Tin pei ling meet the people session aljunied

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tin pei ling meet the people session aljunied

She had a rough introduction to politics, but MP Tin Pei Ling has turned Tong, who headed the Marine Parade GRC team she was placed in. . and the following week, she went to his Meet-the-People session to help out. Fax: Email: [email protected] Parade GRC GROs. Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC Adviser, Ms Tin Pei Ling Member of. Tin Pei Ling and her Meet-The-People Session. TPL. Do you ask yourself what will you be doing at about 2am in the Tuesday morning?.

New PAP candidates were introduced in heartland settings such as coffee shops and nursing homes, and most had been volunteering on the ground for months or years before their political debut. More significantly, the PAP made it clear which candidates were standing where. In the past, new faces were introduced with no confirmation until Nomination Day of where they would contest or which sitting MP they would replace. This change, said party leaders, was in response to residents wanting to know earlier who would be seeking their vote.

So I'm happy with it. The party's campaign has been designed to have "very few surprises", Dr Ng noted.

tin pei ling meet the people session aljunied

But it is keeping its cards close to its chest in one area. In past elections, new PAP candidates were all introduced by the time Parliament was dissolved. These are all constituencies which the Workers' Party WP is contesting. Rajaratnam School of International Studies. PAP MPs across the board have also put on a shield of political savviness.

Several declined to answer questions on what local issues their residents are concerned about. Making this public would only be giving information away to opposition parties who have not been as active on the ground, they said. At the national level, PAP leaders have repeatedly emphasised the message that this GE, coming in the year of Singapore's Golden Jubilee, is about securing the next 50 years by entrenching the fourth-generation of leadership.

To that end, top public servants like former defence chief Ng Chee Meng - the PAP's highest-ranking military catch to date - are entering politics now.

And compared withwhen the ruling party seemed to be caught back-footed by a wave of antagonism from the online space, it has adopted a welcoming posture this time around. She faced two opponents and easily won Marine Parade GRC got 64 per cent. Somehow, she had turned her image around.

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She must have felt vindicated. Ms Tin, now 33, assures me that she has moved on from that traumatic start. But it's clear some hurt lingers because several times during our lunch, she refers to that period, like when I ask if she is enjoying her second term.

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I think I can say that I draw energy from people around me. It just feels very good and makes it feel like this is worthwhile.

tin pei ling meet the people session aljunied

These are the very positive moments. Of course, definitely, compared with the first term Or when she says she is thankful that MacPherson residents have been supportive and "willing to see me differently".

And so for that I am grateful. She says she has said before how was the darkest period of her life.

Meet-the-People Session

So sometimes these pop songs help. What also helped was putting the criticisms in perspective. Even though she felt wronged and hurt, she realised that what she suffered was "really just loss of face issue, pride, reputation". I still have my family around me, whereas for other people whom I've met, they have real bread and butter issues, like losing a job and worries about how to feed the whole family.

tin pei ling meet the people session aljunied

She must have given some thought to this because she has a ready answer. I did not do anything wrong, nothing immoral, so I think I will probably find a way to talk to him. A blogger describes it as "the cheapest zhi char I've had in my life".

I get there early and the friendly owner, Ms Helen Ren, shows me her collection of plants. The restaurant is named after her son's hippopotamus soft toy. One of her husband's pencil drawings, of a plant, hangs on a wall, and he designed the shop sign too. I tell her I'm having lunch with the MP.

What does she like to eat? Ms Ren laughs and says in Mandarin: Ms Tin is, as Ms Ren says, very slim. What strikes you are her eyes, which are wide and bright and framed by well-groomed brows.

tin pei ling meet the people session aljunied

She speaks clearly and thoughtfully and is warm and friendly. A middle-aged man who has finished lunch stops by to say hello. I ask when he leaves. Party activist, she says. I wonder how older grassroots leaders take to her.

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Thankfully we are women, so can touch. Her easy bond with older residents could stem in part from how she's an only child who grew up in a household of adults. Her father owned a coffee shop in Ghim Moh with several shareholders. Her mother is a housewife.

Her paternal grandmother, who died at the age of last year, and an aunt lived with them in Queenstown.