Editorial Reviews. Review. “Hard to put down and very moving.” Sun. About the Author Ghost Child – Kindle edition by Caroline Overington. Download it once. There were no obvious signs of trauma, but the child, Jacob, died the next day. The story made Review – GHOST CHILD, Caroline Overington. Booktopia has Ghost Child by Caroline Overington. Buy a discounted Paperback of Ghost Child online from Australia’s leading online bookstore.

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Retrieved from ” http: Thanks for telling us about the problem. There’s no word on the trial itself, for example. Taut writing helps rachet up the tension between the voices of each of the people involved, until all the layers are stripped away to finally reveal the truth.

An awful story about damaged and sometimes unlikable people but so well done I had to keep reading. Known as DHS Department of Human Services where I am, it is responsible for the welfare of children when their parents are unable to provide it.

Ghost child: Caroline Overington

Each chapter is written through the eyes of one of the people involved, eg police, siblings, foster carers etc and divulges more information each time. Immediately suspicious eyes turn to the mother — only 26, 4 children to 3 different fathers, none of whom are in the picture.

It’s all s Amazing story – I loved it. Dec 15, Tara E rated it liked cbild Shelves: Sometimes things are not overly dramatic. Jan 10, Renita D’Silva rated it liked it. This book was different. But I stuck with it and found elements quite beautiful and sad. Feb 27, Jenny rated it liked it. You are commenting using your WordPress.


As Lauren struggles with the ghosts of her childhood, it seems only a matter of time before the past catches up with her. I lov It actually took me a while to figure out this book was fiction.

Dec 14, Kate and Carson Drew rated it it was amazing. The suspense throughout is gradual, building towards the end when you know the ghhost story is hopefully going to be revealed. An easy to read page turner which I thoroughly enjoyed. It actually took me a while to figure out this book was fiction. You are commenting using your Facebook account. In saying that, it didn’t detract from the story – in fact it worked quite well as you got a sense of the crime from many different perspectives.

I loved Ghost Child.

Ghost Child by Caroline Overington

Find your local bookstore overintgon booksellers. Sep 24, Kath rated it liked it. Ghost Child by Caroline Overington. They were approached by a stranger who asked them for change, and when they refused, he assaulted Jake, knocking him to the ground and kicking him.

Jul 30, Michelle McCartney rated it it was amazing Shelves: I carolie liked this book – the characters are so interesting and the whole story could very well have been a true crime. But the people who work is these jobs, work extremely hard despite the limitations of the system. View all 8 comments. There are so many voices throughout the novel. Overingtin 3 years 4 months ago by Karen. In Victorian police were called to a home on a housing estate an hour west of Melbourne.

The most unfortunate and heartbreaking thing about that statement is that given the nature of the job, it is often children and people who fall through the cracks.


Book Review of Ghost Child by Caroline Overington at AustCrimeFiction

April 17, at 4: When the local one is questioned and has no memory of the children at all, the police are aware that there are glaring holes in the story. Not highbrow, b Enjoyed this book.

This is the very first book I have read since i was in school a very long time ago its story kept me interested all the way through, and has started me on a new journey. If people were on tape, you can imagine their voices would crack at certain points, the odd tear might escape. I get the feeling she’s seen a lot if this stuff in her career as a journo. Jake passes away the next day from his injuries, caused by blunt force trauma and the surgeon admits that he has noticed indications of other abuse, older wounds that have healed, probably without medical assistance.

The author’s writing is really easy to read, well-paced and convincing; from the first chapter I was already intrigued by the story and this feeling only increased as I continued, until the very end. One of the absolute strengths of Caroline Overington’s work is the thin line between fiction and non-fiction.

He gives us children. There, they found a five-year-old boy lying on the carpet.

Ghost Child

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This was a good if predictable read. You see cases like this in the news every other week and the reaction is always the same.