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meet the monster five finger death punch hq salon

12/5/ Good Guy With A Gun arrested in a shameless power grab by Graham from our Seneca NSPA chapter delivered the knock out punch against the forces of .. emotionally unhinged monster when the alternative facts make it perfectly . this property in Hollywood as 'Call the Midwife' meets 'The Walking Dead. Clay County Mississippi ever in your favor ladies and gents hair salon . ps3 cfw 4 21 password vault monster jam biloxi ms cocktailsessel 50er geburtstag . ross ethier georgia tech cars five finger death punch walk away guitar .. gran silencio chuntaro style hq salon engineering elastomers properties top But where death-defying stunts leave men visibly bruised and bloody, the women are oddly put-together. When women tear their clothing, it's that kind of.

GX ; thanks to the nature of Yubel's monster effect, each time Jaden destroys or forces Yubel to destroy her copy, it merely evolves into a stronger version of itself.

Eventually, Yubel becomes so powerful from Jaden's attempts to stop her, that the only way he could take her out is to intercept a Fusion Dance attempt of hers that would've resulted in The End of the World as We Know It and use it to scrub the duel prematurely by fusing his soul with Yubel's, having the monster in his head for all eternity.

It's not that bad; since Yubel was purged of the Light of Destruction when she and Judai got fused, and had all her Yandere urges satisfied, she calms down significantly and becomes friendly, if not a Deadpan Snarker. After a tense fight, Wiper manages to kill Eneru by using the Reject Dialat the cost of severe damage to his own body. Unfortunately for Wiper, Eneru's electric Devil Fruit immediately acts like a Magical Defibrillatorrestarting the tyrant's heart. Sorry Wiper, looks like killing him once just isn't enough.

Later on, Luffy faces Big Bad Magellan, who's coated in an armor of deadly poison. Luffy manages to get some hits in, but ultimately he isn't strong enough to keep Magellan down and succumbs to the poison. This desperate move only fails because two of Meruem's strongest minions sacrifice most of their power and body mass to restore him. Later, Gon utterly destroys Neferpitou, the second strongest Chimera Ant alive by forcefully aging himself to vastly increase his power.

Said powerboost comes at the cost of a shortened lifespan and the possibility that Gon will never be able to use nen again. In a more literal example, Gon's right arm is torn off by zombie!

Pitou when Gon lets his guard down thinking the battle was over after he crushed Pitou's head. Gon pins the monster down with his own ripped off arm and finishes it off with a final "rock" attack that apparently leaves Gon on the brink of death.

However this is subverted when it's revealed the deadliest part about the bomb implanted in Netero is the poison that will kill everything that comes in contact with the bomb or people poisoned by it. That kills Meruem for good. Chapter reveals that even after a Reality Warper saved his life, Gon still hasn't fully recovered.

He cannot see or use Nen anymore. Forms the backstory of Transformers Cybertron: This happens in a few instances, often to Zenkichi.

Zenkichi kicks Oudo off of a building! Later he does a Heroic Sacrifice to try and kill Kumagawa. It works, but Kumagawa's reality warper abilities just revive him anyway. Happens in Fairy Tail during the fight against Master Hades. Laxus realizes he can't defeat Hades, so he gives his magic power to Natsu.

With Laxus' magic power added to his own, he singlehandedly defeats Hades. He then falls down, completely out of power and too sore to move at all, and watches helplessly as Hades gets back up and activates his One-Winged Angel move.

This trope is in effect whenever Natsu manages to use Dragon Force: Activating it usually allows him to beat the tar out of the current Arc Villainbut due to the manner in which he has to activate it until the Tartaros arc and even then the aftereffects still happen eating extremely potent sources of magical energythis often leaves him completely and utterly exhausted afterwards and unable to really move.

This nearly got him killed in the battle against Mard Geer's One-Winged Angelbut luckily Gray was there to finish the job. Acnologia tore a hole through Igneel's torso before killing him with his Breath Weapon in return.

And all of this happened right in front of Natsu's eyes. Gray was forced to partially transform himself into a Demon using his newly acquired meaning he lacked experience Devil Slayer powers to tank Mard Geer's Memento Mori curse.

It worked, but about a year or so later he has lost control of the transformation. He becomes obsessed with destroying E. D, and doesn't care who he has to hurt or kill to do it.

Beauty Is Never Tarnished - TV Tropes

One of his new comrades in the Avatar Cult notes that the curse has stained his skin and his soul black. A number of characters in the Pretty Cure franchise are hit with this: Heartcatch Pretty Cure does this twice in the backstory. It's revealed that Kaoruko lost her powers as Cure Flower when she used so much energy from the Heartcatch Mirage to stop Dune, it shattered her Heart Perfume device.

Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3 has all the girls lose their transformation devices to Black Hole, force them to use the MacGuffin to repower them and defeat Black Hole, then lose their powers and companions. For all of a few minutes on-screen. Even as a disembodied head Dio mortally wounds Jonathan with a new attack. Jonathan only has enough strength left to ensure his wife Erina's safety and dies trying to take Dio down with him.

After several decades, Dio returns from the bottom of the sea in Part III after attaching himself to Jonathan's body and boasting a new power that makes his vampiric abilities seem like parlor tricks in comparison. It's up to Jonathan's great-great grandson Jotaro to put Dio down for good. Part VI reveals that even this didn't stop Dio's legacy.

The titular character gets in a fight with Kabuto. Naruto, being heavily outclassed, takes a pounding for most of the fight, with him only managing to land one hit on Kabuto, though it came in the form of the Rasengan.

The attack did a lot of damage, but Kabuto almost killed Naruto by severing some of his heart strings, which would have killed him if Tsunade hadn't saved him, and Kabuto managed to get back on his feet to help Orochimaru. Naruto did successfully get Kabuto to back off, snapped Tsunade out of her Heroic BSoDand won a bet she made with him stating that he couldn't master the Rasengan.

Villainous example in Naruto's fight with Pain.

meet the monster five finger death punch hq salon

Seeing Hinata hurt prompts Naruto to lose more control and draw on more the Kyuubi 's power than he ever has before, also losing control of himself to it. Pain attempts a stronger version of Shinra Tensei to stop him, but the possessed Naruto just breaks free while drawing even more power, and the Kyuubi nearly convinces him to break the seal and let him free.

The trope is only narrowly averted by vision of the Fourth Hokage that he set up in case of such an eventwhich allowed Naruto to regain control.

Guy breaks his leg kicking out Madara so hard that the latter's torso is blown open. His body also starts falling apart because he was using the Eighth Gate. Naruto saved him from guaranteed death, but his leg was so far beyond repair that he remains cripplied. Soul Eater has this as the backstory with Lord Shinigami 's battle with Asura. Lord Shinigami defeated Asura, skinned him alive and used his skin to make a bag to seal him in, and then anchored his soul into a firm location to suppress Asura's influence and keep him sealed.

As a consequence, this forced him into a heroic example of Orcus on His Throne since he could leave to deal with any other menaces that threatened the world, which hit especially bad in the present when Asura is released by Medusa and escapes outside of where Lord Shinigami can move.

The Final Battle against Asura plays this trope twice. First when Crona tries to devour his soul. She seemingly succeeds, but then later he just breaks and berates her for her ignorance. The protagonists try fighting Asura, but no shakes off everything they throw at him and in the end, after a reveal that Asura is in fact an embodiment of fear and can never die as long as fear exists hence why Lord Shinigami didn't kill himthe most that can be done is reducing him back to a Sealed Evil in a Canat the cost of Crona's life, whom Maka spent most of the series trying to save.

This occurs at the end of Kill la Kill. After defeating Ragyo, Senketsu beings to unravel as a result of overloading himself with so many life-fibers. Rushing to get Ryuko back to Earth, he burns up on re-entry whilst shielding her. The Safeguards in Blame! While Killy is carrying an even more eldritch weaponhe broke his arm shooting Cthulhubot.

Levi is left injured and sidelined after blocking an attack from the Female Titan to save Mikasa. He still manages to win the fight, as evidence of how deserving he is of his World's Strongest Man reputation.

Eren also tends to do this constantly whenever he fights other Titans, but it rarely slows him down for long since he has a Healing Factor.

However, doing so drained Shin Dragon's battery and blew off Shin Getter's arms. And then, the Negative Space Wedgie with teeth shows up Played with in My Hero Academia: When Izuku first uses his new quirk "One For All", he literally breaks his arm punching out a giant robot plus his legs after jumping in the air to punch out said robot since his body wasn't fully prepared for the attack's overwhelming power.

Eventually, his use of "One For All" leaves his hand permanently disfigured, with doctors believing that continued use would eventually leave him completely unable to use his arms. Ariel faces off against Potimas's most powerful anti- god weapon, which by all rights should kill her with ease.

She utilizes a Virtue Skill to destroy it at the cost of reducing her remaining lifespan to a year and losing the ability to fight. Before the beginning of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon MaidTohru lead a solo assault on the gods in order to end the war between humans and dragons and be free of her responsibilities to the Chaos Faction. It only ended with her getting mortally wounded, and in the position Kobayashi found her in.

In Sukasuka the main character eventually comes face to face with Shiantor the Lamenting First Beast. Unfortunately for the main character, it only needs to find another human host in order to revive itself, which just so happens to be poor Willem.

Comic Books The Mighty Thor Thor managed to slay the Midgard Serpent - a giant dragon among giant dragons - with a massive hammer blow to the head. He was already in constant pain and obliged to wear a full-body armor suit for support due to a curse by the goddess of deathbut the death blow reduced him to a pulped yet still living mass of flesh contained within said armor.

Navajo County Arizona

Given he was prophesied to die after killing the Midgard Serpent, as per Norse Mythology ; this is actually a plus. A more graphic example was when he hit an invulnerable Viking named Herald Jaekelson so hard it nearly tore his hands off. One example is when he tried to fight Exitar, the largest Celestial, in one of his older comics and shatters his Mjolnir into pieces trying to break into its skull. He gets betteras always. The only way for Dr. Strange to beat Shuma-Gorath on his home turf was to tap into the demon's power source.

Using Shuma's power started to make him become another Shuma-Gorath though and "killing" Shuma only sped up the process, so Strange had to commit suicide. Luckily someone else was able to save the Doctor, which was good a while later when we learn Shuma wasn't permanently dead. In Hellblazerthis is the only way the only kind of win John Constantine ever pulls off. To get rid of this issue's monsterchances are either someone he loves has to dieor his actions set up an even greater problem to be dealt with at a later date.

One Exiles arc features Galactus attacking earth, and for once he's actually at full strength rather than nearly dying from starvation.

Eventually team powerhouse Thunderbird manages to break Galactus' skin and insert a device specifically made by that earth's Reed Richards to hurt the creature. Thunderbird is left brain dead from the shockwave though he does manage to get Galactus to flee. Josie Beller attacked Unicron with all her power, paralyzing him long enough for Optimus Prime to destroy him with the Creation Matrix. Sadly, however, Beller was left catatonic as a result. Anathos stops her attack with one finger, and causes her arm to break in the process.

Even worst, he mentioned she is lucky he needed her alive at that point, because otherwise he would have let her kill herself punching him. Then immediately subverted when Jadina Out-Gambits him. And before this, Danael already suffered a case of The Virus against Anathos when coming up with a scheme to prevent him from reincarnating into Shimy, only to serve as the host instead of her.

The dying God of Evil inflicted the Omega Sanction on Batman trapping him in a cycle of death and rebirth into horrible lives and accelerated the universe's decay which his rebirth started out of spite. Occurs whenever Batman and Superman fight, if Superman doesn't outright win.

An almost literal example in Batman: Hushwhen trying to survive against a Brainwashed and Crazy Superman, even with his krypnoite ring, Batman could land a few punches on Superman before not being able to punch him anymore because impacts broke every bone in his hand.

Another occasion in A Death in the Family. The Joker has just killed Robin, and Superman is withholding information from Batman. Batman angrily punches Superman. Given the dark tone of the story, what happens next is actually pretty funny. Unfazed Feel better now? Clutching his fist I think I broke a couple of knuckles! No, they're just badly bruised. You're lucky I rolled with that punch. You could've crippled yourself.

They were amped up by Highfather to insane amounts and let's remember they could pull an entire galaxy's worth of planets without said power up. None of their punches even hurt Darkseid and barely even catches his attention. She died and her existence was erased from the memory collective of the universe Struggling to find a way to hurt him, Spidey tries ramming a tanker truck into him only to find it just made him angry. Ultimately Spider-Man manages to win the fight by tricking Juggernaut into a load of cement, but due to how Juggernaut's powers work he doesn't need to eat, drink, sleep, or even breatheJuggy eventually just dug his way out.

Keeping the latter part of the trope from being played straight, Spidey's confrontations with the Juggernaut after that were rare and handled much differently; in the most recent one, Spidey simply gave him what he wanted so he'd go away. Played for laughs in one Peanuts strip; after the Kite Eating tree grabs his kite, Charlie Brown gets angry and threatens to kick it in the stomach.

Then he does, only to find out the hard way that "these Kite Eating Trees have hard stomachs Mongul made the mistake of also trying to attack him. Neron promptly snaps his neck. Owen manages to destroy the godlike demon spawned from the Cauldron of Blood, who even the pantheon of gods had trouble dealing with, by destroying the Cauldron itself with Math's Sun Axe. He ends up dying in the resulting explosion, but is later resurrected by Arawn.

The Multiverse Exploration Team. They manage to permanently kill two Beyonders, a huge accomplishment given how powerful Beyonders are. But all of the team except Thor and Hyperion die in the process, with Thor losing an arm and Hyperion having his right eye gouged out.

meet the monster five finger death punch hq salon

And than the rest of the Beyonders come swarming out to finish them off. Thor and Hyperion realize that there's no way in hell they'll win or escape, so they settle for just charging into battle and trying to take out as many Beyonders as they can before they're killed.

During the Final Battle of the Generational Transitions Arc with StrifeThistle Whistle headbutts her with all her might to interrupt one of her attacks. Her blow is enough to stun Strife for a moment However, this attack was enough to earn Strife's respect and Strife still holds her in high regard to this day, even constructing a statue to her in her realm.

She succeeded in murdering the demi-god of Sharing Love Cupid While the nameless filly didn't care much for that, this trope comes in full force when Cupid's furious mother Venus descends from the spirit world and easily kills her in revenge before giving her a very harsh but well deserved punishment. On top of this, Cupid's Concept would eventually be resurrected by fusing his Shadow of Existence with a mare named Lovestruck.

In general truly killing off a Concept will always end in this, as they will take the thing they represent with them along with everyone who was alive because of it. Several years before the story proper, John Constantine gathered up his friends and allies, and managed to stop an evil cult from summoning an Eldritch Abomination ; at the cost of one of their number being driven insane, and several of them dying.

Women and girls are action and adventure heroes— just like men and boys are! They get into dangerous situations, face menacing villains, get captured, and even get into fights.

But where death-defying stunts leave men visibly bruised and bloody, the women are oddly put-together.

meet the monster five finger death punch hq salon

When women tear their clothing, it's that kind of Clothing Damage ; if their hair's unkempt it's artfully dishevelled. Cuts on the face are always perfectly placed to emphasize their cheekbones. Fierce hand-to-hand fights are cool, even sexy, but the broken noses and black eyes they cause are not.

Freddie vs Jason - Meet the monster - Five finger death punch

A heroine will almost never suffer a permanent injury such as the loss of a limb or eye, no matter how much punishment she goes through. Even when heroines die, they'll usually be privileged to suffer "beautiful" deaths IRL, corpses occasionally shit themselvesand this is statistically more likely in women than in men. The other version of this trope concerns a different form of beauty: Gross-out jokes and anything involving farts, burps, whatever are male territory.

This trope is generally more prevalent and noticeable in visual media, when you can actually see the women in question. It's also understandable from a practical point of view. Film and television scenes are rarely shot in chronological order, requiring the director to carefully keep track of which scenes are supposed to show which markings.

The easiest solution is to avoid the issue by not having any stains in the first place. The same thing goes for animation; hand-drawn shows have to keep adding it to every single frame and computer animated have to change a model or create a new one.

Preserving female characters' attractiveness at all costs is most likely responsible for the prevalence of the Cute Monster Girl and its various related tropes.

Male aliens, robots, and monsters can be as outlandish as the creator desires, but female aliens, robots, and monsters inevitably look just like regular attractive women with fangs, hornsantennaeor even just an unusual skin color. Expect the aforementioned female non-humans to be nowhere near as ugly as they're depicted as being.

This is also part of the reason that Men Are the Expendable Genderand that female characters who do die generally get much "gentler" deaths or don't die onscreen. After all, you can't show a woman getting set on fire, riddled with bullets, or having her head ripped off by the monster without ruining her good looks, and nobody wants that. This may not protect female antagonists from Gungeor, less commonly, female villains from the appropriate scarring.

For the clothing only, see Bullet-Proof Fashion Plate. If beauty is tarnished and then subsequently killed off, it's Death by Disfigurement. If she lives, it's almost always a ticket to the land of Body Horrorvia Beauty to Beast. Good Thing You Can Heal can be used as a Double Subversion of this trope - beauty gets tarnished, and then quickly restored.

Examples of the first action oriented kind: San cleaning the blood out of one of her "brother"s musket-shot wounds, or Nausicaa 's dress being stained with Ohm blood which is actually a key plot point. Sorta like their skin and clothes are made out of teflon. How else do you explain San's gear being clear of blood stains not much later, when even modern soap powder has difficulty getting it all out?

Air Gear mostly plays this straight, although there are a few exceptions. The biggest would probably have to be Benkeiwho hacks her own right leg off to get out of a trap. It doesn't grow back or get replaced.

Zig-zagged in the character of Balalaika. The parts of her face that aren't horribly scarred are beautiful. The parts that are scarred look like she's been deep fat fried, hence why some people call her "Fry-Face" but only to her back. When Revy and Roberta have their No-Holds-Barred Beatdown at the end of Roberta's first arc, they are bruised and bloodied, but suffer no permanent damage.

Zigzagged in Danganronpa 3. Played straight in the Future Arc. Out of the 4 people to get injected with Monokuma's poison, the men are shown having half their bodies turn purple and them crying blood in graphic detail. The sole female to get poisoned, however, has her head tucked away neatly so that we can't really see anything. In a unique subversion, this foreshadows that she isn't dead. Averted in the Despair Arc. When Chiaki finally goes out, we are treated to a scene of her getting shot, stabbed, beaten, and bruised before finally getting Impaled with Extreme Prejudice the same way Mukuro would be killed in Danganronpa and succumbing to her injuries in a pool of her own blood.

In GosickAvril is revealed to have been kidnapped and replaced by an impostor. Despite having been tied up underneath some floorboards for at least a few days, she looks clean and has no visible signs of injury when she's discovered.

What makes it even stranger is that a Flashback shows that she had to be physically overpowered by her captor after fighting back, which you think would have at least left a mark or two. In Hitohira Nono and Risaki start a brutal fight which leaves them both unconscious, but it apparently doesn't leave any bruises.

In Holylanddespite spending months on the street doing street fighting on concrete with no rules, the Beauty Equals Goodness protagonists never seem to break their noses, get scars or chip or lose visible teeth. Yuu is shown scratched and bruised and loses at least one molar, but nothing permanently changes his appearance.

Yet, with one exception, they received no disfiguring injuries. This is particularly jarring for Aiz, who has been Dungeon Crawling for 10 years and known as Lady of War! Ran and Meow never look unkempt or dirty at any point in the series, even though they very often find themselves with no food and out in heavy rain, walking through the countryside for days on end.

They also never suffer battle injuries: Played straight in the first season of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanohawhere Nanoha and Fate gets Clothing Damage at best while Chrono is shown with his face half covered in blood. Guardian of the Spirit receives some serious injuries during the series, but none of them leave visible scars.

We can assume she must have a nasty one on her stomach, but her clothes are rather modest and only show her arms and face, which remain untarnished. In My Hero Academiaboth students and heroes end up in dangerous situations against villains and disasters that leave them bloodied, heavily injured and often scared, however this only applies to the male characters.

Female characters are rarely, if at all, seriously injured and at worst rendered unconscious without serious external damage due to an enemies quirk. Nami from One Piece has flawless skin, despite being injured a lot though not to the extent of Luffy or Zoro. In fact, everyone but Zoro and Luffy doesn't retain any scars from their battles. It doesn't matter if she's having a Sick Episode or being attacked by Pokemon, her hair always bounces back without styling needed and her lipstick never smudges.

In fact the only time she's probably ever even shown without makeup was a XY Villain Episode. It's always the guys including those guys who get punched, kicked, rocked, shocked, burned, and subjected to all other kinds of cartoon violence. Poor them, considering the main good guys are pretty chivalrous letting the girls beat them to a pulp, and even get upset when a bad guy even dares go physical on girls. The only exceptions are Ranma's female self, his Magic Mirror female clone, the two devious yet stupid Chinese sisters who get beaten up by Shampoo, and Konatsu's butt-ugly step-mother and step-sisters well, technically they aren't "beauties".

Played straight initially with Flamenco Girl in Samurai Flamenco.

Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu

In some of her early fights, she does get hit from time to time, but nothing too drastic that would make her look bad. Played relatively straight in Sekireiwith tons of Clothing Damage and minor injuries that never scar. Haihane is notable as the only Sekirei with visible scarring, but this may be justified since it's suggested they have better-than-human healing and access to incredibly advanced medical technology.

Karasuba notes that MBI's treatments are so advanced, the near-fatal injuries she received from Miya's Roaring Rampage of Revenge left only a small scar. Tenjho Tenge tends to go both ways on this. In both the anime and the manga, women are engaged in battle just as much as, if not more than, men.

However, in the animated version, the effects of combat towards the girls tend to be limited to Clothing Damage or injuries which don't obscure beauty, like bruises away from the face or sprained limbs. The manga however, which is a great deal more violent, has many female characters face terrible and permanent disfigurement for their lifestyle choices such as crushed faces, severed limbs, eyes stabbed, and other wonderful things. However, the main female cast, like Maya and Aya, tend to not face such consequences.

Although, since they are legendary fighters, it could just be their skill. Maya is also nearly beaten to death by Kagiroi. In To Love-Ru normally if any accident occurs, the males will suffer Amusing Injuries while the girls just get Clothing Damage or other embarrassing things.

In Uzumakiprotagonist Kirie suffers burns that are serious enough to put her in hospital for some time, yet manage to mostly miss her face. Once she leaves the hospital, the ones on her legs are also fully healed without a trace of scarring.

The spin-off Generation X notably featured a team of three girls all extremely attractive and three boys — two of whom had powers that left them physically deformed.

Which didn't stop them being considered attractive by many readers, of course — but when the series' primary Mr. Fanservice has no lower jaw when he took his mask offwhile his girlfriend is a generic all-American blonde it smells a little like a double standard.

Seen in earlier X-Men teams, too, where the physical mutations seemed to pop up only in male characters— Beast and Nightcrawler are visibly abnormal, Angel has hard-to-hide wings, Wolverine had claws.

The only female X-Men character of that period who had a visible mutation was Polariswith easily-dyed green hair technically, Storm 's white hair and blue eyes are physical aspects of her mutation, but they only add to her exotic beauty.

Besides the fact that she's a clone of the famously unattractive Wolverine, she's been shot, stabbed, slashed, gutted, blown up, burned down to a skeleton, and had limbs hacked off entirely, and the only lasting mark on her body is the emblem associated with Captain Universe on the palm of her right hand.

Justified since she has a Healing Factorbut the sheer amount of physical abuse she sustains makes it pretty egregious. Jena Pyre gets knocked down with such a force that she has to be placed on Healing Vat because she broke some bones with the impact, yet the artwork doesn't depict her with a single bruise or scratch on her body - they wouldn't want to ruin that tender Ms.

Fanservice body, though unlike X, she doesn't even have a healing factor to justify this. Later on, she gets impaled with a sword by the Big Badbut astonishingly, there is absolutely no blood.

While Bruce Banner gets grotesquely muscular and rips his shirtdepending on the artist, his female counterpart merely gets two feet taller and turns green, or bulks up some, but nowhere near as much as Bruce. From Spider-Man comics, the Black Cat. Her nose has been broken three times and while she has frequently been beaten up with her costume reduced to shreds and noticeably wounded a few times, she rarely has any lasting damage, with no scars at all. Given her taste in costumethey'd likely show.

Despite all the thrashing the characters go through, Owen and Malloy never tarnish their good looks. Vanessa, the Dumb Blonde Idiot Heroine of the French comic Les Blondes regularly gets injured in various slapstick ways and is regularly seen recovering in the hospital while relating her latest mishap to her friends.

None of her accidents leave her with lasting scars that would mar her good looks. Played painfully straight in Wally Wood's Sally Forth — although Sally is ostensibly a soldier in a commando team, she's almost never seen as anything less than sexy, pristine, and completely naked.

In RunawaysNico 's powers are fueled by her being constantly wounded, and at one point, she willingly suffers torture at the hands of her evil ancestor in order to get a power boost, and yet with the exception of Avengers Arenain which her left hand and forearm are blown off, requiring her to replace it with a prosthetic, she's never been shown to have any permanent scars.

With that said some exceptions happen: After her ambulance is struck by a shell, she has to crawl out of the wreckage and shuffle through the underbrush in a tattered uniform: Although many other characters may suffer horrible injuries or mutations, Druuna herself never loses her stunning looks. In Morbus Gravis, a doctor wonders if she has some sort of genetic immunity to the viral plague.

In Clone, she starts off with the disease having negatively affected her appearance, such as losing all of her hair, but her mind is then uploaded into a healthy version of her old body.

Beauty Is Never Tarnished

Fan Fiction Male example: While earlier fics kept him pretty even through abuse, the That Guy with the Glasses Kink Meme has been averting this with a vengeance for The Nostalgia Critic lately. He's been mutilated, snuffed, cut up, had his eyes gouged out, beaten while gangraped, bitten clean through his tongue when he was beheaded in public Mary Jane Watson has been smashed into walls, zapped with electrical bolts, slashed by razor bats, burned with flame, and been punched square in the face, but she's never suffered any permanent scars or blemishes.

Her injuries tend to heal rather quickly by themselves once she gets some rest, although she still sometimes has to explain how she got hurt in the first place.

She typically claims that she was caught up in a supervillain attack, which is more plausible than you might think because of how many supervillains are causing mayhem in New York at any given time.

However, in the case of the second situation, he is left dirty and smelling like the Thames — the regeneration healed injuries and scars only. In the next season, she's said to have a lot of scars from her time as a Death Seeker. Despite going through torture, graphic violence and emotional trauma, Nala remains exceptionally beautiful throughout The Lion King Adventures.

Rarity pulls this off in Greenfirestill looking stunning despite having spent several hours digging for gemstones. Then again, given that Greenfire a.

Rarity again, in Star Maresmanages to be almost perfectly coiffed but for a few split ends despite having been chained up and wired into the Nightmare Moon's targeting computer for decades, with only a twice-yearly manestylist. Films - Animation Elsa has impeccable makeup despite spending most of the film surrounded by water and ice.

Even when crying, it doesn't smear.

meet the monster five finger death punch hq salon

Even when freezing to death from the inside out, Anna doesn't look too sick. Film — Live Action This page's image comes from Mr. If you go with the hypothesis that Jenny from Forrest Gump has AIDS, you'll be left wondering why you don't see her with sores and lesions from Kaposi's Sarcoma, hair graying and loss, and other nasty symptoms associated with that disease.

The same goes for his cancer-stricken mother. When Amy kills Desi, somehow she manages to be soaked in blood from the neck down. A gorefest with a pretty face, it plays this trope very straight. Nothing ever mars Princess Leia's beauty no matter what happens to her - captured, tortured, broken out in a shoddy rescue attempt let's be serious, it was rather unprofessional and to top it off, dumped in a garbage bin - she still looked great after it all.

And that was just the first movie. Of particular note was her hair. Almost all of her hairstyles would be difficult - if not impossible - for a hairstylist to even create, to say nothing of keeping them in place after all she goes through. Ironically, the most realistic one was the style she had in Return of the Jedi while Jabba's prisoner.

And in that case, the rest of the outfit was very unrealistic. You shot my HAIR! Padme is the same in the prequels, but at least in her case her clothing usually seems to have been made with combat in mind in such situations. In the climax of Revenge of the Sith, when Anakin, having embraced his Darth Vader persona by this time although not yet in the cybernetic suit and mask Force-chokes her in a mistakenly vengeful rage. Instead of breaking into undignified gagging as Admiral Motti did in A New Hope, Padme only gasps softly and then faints.

In The Force Awakensonly Rey remains unwounded while Finn and Kylo Ren both have serious injuries after the three of them duel with lightsabers. Poe was tortured by an interrogation droid that can be seen over Kylo Ren's shoulder in a few shots. We never see the droid in Rey's interrogation scene, so Rey probably wasn't tortured at all. But, that just further enforces this trope. It remains visible until the end of the film it's even on the posterand it looks deep enough to scar.

But all it does is contribute to her rugged, action hero image.

meet the monster five finger death punch hq salon

Particularly noticeable in movies from the s and so at least, those rare movies where women ventured out. Ajax, strong on dirt? Planet Terrorin which Rose McGowan gets her leg chopped off, to be replaced by an assault rifle with an under slung grenade launcher. However, one will notice that all of the major female characters survive the film, with the notable exception of Fergie's character. Very few dudes make it out alive. In Space JamLola Bunny is the only main cartoon character that never suffers any kind of injury, or, indeed, any kind of indignity.

Other characters mainly Bugs even deliberately take hits intended for her. This did not help her popularity of the perception that she was a Mary Sueespecially since Looney Tunes has allowed other female characters like Granny to fall under Slapstick Knows No Gender for years.

Used in Shaun of the Dead. No one, except for Shaun, get really bloody and dirty until the end. Even then, Liz is still better off than Shaun.

The male victims suffer agonisingly slow deaths with obvious and continuous physical damage i. The heroine's suspended over a Death Trap that will either kill her instantly or let her escape without a scratch. In The Bourne Ultimatuma Giant Mook punches Nicky in the face, knocking her unconscious without otherwise injuring her or marking her in any way.

The Final both plays straight and averts the trope. Two female bullies get chemicals smeared all over their face to destroy their good looks forever, and one gets two of her fingers cut off. However far more male bullies are tortured than females despite there being a well developed female bully who never gets tortured.

Also, Emily is shot in the head but this isn't shown. Serenitywhere the female crew gets banged up pretty badly, though mostly in areas away from their faces. Zoe's face remains untouched, but her back receives a horrible slash that will probably become a rather unattractive scar, even with Simon's medical skills.

Kaylee is incapacitated by a series of poison darts, leaving her skin and face untouched.