Does anyone know of a software that can export Paper Master 98 “Cab. If your system supports it, the Paper Master Export Utility can convert. A reader tells me that PaperMaster, the once great scanning and file David, I would recommend finding an XP machine to convert your. Batch file all your paperwork on your computer into PaperMaster in one .. DocuCab V2, but they cannot convert the efx files from Papermaster.

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I did purchase PM Pro 6 or 7?

Payment was made effortlessly but obtaining a key code ncessitated several e-mails to the agent company in Germany!! I am now using PM and have no problems whatsoever with it.

I stumbled onto it with its predecessor as bundled software.

Instead it sounds like all j2 was concerned about was preventing piracy. After purchasing the program and installing it, it creates a My Cabinets folder in the My Directory folder like it is supposed to according to the instructions. Well what can one say about this company. I really loved PaperMaster Live 3. Almost 6 gigs of data.

There is a newer? It may not be a replacement for a DSLR, but it can complement one well for some uses. I use a Fujitsu fic scanner and love it.

PaperMaster Export Utility

Our company has been using Papermaster 98 since it started and have been scanning all our documents into that program! I have been using PM98 for several years. KF grew and grew, we sold two HUGE systems, but found we had to move our business plan too far upscale and too far toward workflow to continue papermaater them.


Skip to content A reader tells me that PaperMasterthe once great scanning and file saving software, is no longer available.

No way was I going to risk years of data on that crap. Then today 8 Oct 05low an behold, just for the heck of it, I booted it up and it came up with a message stating that the license is temp suspended, and to re-activate it, I had to log on the their web site and re-enter the activation code they sent me.

Papermaster 98 provided a read-only, redistributable version of Papermaster which could be included on “published” media ie a CD. This would be an alternative to converting each document into a pdf file. Called papermaster and gave them hell about C-Dilla, then got version without C-Dilla. So Jeremy we have covert days until the upgrade promo ends and I am curious after your findings in comparison with Paperport.

This is the first time in my 53 years as I can remember when you either got an exchange; repair; or refund if the product was faulty. Want to know if there is anything similar to to this software which works as papermasted and with ease on the current systems.

The Return Of PaperMaster Pro

I loaded Papermaster and it works as good as it did on the old computer, and still using it today. All our computers still run windows 98 and the employees will soon have nervous breakdowns. I remember convsrt a PM 7. They convert to a PDF and us windows explorer to create folders for information to scan into. Thank you for contacting Papermaster Customer Support. Like I said — heaven on a stick. If anyone knows how to obtain that version, please email me.


Sad, really, given that there are lots of users still out there. Below is a sequence of efforts I have made to resolve the problem. Thanks for any help. Thank you in advance…. So, that is WAY tooooo much money. The user and notes feature are a good idea. It was disapppointing when papermaster crashed and burned but hey resurrection was good news; just update the program and make it work with papemaster, keeping the simple interface etc etc.

Has anyone tried it? He doesn’t want to spend Euro on the new PaperMaster Pro. Then I tried e-mailing using another e-mail address and this elicited response!!

Unfortunately we no longer sell or provide PaperMaster to any existing customer or new customer, we only provide technical support. SO when paperport 10 came out, I switched.

Free PaperMaster Export Tool | FileCenter

Any help would be great. We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier. Please give me a clue how to do that if you know. All the data is stored in tiff format even though the files have no extensions.

Forum Parent First Previous Next. My tail exactly parallels the longest above. Since there has been no update or patches, we are moving on.

Another Papermaster fan here. Multiple errors indexing a whole cabinet.