The existing contents of Para (3) along with Annexure 2/9 of IRPWM , may be deleted and substituted with the following: . (3) Reference to Manual for . 1. INDEX OF ADVANCE CORRECTION SLIPS OF INDIAN RAILWAYS PERMANENT WAY MANUAL (IRPWM) – ACS No. Para(s) affected, File No. Date of. Download Irpwm English. Recommended. Irpwm English · IRPWM CS UP TO · IRPWM CS UP TO · English · English · English · English · English.

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Para s affected File No. Date of AC slip Brief subject. Provision of Guard Rails on Bridges.

Deep screening of Ballast. Inspection of office and Stores.

Combination of Fish Plates. Speed over Turnout curves. Inspection of Track Inspection of Track. Maintenance of level crossing. Euipment of level crossing. Precautions before commencing operations which would obstruct the line. Special instructios to staff working in Traction area. Working of Track Maintenance Machine.

Guard Rails on Bridges. Ejglish plans and Diagrams. Fixed signals Locations and details. Inspection of Rails in Service. Classification,use of released material. Census of traffic at level crossings.


ir p.way manual – Indian Railway

Tracks categories for various parameters. Official incharge of Material Training. Provision of speed brakers on the approaches of unmanned L.

Maintenance englissh Rail Joints. Way Plans and Diagrams. Inspection and maintenance of track on approaches of bridges. Equipment at Level crossing procedure for manual laying. Ultrasonic Rail flaw detector. Classification engliish Lines BG. Level Crossing gateman General location.

Project Report for track renewal works. Regarding removal and replacement of check rails of level crossing during tamping. Date of AC slip. Maintenance of concrete sleeper. Recording of Gang work – Ann. Safe working of contractors.

No part of a tree shall be nearer than 4 metres from the nearest live conductor. Sleepers and Guard Rails on Bridges.

Irpwj structure for different categories of track. Picking up of slacks. Quantities of ballast required to recoup the deficiencies. Check rails of level crossings. Protection of rail dolley by a flagman. Frequency of Track Recording. Permanent closure rails in running lines.


Alignment – SWR shall not be laid oncurves sharper than 50 meters. Keyman also to ensure greasing of the ERC.

Rail maintenance toreduce Rail Deteioration. Permanent Way Track Diagram. Criteria for realignment of a curve. Ultrasonic testing of rails. Rail renewal on the bridge. Corrections in advance correction slip nos. Speed over interlocked turnouts. Methodology to be adopted by contractors. Para, Amendments wnglish para Nos. Classification of Level Crossings. Para 2 e13, 32 and Advance Correction Slip No. Paras21. Manning unmanned level crossings. Identification of different qualities of rails in the field.

Download Irpwm English

Supervision of pre and post machine attention. Distance of trolley refuses on bridges. Ammendments to Para E. Ammendments to Para 8.

CODES & MANUALS – ट्रैक सेल राजकोट

Ammendments to Para 4. Ammendments to Para 5. Flash Butt Welding of Rails.