Ken niumatalolo meet the mormons on netflix

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ken niumatalolo meet the mormons on netflix

Meet the Mormons is also available on Netflix worldwide. in Annapolis, Maryland, Ken Niumatalolo balances the pressures of his high-stress. So the film shows us an African American Mormon bishop and his family in Atlanta. We meet Ken Niumatalolo, Mormon coach of the football. How did the film Meet the Mormons have such a successful opening weekend? football coach Ken Niumatalolo prioritizes his family responsibilities over the . in digital channels (such as Netflix, Roku, and Amazon Instant Video), cable.

The church has always requested use of the full name, but accepted the use of Mormon and LDS as short-hand. The church ran a series of ads starting in under the theme "I'm a Mormon" to dispel stereotypes by telling the stories of individual Mormons.

The campaign included TV ads, billboards and ads on buses.

The Coach Ken Niumatalolo As Head Football Coach - Meet the Mormons

One video posted in featured Brandon Flowersthe lead singer of the popular rock band The Killers. I'm a father, I'm a husband and I'm a Mormon.

ken niumatalolo meet the mormons on netflix

I think I would have been a casualty of rock 'n' roll. It will be an "extremely difficult change" since the terms are engrained among members, journalists, academics and observers, said Patrick Mason, a professor of religion at Claremont Graduate University in California who is the chair of Mormon studies at the college.

Mason recently published a book titled "What is Mormonism? I am happy for those that find strength in their beliefs even when they conflict with my own. I do give you props for leaving this conversation on your website though, perhaps you are more fair minded than your words would indicate.

I would have wanted to watch this movie if the church highlighted all its controversies and re-stated their beliefs despite them. But these are things that are very much a part of the culture here. Nor are any of his apostles. None of your bishops are female.

ken niumatalolo meet the mormons on netflix

When they complain and voice their disapproval you excommunicate them. Many would consider this behavior sexist. But in addition to denying women the priesthood, your church also played a key role in blocking the equal rights amendment in the s. Brigham Young said some very racist things. His attitudes towards blacks is well documented. Mormonism has a history of racism.

Since the 70s, it appears the church has made some progress. None of his apostles are black. However, your church put a lot of time, money, and effort into denying the LGBT community equal rights.

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Saul Goodman October 8, at 2: How could any serious discussion ensue when your comical levels of hubris coupled with naivete create such a serious obstacle to any reasoned discourse? Followers and fans of Meet the Mormons and David Archuleta were quite enthusiastic. Soundtrack clips from each of the six stories were also released as free downloads. They also featured the movie prominently on their website and sport-specific Facebook pages which reaches approximately 4 million BYU fans.

Those who saw the movie began blogging, tweeting, and posting about their reactions to the movie.

Mormon church leader wants people to stop using "Mormon"

On Tuesday of opening weekend, Mormon celebrities were invited to a premiere to see the movie and meet the cast. Holland and David A. Bednar hosted actors, musicians, sports stars, government leaders, broadcasters, and other prominent people. Attendees then used social media to share photos and videos with their millions of followers for example, David ArchuletaStephanie A.

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Results on Opening Weekend The long-term success of movies depends on how well they perform on opening weekend. For Meet the Mormons, opening weekend was tricky. This meant that the movie had two days instead of three to get its primary viewership to attend.

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But opening weekend proved even better than expected. Meet the Mormons was number 10 in the nation in box office receipts. Amid the field of competitors, Meet the Mormons ended up being the David amid the Goliaths. After the expected slow Sunday, it had a terrific Monday, putting the film onto the list of the Top documentary films of all time.