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Walid reportedly had many wives and many children from them. Khalid ibn al-Walid was also sent to invite the Banu Jadhimah tribe to Islam. It was composed of highly trained and seasoned soldiers, the majority of whom had been under Khalid’s standard during his Arabian and Persian campaigns.

Atlas of the Prophet’s biography: Khalid somehow stabilized the battle lines for that day, and during the night his men retreated back to Arabia.

With the Byzantine army shattered and routed, the Muslims quickly recaptured the territory that they conquered prior to Yarmouk. Emperor Heraclius had already left Antioch for Edessa before the arrival of the Muslims. The women took to the streets, led by the women of the Banu Makhzum Khalid’s tribewailing and beating their chests. After the death of Muhammad, many powerful Arab tribes broke away in open revolt against the rule of Medina.

Before assaulting the Persian capital, Khalid decided to eliminate all Persian forces from the south and west, and thus marched against the border city of Firaz, where he defeated a combined force of Sassanid Persians, Byzantine Romans and Christian Arabs and captured the city’s fortress during the Battle of Firaz in December It is unknown how many children Khalid ibn al-Walid had, but names of his three sons and one known daughter are mentioned in history which are as follows:.

The expedition to Anatolia and Armenia marked the end of the military career of Khalid.

14.Story of Hazrat Khalid ibn al-Walid (Khalid bin Walid). Urdu & Hindi

The region was secured after the Battle of Zafar in October with the defeat of a tribal mistress8, Salma. Abdulreman ibn Khalid was later to be appointed the successor of Caliph Muawiyah but according to some narrations, he was poisoned by Muawiyah, [] because Muawiyah wanted to make his son Yazid I to be his successor. He won quick victories in four consecutive battles: Following the migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medinamany battles were fought between the new Muslim community at Medina and the confederacy of the Quraysh.


The Christian Arabs, under this overwhelming response, abandoned the siege and hastily withdrew to Jazira. For instance his employment of the double envelopment maneuver against the numerically superior Persian army at the Battle of Walaja[] and his maneuver at the Battle of Yarmouk where he virtually trapped the Byzantine army between three kha,id ravines by stealthily capturing their khaliv escape route, a bridge, at their rear.

Khalid ibn al-Walid

AugustKhalid went to Daumat-ul-jandal and defeated the rebels in the Battle of Daumat-ul-jandalcapturing the bij fortress. In the ugdu century A. The Muslim army moved to Fahl with Khalid leading the advance guard, only to find the plain being flooded by Byzantines engineers blocking the Jordan River.

Abu Ubaidah soon joined Khalid at the virtually impregnable fort of Chalcis, which surrendered in June Campaigns of Khalid ibn al-Walid.

University of Pennsylvania Press. After subduing these desert forts, Khalid’s army moved towards Bosraa town near the Syria – Arabia border and the capital of the Arab Christian Ghassanid kingdom, a vassal of the eastern Byzantine Empire.

Story of Hazrat Khalid ibn al-Walid (Khalid bin Walid). Urdu & Hindi – video dailymotion

He is believed to have developed them into an almost regular unit called Mubarizun “champions”who would issue personal challenges to the enemy officers. I was sure, taking into consideration your brilliance, your wisdom and foresight that surely one day you would accept Islam as your religion.

According to some sources, the siege is purported to have lasted some four or six months. Khalid assumed command of the Muslim forces and turned what would have been a bloody slaughter into a strategic retreat. Khalid destroyed the statue wqleed well as the shrine and killed those who resisted.


You must understand, O Khalid, that when the Messenger of Allah Muhammadon whom be the blessings of Allah and peace, named you Sword of Allahhe predetermined that you would not fall in battle. He dismissed his cousin Khalid from his command and appointed Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah the new commander in chief of Islamic forces in Syria. Much of Khalid’s strategic and tactical genius lies in his use of extreme methods.

Your anger may well lead me also to join Muhammad. Soon after his birth, in accordance with the traditions of the Quraysh, Khalid was sent to a Bedouin tribe in the desert, where a foster mother nursed him and brought him up in the clear, dry and unpolluted air of the desert.

Once the region around Medinathe Islamic capital, was recaptured, Khalid entered Nejda stronghold of the Banu Tamim tribes. I now ask you for my daughter.

Hazrat khalid bin waleed ra | Aqwal E Zareen | Pinterest | Urdu quotes, Hazrat ali and Islam

The communication between Northern Syria and Palestine was now cut off. Khalid selected a rather shorter route to Syria which unconventionally passed through the Syrian Desert. One of Khalid’s major achievements in this context was utilizing the individual skills of Arab Bedouin warriors to a larger scale. Umar sent detachment of Muslim armies from Iraq to invade Jazira, homeland of the invading Christian Arabs, from three different routes. He planned to isolate the Muslim corps from hzzrat other, and separately encircle and destroy the Muslim armies.