1st grade meet the teacher ideas pre

1st grade meet the teacher ideas pre

Results 1 - 20 of First Grade Meet the Teacher Night, Free Parent Gift Tag for Water Bottles, Parent I have been teaching first grade for 12 years and yet I still update and come up with new ideas every year. {Pre-K - 5th Grade}. Many new teachers, or teachers new to Pre-K, ask how to begin the year. As soon as I get my class list, I send out a small packet to the parents. . As mentioned, our first activities and lessons center on learning about the classroom , school home it is not the teacher responsibility to correct the child but the parent too! we. Meet The Teacher Ideas & Downloads - The First Grade Parade. Meet the .. They will love getting to know their new teacher before the school year begins.

Many times teachers purchase items for their classroom with their own pocket money. When parents who can help out — teachers are able to do more science projects, hands on art, and maybe even cook with the kids.

Take pictures of the classroom. This may sound silly, but I like to take pictures of the classroom and print them out. We can make a home-made book with them and use the images to spring board discussions. These pictures also come in handy when you ask your child what they did all day.

Meet The Teacher Ideas & Downloads - The First Grade Parade

I just take the class pictures out and ask her to point to the station she went to and have her tell me about it. Find the Positives There is NO perfect school. There is NO perfect teacher.

1st grade meet the teacher ideas pre

I start at Meet the teacher by looking for the positives and making a mental note of them. Did they smile when your child walked in the door?

1st grade meet the teacher ideas pre

Do they seem excited about the school year? Is there something about the curriculum you enjoy?

BEST Meet the Teacher Tips for Parents

She is also the sweetest teacher and I feel like my baby will have many opportunities to learn and grow in a safe and caring environment. Talk about meet the teacher with your child After you have the opportunity to attend meet the teacher, talk with your child about it.

Point out the positive things you noticed. In addition to talking to our daughter about her new classroom, we also read stories about starting school.

1st grade meet the teacher ideas pre

My husband and I have tried to answer her questions and talk to her about what kindergarten is like. Sometimes it may help you feel better and then you will have an awesome day. It is ok to be nervous. My biggest first day…uh, first week…fear is losing a child due to transportation confusion.

A phone call home really helps to put my mind at ease. I like keeping the transportation arrangements on a pocket chart because it helps me…and the kids.

Meet the Teacher Tips & Ideas

In addition to having a visual of the transportation arrangements, I also have my parents complete a school issued transportation sheet before leaving that night as well. This sheet requires them to indicate transportation arrangements for the first day, first week, and remainder of the year. I make copies of this sheet and keep one in my student information binder and then the original stays in the office.

Then a smart friend suggested the kids do it. Because I have community supplies in my classroom, this arrangement works beautifully.

Meet the Teacher Tips for Parents

At the end of the night all I have to do is take the boxes and transfer the supplies into the tubs on my supply shelf. I do have my kids keep a few supplies in their desks as mentioned on the checklist for the first day, but everything else gets put on the supply shelf. Set out a stack of envelopes and ask your parents to fill them out with their name and address.

Hold on to the envelopes and spend the first couple weeks of school getting to know their child…. Susie is so kind and compassionate…a real friend to everyone,etc. A handwritten letter is SO much more personal than an email or a text. I personally have no problem giving my parents my cell.