I grew up in the fifties, with a mother whose expectations for me didn’t go beyond wanting me to be a good girl. She urged me to get a college degree in. Wifey by Judy Blume – book cover, description, publication history. Judy Blume’s novel Wifey is not her usual fare. Obviously as an adult fiction book it is automatically set apart from how we all knew her in our.

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This classic is as relevant today as ever.

I probably memorized parts of it without realizing it. Who knew reading Judy Blume could be blum deep? Reading Wifey today, I have to say this book is not particularly memorable. I can’t remember if blumd were required to choose something from the list, or whether it was entirely optional. Judy received a B. What was weird that the narrator was so insecure that whoever wanted to have sex with her, she did not think of, hmm he is so ugly”No she wiey about getting pregnant. Great strings of spittle dripped down his chin, along with something viscous and black.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The language is a bit rough but yeah. His mouth was open in a snarl. A happy husband is the answer to a happy life.

Wifey: an adult novel – Judy Blume – Google Books

During a sexual encounter, Wifey lays there and describes a ” cock dancing inside me. This article about a young adult novel of the s is a stub. You know if someone like Nora Ephron made this book into a movie, Sandy would kick Norman to the curb at the end, steal Shep’s Porsche, and drive off into the sunset with the top down while “I’m Every Woman” or something blasted from the speakers.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. I read this when I was in high school. Here’s blhme problem with this and a couple other fantasy scenes carried through. With more than four million copies sold, Wifey is Judy Blume’s hilarious, moving tale of a woman who trades in her conventional wifely duties for her wildest fantasies—and learns a lot about life along the way. The situations come off sifey formulaic and Sandy is quite stereotypical in her marital malaise.

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I liked that Blume never judj herself heh into the narrative: I wonder if Her Royal Judyness has thought about it. I usually love to read all her books but I got bored reading Wifey maybe because the protagonist, Sandy has a very repetitive and boring life.

I also got the impression that J. I revile the main character, who is shallow and dull, as is the characterization of her and all of the supporting characters. She kept it in some other place a secret, locked location? While I buy that not everyone can succeed in overcoming early childhood conditioning and free herself to find a more fulfilling life, I don’t accept that anyone is this boring.

If I believed that Sandy was a real person — that people were really this flat, this stupid and selfish and incapable of thought or growth, I would have to rethink a number of the philosophical underpinnings of my life.

Lists with This Book. A personal view of the writing life. Maybe this is exactly what Blume was trying to show. Since she was primarily a French teacher, I’m assuming they weren’t her personal suggestions bluke anything, just titles she’d found listed somewhere and typed up and mimeographed. I tried reading it.

Blume currently resides in New York. I longed to taste freedom and adventure, I longed to discover what was out there and to write about it. I look at the dog-eared paperback rack at the library often, but am too embarrassed to check one out. Wifey is the anti-romance. Sandy sucked in a shaky breath. However, I don’t believe this. She resists his advances at a wild party at first, but basically capitulates when she realizes that she is indeed a little turned on despite the fact that she’s not really attracted to her brother-in-law, and really, he was not really paying attention to her half-hearted protests and it also feels so good, so why not?


The Baggage of Blumeness: Two Rioters Do WIFEY

Works by Judy Blume. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I think if I was leaving Wifey with a final thought it would be this: Sandy’s inability to see those around her, even her own family members, as real people who must have thoughts and needs, signs her own emotional retardation. Sad to say but it just isn’t that interesting, isn’t very well written, and isn’t that sexy either.

Our Judy was a brave woman! Paperbackpages. Neither suggesting nor un-suggesting, they just subscribed to magazines on my behalf, shelled out for Scholastic fliers, and took me to the library when I asked, and gave me a generous allowance that permitted me to purchase a fair number of paperbacks off drug store spinner racks.

She would grow as a person and acknowledge her true desires. I’m not actually sure what this story was and quite frankly wondering if I’m just too stupid to get it because I’m in the minority on this one – people may not love it, but they have found value in it.

The man was not identified. Wifey is a American novel by Judy Blume. To view it, click here.

Wifey by Judy Blume Goodreads Author. Like who is that guy? But being that it was such an important wwifey in my childhood, I’ll bump it up to three. Here’s where it starts