PDF | This article develops the affirmative biopolitics that Roberto Esposito intimates in his trilogy – Communitas, Immunitas and Bíos. The key to this affirmative. Roberto Esposito | Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane . If communitas is what links its members together in a reciprocal commitment to donate, immunitas, on the. Biopolitics: From Supplement to Immanence: In Dialogue with Roberto Esposito’s Trilogy: Communitas, Immunitas, Bíos; A. Kiarina Kordela · Cultural Critique.

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It is as if the absolute privilege assigned to the figure of the relation [ relazione, rapporto ] would erase the most relevant content —that is the object itself of the reciprocal exchange— imkunitas thus, with it, also its potential political meaning.

Roberto Esposito – Wikipedia

In the second case, such a regime emancipates itself from the sovereign one to the point it loses contact with its deepest genealogy. The reason is that, yes, there are echoes in these models, distant with respect to the premodern past, but not of the prospective inversion and the negative power [ potenza ] of the negative that juxtaposes directly immunitas and communitas.

When overlapping the two semantics, the juridical and the medical one, it is possible to conclude that, if the community determines the rupture of the individual’s identity protection barriers, immunity constitutes a way to construct such barriers in a defensive and offensive shape, against any threatening external element.

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Kiarina Kordela bio English-speaking readers are now fortunate to have access to all three of Roberto Esposito’s books— Communitas: We are not going to reconstruct here the recent history of this paradigm— stemming from the Foucauldian courses of the Seventies and primarily continued by Italian interpretations, first by Giorgio Agamben and Toni Negri, who developed in an original manner the extraordinary insights of Foucault. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


Despite the conspicuous differences between them, these three conceptions of community were connected by a tendency, that we could define as metaphysical, to think the notion of community in a substantialist and subjectivist sense. However, it is the immunitarian characterization which determines, first, the modern intensification of biopolitics and, later, during the totalitarian phase, the thanatopolitical drift. People’s Republic of Congo. Book titles OR Journal titles.

It is as if these two poles, instead of being welded in a single semantic block, were thought separately and only later related to one another. As in all other cases of conceptual pairings, Esposito establishes the continuum between immunity and community both lexically and historically.

Ijmunitas Reproduction in the Andes by Elizabeth F.

But when this happens, it is not originated by an external cause, rather it is an effect of the immunitarian mechanism itself, intensified to a degree no longer bearable. An absolute must read for anyone immunitaz in thinking the future of life and politics in a biopolitical age. The risk of community 4.

Roberto Esposito

Buy Now From Wiley. To think around, or rather within the common. In the first case the biopolitical regime tends not to move away from the sovereign imumnitas, which appears to constitute an internal fold of the former.

The more we feel at risk of being infiltrated and infected by foreign elements, the more the life of the individual and society closes off within its protective boundaries, forcing us to choose between a self-destructive outcome and a more radical alternative based on a new conception of community.

Dividing barriers, blocks to the circulation of ideas, languages and information, surveillance mechanisms activated in the more sensitive areas of a city, constitute more and more forms of devitalization [ devitalizzazione ], which are, on the one hand, necessary to avoid, and on the other hand to be countered with all legitimate means.


e Essay – Community, Immunity, Biopolitics

It has often been wondered what is, and whether there is, a true specificity of the category of biopolitics, since politics has always dealt, somehow, with life even in its most strict biological sense.

If you would like to immunktas using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’. On the basis of eaposito self-contradictory intertwining of community and immunity, Esposito grants absolute primacy to immunity over any other explanatory category regarding modern politics, arguing:.

Lexically or etymologically, the common element of both immunity and community is ” munus ,” whose meaning is “an office—a task, obligation, duty also in the sense of a gift to be repaid. Sacer and espsoito 2.

Enter Your Email Address: In this way, either life appears as being captured as if imprisoned, by a power destined to reduce it to a simple biological matter, or else politics risks to be dissolved in the rhythm of a life that endlessly reproduces itself beyond the historical contradictions by which it is invested.

The original function of law, even before it was codified, was to preserve peaceful cohabitation between people who were exposed to the risk of destructive conflict. As in all other cases of conceptual pairings, Esposito establishes the continuum between immunity and community both lexically and historically.

And this is what, beyond a certain threshold, may destroy it. By subtracting community from the horizon of subjectivity, Nancy has made its articulation with politics extremely problematic —if only because of the evident difficulty of imagining a kind of politics totally external to the subjective dimension— thus keeping the community in a necessarily impolitical dimension. Violence against violence 3.