Finnick and katniss meet

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finnick and katniss meet

After the downfall of the Capitol, Katniss and Finnick were lost. The losses of their allies finnick. finniss. games. hunger. katniss. love. mellark. mockingjay. odair. peeta. thg. valentines Finnick and Katniss meet for the first time. He becomes. When Finnick first meets Katniss at the opening ceremonies in Catching Fire, he flirts with her to try and get under her skin. From then on she. A/N: As an early Valentine's Day present, here's a A/U story about Katniss meeting Finnick while they're touring all the districts. Peeta's in the.

I'm surprised I can still joke knowing that I'm going to die soon. The games messed me up more than I'd thought. As soon as we arrive in the suite, my prep team whisk me away to the bathroom to 'prep' me.

They complain about my hair and my eyebrows but I zone them out, Haymitch's prep team are going to have a much bigger challenge than mine anyway. They shouldn't complain they're not the ones going into the arena to die. I go into my room and standing there is my favourite person from the Capitol, heck he's the only person from the Capitol I'd consider a friend. I missed you so much. It's pretty plane for Cinna but I slip it on anyway knowing he must have a trick up his sleeve, or my sleeve seeing as I'm the one wearing the dress.

It's shorter than what I'm usually put in coming to mid thigh. Cinna does my hair and makeup and when I see myself in the mirror, I'm almost unrecognisable. Standing in my reflection is an intimidating young woman.

finnick and katniss meet

I look older than my seventeen years, less innocent. I'm standing alone by the District 12 chariot stroking one of the magnificent black horses. I look around and realise who it was, Fish brains. He holds out a lump of sugar, right in front of my face.

I mean they're supposed to be for the horses but who cares about them, right? They have all the time in the world to eat sugar whereas, you and I-When we see something sweet we better grab it…" This man, oh my god he goes on.

How can anyone actually be attracted to him? Sure, he has good looks but when he opens his mouth, it's like word vomit. Blah, blah, blah on and on and on. Where is Haymitch when you need him, or anyone else for that matter? But I would love to borrow that outfit sometime. What happened to all the little girl dresses? What do you do with all your riches anyway?

Tell me girl on fire, do you have any secrets worth my time? Besides, I'm an open book people seem to know all of my secrets before I know them myself. I can't stand him he's such an arrogant, bigheaded self righteous pretty boy. What is that supposed to mean? Haymitch you drunken old man what are you talking about? I thought the coyotes had got in. I really am twisted. I listen attentively as I'm grateful for anything that spares my lips in this cold weather.

He even has some ideas for changing up our routine to include taking to the empty dance floor while the food is being served. He says we have the basics right but recommends turning it up a notch. After all, nothing says madly in love like "I love you more" contests. I 'll have to consider it good advice, since it makes me want to vomit tonight's crab cakes on his shoes. It's my opportunity to run, but I want to hear what he has to say.

I look smug when he says this. Peeta, I usually kiss back. Strangers, that's another matter. His eyes light up and he lunges toward me. No, it's spicier than that. Whatever it ever, it's fantastic. I'd kiss you all night too. He says this just when I start warming to him. Finnick is in my space again. His nose is practically touching mine. If a black eye wouldn't draw even more attention to him, I wouldn't hesitate. I can show him how to—what was that thing you liked? I bite at him. He turns back toward me and sticks his bottom lip out, staring at me with intent sea green eyes.

Finnick Odair is pouting. I'm not sure anyone's ever resisted him before. This makes me practically giddy as I move my mouth towards his, stopping millimeter away and putting my hand over his lips. He picks this second to lick my hand with all the moisture in his mouth. Disgusted I pull away. I should have never given Finnick that much of a reaction.

My penance is a large wet tongue curled sloppily up my cheek. If I had my bow, he'd be a dead man. But all I have is a bobby pin so I pitch that at him as hard as I can. He catches it easily, puts it in his mouth like a toothpick.

He then playfully pops me with a rubber band. My head is spinning once again. One minute Peeta and I were trying to sneak into a closet and then next thing I know Finnick Odair has his tongue on my molars. And when I think he couldn't get any more lascivious, he tries to help me. Maybe it's some kind of hallucinogenic reaction to those oysters Effie told me not to eat. I smooth my dress, comb through my ruined hair and pick out the stray pins. When I finally emerge, I spy Finnick chatting up a golden-haired woman who most certainly must be from the Capitol.

Head to toe she's covered in gold glitter. She's had it embedded in her skin and weaved into her metallic-hued mane. Despite the chill in the air, she dons a short red dress so tight I can't help but think it might snap should she bend over.

I try to pass unnoticed, but his long arms grab me. Are you really Katniss Everdeen? Naturally, he wants to drag out my torture.

He's having entirely too much fun with it. It is such an immense pleasure to meet you," he gives a flourished and overdramatic bow. I think I saw a few minutes of one at the training center. I was too confused by the actors' body modifications to truly know what was going on. It's certainly quite different than what the Capitol broadcasts to the districts, not that we ever had enough electricity to watch anything other than news and the games. The one good thing about the show, tattoos, skin dyes, piercings and all, is that it gives me confidence in my acting abilities.

Cassa bats her four-inch eyelashes at his flattery. Actually, he tastes like caviar and beer I want to tell her. Finnick, in turn, kisses her cheek. Honestly, I'd rather be testing the sharpness of my biggest hunting knife on my palm.

But I give my best fake smile and try to stay unfazed and pretend nothing happened. Finnick tells me about Cassa's soap opera filming on the beach. He sounds happy to be home, but he still keeps a death drip on my arm. When his date tugs her dress shorter, he wipes the glitter from her blush off his mouth—only breaking his smile for the smallest second.

No wonder he liked my lip balm. Cassa stares at me through the conversation. She's looking at me the same way I would look at a tailless fox and it's making it so much harder to keep the corners of mouth turned up. She hiccups at me, then whispers something to Finnick. Age didn't seem to be a problem a few minutes ago. Then you'll fill out your dress better.

Meet a Real-Life Katniss and Finnick, Inspired by The Hunger Games |

He wants to see how I'll react. I'm about to add: Finnick plies her with a fruity cocktail he swipes off a nearby waiter's tray. While Finnick is entertaining his vain friend with what appears to be his post games talent—knotting cherry stems with his tongue—I slip off to a bathroom in search of mouthwash.

That night on the train, Peeta climbs in with me. He's chirping about piping and glazes.

Meet a Real-Life Katniss and Finnick, Inspired by The Hunger Games

The blanket is thick and red with just a bit of shine. I waste no time in curling up with him. I hope my even tone doesn't betray me. Peeta talking to Finnick makes me squirm. The only thing that keeps me the least bit steady is that he isn't angry and doesn't seem to know. Dignitaries in tuxedoes, former victors in ball gowns on the dance floor—no one was safe from Finnick's mischievous assault.

All night long, people were popping up, rubbing their arms and looking angrily around. Finnick took this all in with a perfectly innocent face. When he caught my glance, he displayed an unapologetic smirk for the briefest second.

I expected Peeta to cringe, to be annoyed and roll his eyes at me. Was he flirting with you? It's the closest thing he's getting to a confession tonight. Perhaps some other time when my family's life isn't on the line for the believability of our kisses, I'll let him know, maybe even show him one of those ridiculous swirls Finnick taught me. I shiver as he traces a finger down my cheek. And because I don't want this line of conversation to go any further I make my move.

It's not part of our bedtime ritual. Katniss and Peeta helped him recover by dunking him in the sea water to clean him. When the monkey mutts attacked them, Finnick didn't hesitate and killed them with his trident. He was surprised when the female morphling seemed to come from nowhere and saved Peeta just in time again.

He took guard duty for the rest of the night and collected fresh tree-water and shellfish from the sea. Peeta was still asleep, while Finnick and Katniss cracked jokes about their own dishevelled looks thanks to the Games.

When Katniss was ready to wake Peeta, Finnick suggested that they both startle him awake. Taking his suggestion, she and Finnick fell back on the sand laughing at Peeta's reaction. Day Two Soon after, sponsors gave the alliance a loaf of bread from District 4. Finnick was surprised with the arrival of Johanna and the tributes of District 3Beetee and Wiress. The newcomers joined the alliance with Finnick, Katniss and Peeta. Finnick talked to Johanna and carried her into the water to stop her insulting of Katniss.

Later, the alliance returned to the Cornucopia to make sure that Wiress' theory that the Arena is a Clock was legitimate. When they got there, it was time for the deadly fog 2: The group was ambushed by the Careers ; Wiress died as her throat was slashed and Finnick was stabbed in the thigh by Enobaria when she threw a knife at Peeta and Finnick stepped in the way.

Finnick fought Brutus and injured him before he retreated with Enobaria. Finnick dove into the sea after Beetee fell in, as the Cornucopia moved during the time change. When Katniss and Finnick hunted for water, a jabberjay attack broke out, with the birds' voices emulating the tributes' loved ones screaming in pain. When Finnick heard the jabberjays targeting him, he called out for Annie Crestaa "mad" victor from District 4 who went insane after witnessing her district partner decapitated during her Games.

Finnick believed that his love was being killed, debilitated by his helplessness. Katniss killed the jabberjay, but this didn't calm Finnick, who was still unnerved by the thought that Annie had been tortured to make those sounds. After he and Katniss escaped the attack, Peeta reassured the two of them that the Games are down to the final eight—and not only must the Capitol have family and friends to interview, but that those sounds could be faked.

Beetee concurred, explaining that it would be easy for the Capitol to fake the sounds. The alliance viewed the faces of the tributes that died the second day, discussing who was left besides them and District 2. District 3 sent twenty-four pieces of bread, an unequal number, each eating three.

Finnick suffered another night of restless sleep and occasionally murmuring Annie's name. Day Three Finnick assisted Beetee with his plan, along with Peeta, while Katniss and Johanna set up the electric coil trap. After the line was cut and Johanna removed Katniss' tracker—in what seems like a vicious attack at the time—Finnick chased Enobaria to get her away from Katniss.

Later Katniss destroyed the arena. After the arena was destroyed, Finnick, Beetee, and Katniss were rescued by a hovercraft from District Plutarch Heavensbee was aboard and told Katniss that he was unable to go back for Peeta and Johanna, though he wanted to.

Finnick Odair

Finnick requested to go to District 4 to get Annie, but Plutarch told him they couldn't, but he does make a special order for her retrieval. It was revealed that Finnick and Beetee were part of a plan to overthrow the Capitol all along. After Katniss awakened she went to the room where Finnick, Haymitch and Plutarch were talking.

finnick and katniss meet

There, she learned about the rebels, District 13, and the plan to overthrow the Capitol. Finnick stopped Katniss from clawing Haymitch's face with her nails.

Finnick tells her that he wished Johanna, Peeta, Enobaria and all the others would just die so that they wouldn't have to suffer anymore. Finnick returned to Plutarch and Haymitch, leaving Katniss alone. Mockingjay In Mockingjay, at the beginning of the book Finnick was deeply distressed, slightly unhinged and unable to focus on anything but to save Annie Cresta, who had been kidnapped and was being tortured in the Capitol.

One of the only ways he kept himself sane was by repeatedly knotting short length of rope. When Katniss first saw Finnick she noticed he was distracted and grief-stricken. She calls for him but he does not respond, Katniss shakes him and when he noticed Katniss was calling him, he stopped tying knots and grips her hand in relief to see a familiar face. Finnick asks why they are meeting here and she informs him about her role as the mockingjay and her conditions. Finnick is happy when he hears her condition for immunity of victors being held because of his love, Annie.

Finnick visits Katniss in the hospital and has dinner with her. He comforts her since she is stressed, the two then watch the propaganda again. Katniss asks him to shut it off but stops him because Caesar comes on and interviews Peeta.

finnick and katniss meet

After the interview, Finnick tries to calm Katniss down and pretends not to have seen the interview because Plutarch walks in and makes sure she is well. The next day, Finnick and Katniss go to the woods in District 13 to hunt since Gale is busy helping Beetee make weapons.

Katniss talks about the interview with him and is glad he is there to listen to her. Finnick comforts her and helps her through the pain she is feeling. Later after Peeta's third interview, the entire district evacuates to safe bunkers before the bombing on District 13 began by the Capitol.

During the bombing, Finnick gives Katniss a rope to tie when she needs to be distracted from her feelings. After the bombing during the night, Katniss goes to Finnick to share her thoughts on President Snow's plan.

Finnick tells her he is doing the same with him but with Annie. Finnick shares with her the first time he knew Katniss did indeed love Peeta, during the 75th Hunger Games when he ran into the force field and almost died. Finnick admits he misjudged Katniss. While shooting a propo Katniss can't take it anymore and breaks down along with Finnick. Eventually, a rescue team saves Annie, Peeta, Johanna and the others.

To distract the Capitol from the rescue mission, Finnick and Katniss do an interview where he states President Snow has remained President of Panem for so long because he poisons all those who could become threats. He also states that Snow uses victors, like when he made Finnick sell his body to wealthy Capitol citizens for high prices proving that Snow was a horrible and cruel human, which would help Katniss.

Finnick waits with Katniss until Haymitch informs them the rescue party has arrived. Finnick and Annie embrace each other and he personally takes her to receive medical attention for the wounds she received from being tortured by the Capitol.

Finnick and Annie marry shortly after the rescue. Annie conceives a son but Finnick isn't able to meet him whose name is unknown. For a propo and for real, Annie and Finnick get married when Annie comes to District 13 after the rescue. Katniss notes he hasn't let go of Annie's hand since the two were married.

Finnick is assigned to be on the sharpshooters squad with Katniss, Gale and later Peeta. He suggests that Peeta asks what is 'Real or not Real' when he can't tell himself.

finnick and katniss meet

Finnick helps the group retreat in an apartment for cover. He tells them to leave Boggs ' corpse since it would only get in the way. Finnick helps calm Peeta down and votes not to kill Peeta.