Shane Hensley is raising funds for Lankhmar Savage Seas of Nehwon, a Fantasy RPG on Kickstarter! Fritz Leiber’s best-selling tales of Fafhrd. Lankhmar: City of Thieves is a page supplement for the Savage Rules game system, adding new rules for Lankhmar roleplaying, as well as. RPG Articles Published RPGs Dungeon Crawl Classics. Free RPG Day · DCC Lankhmar: Through Ningauble’s Cave.

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Harlan Ellison dead at 84, June 28, Harlan Ellison One of the perhaps dozen writers in the history of literature whose command of the language, whose inventiveness, whose shining genius intimidates me. Welcome to the Scrolls of Lankhmar. This is a community project that does two things. It is a wiki about Fritz Leiber and his writings, and it is the RPG Guide to Nehwon which is a knowledge base for all role-players playing or running in a Nehwon-based role-playing game.

Fritz Leiber was born in and died in He was considered one of the best genre authors of all time and a pioneer in the field.

RPG Guide to Nehwon

He was very well respected and admired by his peers, and authors such as Harlan Ellison, Ramsey Campbell, Stephen King, and Neil Gaiman have all remarked on how much authors today owe to him. He excelled and broke new ground in all three genres—a rarity among authors.

It is in the field of horror that Leiber caused the greatest shift in writing. With Smoke Ghost in the Jamesian ghost story is laid to rest and modern horror was born with a ghost derived from urban smoke and grit, feeding off of the twisted emotions of the rog.


Well Met in Lankhmar: A Review of Lankhmar City of Thieves

Ramsey Campbell Fritz Leiber was the father of modern supernatural horror fiction, and its greatest master. It soon grew into a guide for gamemasters who were or were planning on also running a campaign based out of Lankhmar, for it seemed to me that accurate RPG information based from the stories was limited.

That need has never disappeared, and the RPG Guide to Nehwon has expanded and continues to expand to cover everything that GMs and players need for adventuring in the environs of Lankhmar and over the lands of Nehwon.

Adding content to the Scrolls whether whole articles or just lanlhmar edits is now easier than ever when you log in with your Facebook login!

All edits and additions are greatly appreciated. Fellow blogger and Vampire: The Requiem author, Rose Bailey has a Kickstarter for her latest game: She is a major Fritz Leiber fan and those influences show up in her world, as well as those of Jack Vance. It’s a fantastic yarn! Tell her Srith sent you! Srith of the Scrolls. Friends of the Scrolls.

Lankhmar City of Adventure. Swords of the Undercity. Free RPG Day The Patrons of Lankhmar. Savage Foes of Nehwon. Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild. The Eyes of Goromosh. Collections of Lankhmra Leiber. A Pail of Air. Day Dark, Night Bright. Deadly Moon and Other Tales. Fritz Leiber and H.

Writers of the Dark. Kreativity for Kats and Other Feline Fantasies.

Well Met in Lankhmar: A Review of Lankhmar City of Thieves

Poor Superman and Others. Ships to the Stars. Sonnets To Jonquil and All. The Best of Fritz Leiber. The Book of Fritz Leiber. The Mind Spider and Other Stories. The Night of the Wolf.


Lankhmar – Wikipedia

The Second Book of Fritz Leiber. The Worlds of Fritz Leiber. A Specter is Haunting Texas. Our Lady of Darkness. Tarzan and the Valley of Gold. The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich. The Swords of Lankhmar. Painting Lankhmar with Words.

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. A Bad Day for Sales. A Bit of the Dark World. A Defense of Werewolves. A Deskful of Girls. A Hitch in Space. Alice lznkhmar the Allergy.

All the Weed in the World. Another Cask of Wine. A Rite of Spring. A Visitor From Back East. Bazaar of the Bizarre. Beauty and the Beasts. Be of Good Cheer. Lsnkhmar has its Charms. Bullet with his Name. Claws from the Night. Diary in the Snow. Do You Know Dave Wenzel? Adam’s Garden of Evil. Endfray of the Ofay. Far Reach to Cygnus. Four Ghosts in Hamlet. Game for Motel Room. Gold, Black, and Silver.

Gonna Roll the Bones. The Hatchery of Dreams. Ill Met in Lankhmar. I’m Looking for Jeff. In the Witch’s Tent. Later Than You Think. Lean Times in Lankhmar. Lie Still, Snow White. Little Old Lakhmar Macbeth. Midnight by the Morphy Watch. Midnight in the Mirror World. Bauer and the Atoms. Found in a Maelstrom.

Mysterious Doings in the Metropolitan Museum. Nice Girl with Five Husbands. One Station of the Way. Richmond, Late September, The Childhood and Youth of the Gray Mouser. The Cloud of Hate.

The Creature From Cleveland Depths. The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars. The Death of Princes.