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But harm was done to his soul, maybe to the point of madness. And then you never wrote, never called on me, never spoke to me, never sent a message. Unfortunately this marriage made in haste has not bound her to the boy she fantasized about as a girl, but the man life has forced him to be. I also think that the Indian family he brought with him added an interesting touch without just being background characters. Never let her go, never lose her.

Luckily for Juliana the man that she was slated to marry runs off with his piano teacher. What I really like about him was that he never gives up.

The Seduction Of Elliot McBride

Love the way JA draws you into the time period. Juliana feels she is so lucky to have married the man she always had feelings for instead of a man she was settling for, but things are not all grand.

Tormented by the horrors he suffered during his military campaigns in India, Elliot knows ellliot is consider mad by most. I like Juliana just fine but she didn’t really stand out for me.



During the Scottish Sword dance, he let loose and even laughed and it was so uplifting to see that he was coming back out of his shell. When you were captured, when we thought you dead…They were the most awful months of my life.

She enters a little chapel to reminisce. Ashley however, is a master at writing villains and I never saw this coming. I just felt it was a little short on page count for what was going on.

I swear, I had no idea what I was getting into when I started reading these books, I thought them as average historicals about some Highlanders: The sex was hott, and they really lusted for each other. To hear your voice.

The Seduction Of Elliot McBride by Jennifer Ashley

And all those who have been enthralled by her MacKenzie family saga will appreciate this novel that features the life and experiences of their cousin Elliot McBride, a man with his own inner demons and one who has done just about anything he could to secure the presence of his new bride, even if it did appear that he took another man’s leavings on her wedding day. In conclusion, I want this Ashley magic back. You name it, it’s in this book, other than serious attention paid to Elliot’s recovery and relationship with Juliana, who pretty much accepts everything without batting an eyelash.

He struggles with staying in the present, and dark places. Jennifer Ashley is one of my top three HR authors, and her Highland Pleasures series is my favorite series. Elliot suffers from what we now would call PTSD.

I look forward to seeing Julianna and Elliot in future books. Elliot agrees without thinking, he’s always loved Juliana, and actually came to the wedding to stop it: The idea of a tortured hero from Jennifer Ashley excites me.


Full review now posted Things become more complicated though when it appears that someone from his past is hunting Elliot with the intent to harm him and those he loves. Having said this, it saddens me to admit that Elliot’s story fell a bit flat for me and couldn’t live up to my high expectations. Cameron MacKenzie wants to take her home but she insists that she needs a moment to get her bearings.

The couple has their work cut out for them, not only with the castle but with the trauma that is keeping Elliot from being a whole man. Needs the love of a good woman to heal right? Elliot never expected he would have his dream land in his lap and offer him heaven, but when Juliana asks him to marry her he snatches at the chance to have the girl he has loved since her was sixteen, the mere memory of her enough to sustain him through torture and madness.

This was my idea of a true love story and I look forward to more stories of the Mackenzie family in the future.