Blank space meet the guy who invented

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blank space meet the guy who invented

of all comes from—of all places—the guy who invented the preceding criteria to This doesn't meet any complexity criteria, and it uses dictionary words. But, the fact that it's a phrase with distinct words separated by blank spaces does. He became the third American and fifth person in space, but what made his mission especially important was that he was the first American to. Meet the Hot Guy in Taylor Swift's Crazy 'Blank Space' Video But those kissing scenes made up for being hit by a plant as he says, "It was a.

It ranked at number 7 in the billboard year end chart.

blank space meet the guy who invented

In New Zealandit debuted at number After the song was released as the second single fromthe song re-entered the chart at number 11, progressing into the top ten the following week, becoming Swift's seventh top ten hit in the UK.

Ultimately, "Blank Space" peaked at number four, and charted in the top ten for 10 weeks. The song has sold overcopies in the country, as of November Sean O'Pry plays Swift's love interest in the video.

blank space meet the guy who invented

The accompanying music video was directed by Joseph Kahnwho said that Swift approached him with the idea for the treatment, saying she was all too aware of the jokes made about all of her ex-boyfriends and how she likes to include them in her songwriting. She told him that she wanted to address the general thought of her in the clip in a fun way by playing a crazy villain.

blank space meet the guy who invented

After two days of filming with Swift, a second-unit crew assistant-directed by Henry Thong[ citation needed ] kept going, taking much of the photography that would later be used to construct the world within the American Express Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience app. Kahn explained, "There's a lot of symmetrical framing that's Kubrickianwhich is a really funny way to approach a pop video.

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But it's there if you look at the way there's center-framing and symmetry throughout the whole thing," [28] Swift's love interest in the video is portrayed by model Sean O'Pry and a second love interest is portrayed by model Andrea Denver.

I think it may be a mistake on Yahoo's part—they may have released it early by accident. Wait to see the Blank Space video. Let Taylor introduce it herself. It'll be worth it: The user can follow Swift and her love interest throughout many rooms of the mansion, although the user may leave the couple and go to other rooms to find interactive easter eggs and watch the butlers doing their work.

Meet the Hot Guy in Taylor Swift's Crazy 'Blank Space' Video

When in the app, the user physically moves their phone to move their point of view. As of Decemberthe video is one of 29 videos with over 2 billion views on YouTube. Swift was the first artist in history to have two videos exceeding two billion views.

blank space meet the guy who invented

One key question was calculating the exact position over the Earth to fire the retrorockets in order to land in the center of the ocean recovery zone. As a result of this work, Johnson after remarriage became the first African American female computer to have her name on a technical paper issued by Langley.

Right at this time, the center installed the first large IBM mainframe computer, foreshadowing an age when the job title would go away and the women would adapt to becoming computer scientists.

Johnson did that extensive work, which took a couple of weeks, and became known for it in the African American press after the flight. How do those facts compare with the movie?

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Hidden Figures, the motion picture, takes many liberties with history. More than three years of the Mercury program are compressed into a few months in Scenes are invented to heighten the drama, like attributing to Johnson the insight that the smaller Redstone rocket used for suborbital flights could not put the capsule in orbit—as if that was not already obvious to the NASA engineers from the outset.

blank space meet the guy who invented

And in the movie, Glenn phones Langley from the launch pad to have the calculations done on an emergency basis, Mercury Control at the Cape is moved to Langley so that the actress who plays Johnson, Taraji P.

In fact, his mission was always three orbits, and while the warning light had flight controllers quite worried, it was not aired publicly in a way that anyone watching TV understood what was going on.

I could go on about the factual inaccuracies, which are many, but how bothersome that is depends on how much one thinks dramatic license is justified to make a good movie.

Katherine Johnson, Hidden Figures, and John Glenn’s Flight | National Air and Space Museum

And it is a good movie, well-acted and inspirational. I enjoyed it even as I was exasperated by its many deviations from history, some of which are simply unnecessary. As for Katherine Johnson, she fortunately is still with us today at age