Meet me on the frontline lyrics

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meet me on the frontline lyrics

Frontline Lyrics, Kottonmouth Kings, These fly rhymes and high times are Dont make me beg, For that pussy girl, give it to And everytime our lips meet. Creeping it's way into my gut. Meet me at the bottom, don't lag behind. Bring me my boots and shoes. You can hang back or fight your best on the front line. She's glowing to me, it makes me weak to my knees, / As my eyes lock, I am love struck, / As my heart stops, / I can't wait to find this moment to introduce myself.

I often pass the allotments with their Neat and tidy rows and rows Of onions, carrots, peas and beans.

meet me on the frontline lyrics

Was it One of them who snitched on him? Cos one fine day two men in suits Turned up and wanted words with Jim. They told him they would call him in To take a new computer test. To see if he was fit for work He needed to be reassessed. Jim said, I work. He handed them the spade he used As if to say, you try it then.

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They were distinctly unamused. They tried their best to make him see That welfare cheating was a crime. Soon after that Jim disappeared.

meet me on the frontline lyrics

His patch in which he took such pride Was left uncared for all year long. His flowers withered soon and died. Sent for a night job office cleaning Poverty pay, unsocial hours. I see him smiling to himself And wonder, is he quite so dim?

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Or is he really faking it? And if he is, good luck to Jim. Can We Afford the Doctor? Kerr Can we afford the doctor The dentist, the midwife, the nurse?

meet me on the frontline lyrics

And if only the rich can afford to be sick How cheap are the lives of the poor? But should the pounds and the pence Be spent on defence or keep the Health Service alive?

Biermann Don't you rely on toughness in these hard hard times. The toughness will possess you, the sternness will oppress you And cause your strength to die. Don't let your strength die. Don't let them make you bitter in these bitter times That's what they always hope for that long before the struggle We would give up the fight.

Fly rhymes, high times, Suburban Noize comin through. Now MaryJane, She's my girl, Now a days seems like the bitch rules my world. And everytime our lips meet, She's got me laughin like a leaf from a bud tree.

You know i like to stay high, I got that old school ride.

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Who's that drunk that slurs and spits, "Saint! I'm D-Locer the late night toker. Royal flush got you bluffin like a game of poker, '66 stylie, I like to get high and live the life of riley.

meet me on the frontline lyrics

Now I'm Saint Dog but ya already know, That sick fly, still high, dope style flow. When my clock strikes 12 ask me were I'm gonna go, P-Town baby Suburban jugalo.

If it comes up short I'm gonna bust the ass. Saint Dog, on the hog, I'm the leadrer of the crew.


Stunt man hittin hard on the avenue. Or is all because I drank too mant brews? Pornstar life style, so I say fuck you! I got 2 skateboards, I eat hash and spam, My uncle, my pops, aint buyin me a van. I got a girlish girl, I call her Tiki doll, I like to get high and play dunkball, dunkball, dunkball.

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I like to get high aint a punk y'all Kottonmouth's in the house so pack ya bowls, We aint nothin but some big west coast jugalos! Rezin screens, dope feen, no thing if aint nothing. Bringin ya more Suburban Noize for ya speakers, Ya tweakers, the pimp daddies, laying the track down, o. When ya come to P-Town