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the warriors meet lizzies costume

Thank you for your interest in The Warriors THE LIZZIES characters. The Costume Designer is now exclusively offering reproductions of her original costume. from the movie The Warriors, this is The Lizzies gang. The Baseball Furies, The Warriors Elijah's costume idea The Warriors Baseball Furies, Marvel Films .. the seedy, dangerous subways and city streets of the Every gang in the city meets. Information on the gangs from The Warriors movie including major and lesser- known The Lizzies are an all-female gang who seduce Vermin, Rembrandt and . at the big meeting and wear black and white striped outfits with matching hats.

Photos: Warriors, Furies, and Lizzies Gather Once More On Coney Island: Gothamist

Brian has also made appearances at some Warriors reunions and signings where he has posed for photos with fans. This causes some consternation with Ajax who wants to be the leader and squares up to fight him. Swan is a good leader who makes plans and contingencies for when things go wrong.

the warriors meet lizzies costume

He fights well against The Baseball Furies but gets a good beating by The Punks before retaliating and throwing one of them through one of the stall doors. On their return to Coney Island, Swan leads The Warriors out to face The Punks and despite bringing a knife to a gunfight he still ends up victorious.

Actor Biography Michael was raised on a farm along the banks of the Mississippi River. Finding England a rewarding training ground for his craft, he remained there, performing in various repertory companies and in several BBC productions. He has also narrated several John Grisham audiobooks.

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Vermin takes a lead when he gets separated from the rest of the gang with Rembrandt and Cochise before running into The Lizzies. Vermin is not only comic relief but a decent brawler though he does get thrown into a restroom mirror by one of The Punks.

Born in Poughkeepsie, he spent his youth playing football and then turned to acting. Where Are They Now? Terry has also made appearances at several Warriors reunions and autograph signing events and has also posed for photos with fans of the movie.

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It was Cyrus who called the conclave in New York where he wanted to share his plan about creating one large gang that could take over the city and outnumber the cops.

However, as he does this, Luther takes aim and shoots him in the chest with a gun causing him to fall backwards through the wooden stage he was standing on.

After the death of Cyrus, Masai takes over as the leader of The Riffs. Roger was not initially cast to play Cyrus, but filled in the role after the original actor failed to turn up on the night of the shoot. They are a gang with plenty of strength and stamina and are a very distinct gang due to their striking appearance and mute nature.

The video game gives the leader of the gang the name Cobb, presumably after baseball legend Ty Cobb. He wears a black outfit and has a double bat.

The Warriors Vs The Lizzies (1979) - Love is a Fire

The Lizzies take them back to their apartment where they tell The Warriors to relax and pick any girl that they want. They attempt to shoot The Warriors as they try to escape but are a lousy shot giving The Warriors enough time to break out of the apartment. Punks The Punks hang out in a subway station in Bowery, Manhattan dressed in brightly coloured outfits with dungarees. The leader of the gang wears roller-skates and is armed with a flick knife.

The Punks follow The Warriors into a bathroom where they fight. They are a solid gang with good fighting skills and manage to take out a few of The Warriors but are eventually beaten.

the warriors meet lizzies costume

Luther, and his right-hand man Cropsey, often phone their mentor to get updates on where The Warriors are in the city and on how the other gangs in the city are trying to stop them. According to the video game, Luther acquires his gun from a fight with the cops.

Photos: Warriors, Furies, and Lizzies Gather Once More On Coney Island

Gramercy Riffs The Gramercy Riffs are the biggest gang in the city and were led by Cyrus until he was shot by Luther at which point Masai takes over as the leader of the gang.

The Riffs have very good martial arts skills and exercise discipline which is evident when you see them lined up whilst Masai addresses them in their underground bunker in Gramercy, Manhattan. They also have their own van which can be seen in some production photos.

The Riffs turn up at Coney Island armed with hockey sticks to avenge the death of Cyrus. Boppers The Boppers, from Harlem in Manhattan, wear bright purple hats and waistcoats and can be seen bopping their way to the big meeting.

The leader also wears a jacket with black and white detailing. Electric Eliminators The Electric Eliminators stand out from the crowd in their bright electric yellow bomber jackets.

They can be seen marching through a subway tunnel on the way to the conclave and a few of them can be seen in the crowd. Logo based off design by NComics.

UK Conclave: The Write-up

Gladiators The Gladiators are seen paying for subway tokens and make their way through the turnstile in their outfit which simply consists of black vests and blue jeans.

Hi-Hats This gang from Soho, Manhattan look like a cross between mime artists and clowns. Wearing red and black outfits with black top hats and white painted faces, they can be seen in the subway and at the conclave in The Bronx. This gang wears an outfit with black and yellow stripes.