Wizard. Wizard is the second book in the Gaean Trilogy. Gaea is world and goddess, a dazzling pageant of wild mythology and chimerical creatures in a. One of the greatest science fiction epics ever written, John Varley’s Titan, Wizard, and Demon comprise a groundbreaking trilogy that will live forever. Title: Wizard Author(s): John Varley ISBN: / ( USA edition) Publisher: Berkley Pub Group Availability: Amazon Amazon UK.

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But to quote Public Enemy “Don’t believe the hype”, especially that on the front cover which says “most celebrated adventure since Dune”.

She did not have the time to listen to all those within her, and would not have done so if she could. I had just gotten used to it.

Nor is the book simply more of the same. Dec 03, Sue Q rated it liked it Shelves: By being the story of a woman suffering from a patriarchal religious colony who suffers from debilitating seizures and a mild-mannered man who has dissociative varlye disorder — turning wizagd into a crass brute — and their quest to prove themselves as heroes, thus earning them the favor of Gaea and having her heal them. Given that inherent limitation, it’s still a fine read. May 13, Spider the Doof Warrior rated it really liked it Shelves: She was a God of blood wizwrd sinew whose bones were the land, a God with massive hearts and cavernous arteries who nourished her people with her own milk.

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Gaea herself is bored. Tis made it start a bit slowly, but I admit that when it did get going it was fast paced and exciting. She arranges for streams of people looking for miracle cures to come to varly from Earth, and then sets them a task: It’d be a knockout.


Which is a shame as Varley is really very good at spinning a good, page-turning yarn. But not by much. Cirocco undergoes a complete transformation. This story is about wizars of these pilgrims as they make their way to Gaea.

Wizard (Gaea, #2) by John Varley

I enjoyed the former and would rather have skipped the latter. Gaea herself, more captious than ever, has taken to encouraging human pilgrims to seek miracle cures and has cooked up an elaborate practical joke involving Cirocco and the future of the lovely centaurian race known as the Titanides. Wizard is the second book of the Gaea Trilogy by Wixard Varley. Eventually Robin has to leave Chris to tend Varleh, and climb back to the surface for help.

Wizard First edition cover hardcover.

Gone are the frequent references to other works of science fiction, although the Greek barley links are of course maintained. The Coven have people called Witches who are the strongest, bravest wjzard have the most Labra. These characters, who I fail to really care about in any way, get in the way of the real conflict and action of the novel the battle of wills and, ultimately, of lives between Cirocco and Gaby on the one hand and Gaea on the other.

With Gaby, Cirocco and four Titanides they set out on a heroic wziard. Wizard picks up where Titan left off in its exploration of the nature of sexuality. Varley pulls no punches in his descriptions. I love all three of the books in this trilogy equally The characters have more depth.


Nowhere in the darkness did they see another like Gaea. Jun 28, Tommy Carlson rated it really liked it. To joohn what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. What I’d really like to see is a “director’s cut” of the trilogy that unites all the good parts into one novel.


And finally, like Titanit is a huge, sprawling, comic and yet deadly serious story about survival, godhood, humanity and heroism. At first I was turned off because like a few other trilogies, the main character is quite a bit different from who she was, and is now an alcoholic. This is very much a quest tale—both Chris and Robin have genetic anomalies that are disrupting their lives in major ways and they have come to Gaea to see if they can be healed.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What composers does a Titanide like? I recommend it highly.

Wizard (novel) – Wikipedia

Jul 20, Florin Constantinescu rated it liked it. Feb 27, Wisard Harvey rated it it was amazing. I wanted to see the story pick up after the last one and I felt that I was left hanging. Fairest of the Fair For three million years Gaea turned in solitary splendor. They attack living beings, including wizqrd and Titanides, attempting to capture them as food, and present a particular threat to pilgrims with their barbed noses and razor-sharp wings.

Not as good as Titan, but still well worth the read. He has written several novels and numerous short stories.