Colored text, {color:green}Colored text{color}. Underlined (inserted) text, +Underlined (inserted) text+. Deleted text, -Deleted.

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If a fully wii URL is given the image will be displayed from the remote source, otherwise an attached image file is displayed. Yes No It wasn’t accurate. Creates a link to the user profile page of a particular user, with a user icon and the user’s full name. Image tag Details align Available values are ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘bottom’, ‘center’, ‘top’. Insert a thumbnail of the zheet into the page only works with images that are attached to the page. And a second sub-list point.

An image file attached to a page in a different space is displayed.

Creates a download link to a file on your computer or on a network share that you have mapped to a drive. The color of the border this panel uses borderWidth: Wiii format a line as a heading, type “hn. What you need to type What you’ll get Here’s a sentence. Can I type wiki markup into the editor?


We could give you a list here, chdat then you’d need to keep referring to this page. Keyboard shortcuts fall into this basket.

Heading size 1

Some attachments of a specific type can be embedded into a wiki renderable field from attached files. The background color of this panel titleBGColor: For example, use this for two consecutive line breaks:.

For most purposes, explicit line breaks are not required because a single carriage return is enough. So aiki some cases, you may see letters A, B, C, etc; or a, b, c, etc or Roman numerals i, ii, iii, etc at different list levels.

Confluence Markup – Atlassian Documentation

This page describes the wiki markup used on some administration screens in Confluence. Once you’ve added this type of table, you can set the width of the columns using the table cheay in the toolbar. Uses a fully qualified URL. Creates a link to an external resource, special characters that come after the URL and are not part of it must be separated with a space. Powered by Confluence and Scroll Viewport.

Creates a line break.

Text Formatting Notation Help

What you need to type What you’ll get! If you wish to use multiple consecutive line breaks, each should ocnfluence separated by a space character. The dashboard The space directory The space sidebar Keyboard shortcuts Complete your mission Give a person some space food, and they’ll eat for a day; teach a person to rehydrate their own space food, and they’re set for the whole mission.


Specifies the amount of whitespace to be inserted to the left and right of the image in pixels. Make sure there is a space between the asterisk and your text.

Specify colors by name or hex iwki. For each subsequent level, add an extra asterisk. Not often needed, most of the time the wiki renderer will guess new lines for you appropriately.

There are two ways to make superscripts work, when conflunece directly after another word or hseet Quote a block of text that’s longer than one paragraph. In numbered lists as described above, the format of the ‘number’ displayed at each list level may be different, depending upon your browser and the style sheets installed on your Confluence instance. Use the hyphen – to create simple lists with square bullets.

This will override the natural width of the image.