The goal of this project is to maintain a common/unified space where people interested in improving ctags can work together. This guide is primarily intended for. The ctags utility shall be provided on systems that support the the Software Development Utilities option, and either or both of the C- Language Development . Contribute to SublimeText/CTags development by creating an account on GitHub . Alternatively, the plugin can be installed manually using one of the following.

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The regular expression defined by this option is added to the current list of regular expressions for the specified language unless the parameter is omitted, ctagd which case the current list is cleared.

Navigate code like a pro with Ctags

Start vi and position the cursor at the file and line where “tag” is defined. As ctags considers each file name in turn, it tries to determine the language of the file by applying the following three tests in order: This key has no corresponding value.

The actual file names placed into the tag file will have the same leading path components as the preprocessor output file, since it is assumed that the original source files are located relative to the preprocessor output file unless, of course, the line directive specifies an absolute path.

Note that the original vi 1 required sorted tags. Also ex 1vi 1elvisor, better yet, vimthe official editor of ctags. For example, a tag generated for a C structure member would have a scope looking like “struct: This is guaranteed to always contain the string “Exuberant Ctags”.

Run Ctags recursively over the entire kernel to generate the tags file. To search for a specific tag and open Vim to its definition, run the following command in your shell:. Ctags with Vim Note These commands were tested with Vim 7. Find the next definition for the last tag. Note that all languages, including user-defined languages are enabled unless explicitly disabled using this option. Specifies the languages for which tag generation is enabled, with list containing a comma-separated list of language names case-insensitive; either built-in or user-defined.


ctags.1p – Linux manual page

These steps assume you want to use Ctags on the Linux kernel, but should generalize to other projects. To jump to the definition for a tag, highlight the word, the press Ctrl-D. Use the name specified by tagfile for the tag file default is “tags”, or “TAGS” when running in etags mode.

Depending upon which editor you use and where in the code you happen to be, it is possible that the search pattern may locate the local parameter declaration in foo before it finds the actual global variable definition, since the lines and therefore their search patterns are identical.

Add pattern to a list of excluded files and directories. The regular expression is to be applied in a case-insensitive manner. No kind of tag appearing in an include file will be considered to have file-limited scope. Recurse into directories encountered in the list of supplied files.

This option is specifically provided to handle special cases arising through the use of preprocessor macros. The default is “all”, which is also accepted as a valid argument.

The ctags and etags programs hereinafter collectively referred to as ctagsexcept where distinguished generate an index or “tag” file for a variety of language objects found in file s.

Indicates whether tags generated from the specified files should be appended to those already present in the tag file or should replace them. The following example demonstrates this ctas. The pattern is interpreted as a Posix extended regular expression default.


The file should contain one option per line. Causes ctags to behave as a filter, reading source file names from standard input and printing their tags to standard output on a file-by-file basis. Eliminates failures to find tags because the line defining the tag has changed, causing the pattern match to fail note that some editors, such as vimare able to recover in many such instances.

Therefore, use new lines majual indicate separate command-line arguments. It is permitted and is, in fact, the default for the key portion of this field ctabs be omitted. Finally, flags are one or more single-letter characters having the following effect upon the interpretation of regexp:. Prints statistics about the source files read and the tag file written during the current invocation of ctags. It will, however be available for prototypes e. The information contained in the output includes: This is mostly a problem for structs struct inodefor instance that are used frequently in the kernel.

Ctags Tutorial

Note that file extensions are tested before file name patterns when inferring the language of a file. Permission denied” while etags is building the tags file.

Indicates the visibility of this class member, where value is specific to the language. If this is a problem, use a configuration file instead. Once defined, name may be used in other options taking language names. Each line of the file is read as one command line parameter as if it were quoted with single quotes.