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meet the millers cast scotty were

Cast[edit] Mark L. Young as Scottie P. Luis Guzmán as a Mexican cop; Karuna Sun as Stripper/Pole Dancer; Scott Adsit as the doctor. We're the Millers () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification Scott Adsit. Cast[edit]. Jason Sudeikis as David Clark / Miller, a drug dealer who forms the Millers. as Don Fitzgerald, a DEA agent who befriends the Millers. Mark L. Young as Scottie P., a kiddie ride attendant who befriends.

Due to Kenny's erratic driving, the RV veers off the highway and a Mexican redknee tarantulahiding in a bowl of fruit, crawls up Kenny's leg and bites his testicle.

Kenny has a severe allergic reaction to the bite, and the Millers head to the hospital near a carnival for 4th of July celebrations. This further delays the delivery of the smuggled contraband. During their wait, David and Rose begin to bond and Rose reveals her real name to be Sarah. The two of them scold Casey for leaving with a strange boy, Scotty P, which leaves Casey feeling amused and happy for the attention she did not receive from her real parents, who neglected her.

When Kenny is finally released from the hospital, David rushes him to the RV in a wheelchair and accidentally tips him over. In the ensuing argument, David inadvertently reveals how much he is getting paid, in comparison to how little he offered to pay each of the others. Casey, Sarah, and Kenny are left in disgust by the revelation, and so David leaves them behind at the local carnival.

Shortly after leaving, David regrets abandoning them after hearing "Waterfalls" by TLC on the radio and returns to the carnival. Casey confides in Scotty about how she felt like she was actually part of a real family. Scotty tries to sexually harass Casey, but is thwarted by Sarah and Kenny.

David then arrives at the carnival, begging them to come back with him and offering each a full share of the profits. On their way to the RV, they encounter Edith and Melissa.

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In the ensuing conversation between the Millers and the Fitzgeralds, Kenny blurts out that they are smuggling cannabis. One-Eye appears and is about to shoot everyone, but Don comes out of his motor home and knocks him out cold.

David and Kenny then subdue him while he is distracted. Melissa and Kenny with a newfound confidence kiss, as do David and Sarah. David delivers the drugs to Gurdlinger, who tells him he is late and that their deal is off, but then admits that he had never intended to pay him at all. Give me your bag pack. I don't wanna fight. Oh, there's not gonna be a fight. See, you either give me your backpack, or I'm gonna stab you in the fucking neck, and take it. So it's a real Sophie's Choice here huh?

Alright, okay, back pack it is you want Are we still out tonight or what? I'll call the cops. Who the fuck is Pablo Chacon? Yo soy Pablo Chacon.

You don't get a lot of respect from the Mexicans when your name is Brad Gurglinger, right? Although you are forgetting one thing.

You don't have a fucking choice. So, now you gotta be an even bigger drug dealer? Drug smuggler, Kenny, there's a difference. Well, you know you probably gonna get searched at the border, I mean, no offence, but you look like a total drug dealer.

You could wear a disguise. Okay, thats what I thought you said. So, a disguise, so what I should dress like, I dont know, whats hot this halloween these days.

Maybe I could wear a mask like Bane, from Batman something like that on some of my fucking face. Hey, pardon me, sure hate to bug you fellows but I'm trying to get the fam off to the zoo and I'm all lost so if you could help. Yeah, fuck off real life Flanders. Thank you dick heads!

So, what has she said? The fuck do you think?

meet the millers cast scotty were

So it's like I guess a father and son bonding trip to Mexico. Are you kidding me?

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You and me traveling alone in a van, it's gonna look like pervert Olympics. No way, absolutely no, we need a girl, and unless you can think of someone that can leave town tommorow.

meet the millers cast scotty were

I know a girl. I don't get it. Whats in it for me. Well I'm thinking, maybe a roof over your head, some hot food, that'd be good right? And if we get caught, I'll say you drugged and kidnapped me. Yeah, it's cool, yeah, it's fine but that's it. Kenny meet your new sister. I always want a sister. Get it off me, get it off, get off. I want you to start having sex with the customers for money.

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Todd is the owner of the strip club Rose dances in] Rose: That's totally illegal, Todd! Come on, what are you gonna do? Besides, I gotta stay competitive with those fuckers who just opened up across the street. You mean the Apple Store?

Yeah, and they're killing us. Did you hear the good news? Now we get to fuck the costumers for money! Boner garage loves it. I'm outta here, I'm outta here, I quit. So Casey, I guess it's nice for you to get your hair cut. I mean you being homeless and all I guess. I'm not homeless fucktard, I have a home, but I left it because my parents Oh my god, shut up shut up shut up okay, please?

Alright, I don't need to hear your heart bloodbath story right now okay? I mean, I rented Precious on Netflix and I still don't watch the fucking thing. Actually here, you know what? Just to give me a little peace and quiet, go buy your self some new clothes, you know, the kind of stuff that loved children are wearing. Not this garbage alright? Thank you whoaa whoa whoa stop stop stop. You already look like total dipshit. And stay the fuck out the Hot Topic. David Clark, okay, what are we doing today?

Yeah, I say give me some that says; "I get up every morning at 5. Yeah, that's it, that's the one. Well you know, yeah, I got my hands full here. Couple of typical teenagers. Yeah, I'm going through all those typical teenage girls issues like finals, and college applications and who am I gonna get take to prom? Plus, why I haven't got my period in like two months which is really weird, because I've mostly just been doing anal. Alright, happy wife, happy life! Don't think that you could ever Whoa whoa whoa, family meeting, lets go, get in the back go.

I didn't mean to hit her. He hit me in the fucking face sir, David: Are you from Mars? No one wants to hear it. Are you kidding me with this shit! Relax, Dorothy, Jesus, we're not at the border yet, who cares what these people think. It's about not drawing attention to ourselves, you little hobo. Hey, don't talk to her like that! Rose, relax okay, the only thing you need to worry right now is making people believe you could actually be someone mother, okay.

I can do this shit in my sleep. That was a good one, that was beautiful, I wish my family was more like that. Because this goddamn Kenny kid got his fucking nuts bit by a giant-ass spider, that's why! Will you let me know if he develops any superpowers? Not much dog, what's up with you?

I'm here to pick up Casey.

meet the millers cast scotty were

You know what I'm sayin'? Well, I'm awake and I speak English, so yeah, I know what you're saying. Wait a second, hold on come here. I'd like to have a little chat with your friend Casey: I am not kidding you. Would you please have a seat? What is going on? I maintain the monkey maze, if you know what I'm saying. What the hell is a monkey maze? Oh, it's like terrifying death trap, but, for little kids. Hey, thats are some cool tats, man. Ah, for real, thanks bro.

You see the cobra? What is these one? Whats the one right there?