Tmnt 2014 meet the turtles band

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tmnt 2014 meet the turtles band

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the marketting empire that followed. There was Ninja Turtle shampoo, Ninja Turtle Band-Aids, and Ninja Turtle Where's it from: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles () Meet Karai. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows () . of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles () theme song set to new music plays over the sequence. The newest iteration is Friday's “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” a live-action knock-offs, including “Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters” and Mark Freedman asked the artists if he could meet with them. A reboot, “TMNT,” hit screens in ; now, Michael Bay has produced a movie.

Eastman responded by drawing an image of four turtles together, each holding different weapons. The next day, they decided to write a story telling the origin of these characters. Eastman and Laird called their studio Mirage as a joke, because they had no actual studio.

They worked out of their living room. The comic quickly took off and was soon selling tens of thousands of copies.

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Its success led to a boom of imitators. Of all the left-field aspects involving mutated teenage turtles, perhaps the most left field is their names: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael. Are these guys into painting Italian altarpieces? When it came to naming their admittedly silly creations, Eastman and Laird first considered Asian names, because the Turtles are ninjas.

tmnt 2014 meet the turtles band

Both creators were big art-history fans, and one of them tossed out the idea of naming their heroes after famous Renaissance artists. Donatello after the Florentine sculptor was nearly called Bernini, in honor of the great architect and artist. MichaelangeloParamount Did Billy Crystal almost played a turtle? The actors would be dressed in turtle shells and have their arms and legs painted green.

tmnt 2014 meet the turtles band

Another treatment received at the time took the Turtles into R-rated territory and included a scene with partially nude nuns on roller skates fighting the heroes. Did the creators really sign their first licensing deal on a napkin? After the comic became a hit, Eastman and Laird were approached by various agents looking to license their creation. Vincent offers to introduce the turtles to the public, allowing them to lead normal lives, but the turtles opt to keep their existence a secret while still helping as they always have.

tmnt 2014 meet the turtles band

Cast[ edit ] Voice actors and motion-capture[ edit ] Pete Ploszek as Leonardo: The leader of the turtles who wields a pair of katana in battle. Jeremy Howard as Donatello: The intelligent brother known for his scientific and technological expertise who builds equipment and machinery for the turtles and who wields a bo-staff in battle.

Alan Ritchson as Raphael: The hot-headed brother who wields a pair of sai in battle. Noel Fisher as Michelangelo: The light-hearted brother known for his pranks and jokes and who wields a pair of nunchucks in battle. Badalamenti motion-capture and Tony Shalhoub voice as Splinter: The mentor and father-figure of the turtles. His motion-capture was previously performed by Danny Woodburn in the first film.

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Brad Garrett as Krang: A reporter for Channel 6 who had befriended the turtles in the previous filmwho now helps them fight the released Shredder and his allies.

Stephen Amell as Casey Jones: A corrections officer turned vigilante who wears a hockey-mask and wields a hockey stick as a weapon. He eventually meets and befriends the turtles and April. Will Arnett as Vern Fenwick: April's cameraman and friend who is revealed to have taken credit for the turtles actions in saving New York City. He again assists the turtles in stopping Shredder once again. Brian Tee as The Shredder: He was previously portrayed by Tohoru Masamune in the first film. Tyler Perry as Dr.

A mad scientist and former worker at Sacks Industries who allies with Shredder in the latter's aims to take over New York City. Brittany Ishibashi as Karai: Dean Winters appears as a bartender.

tmnt 2014 meet the turtles band

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio has a cameo appearance. Judith Hoagwho previously played April O'Neil in the original filmplays a cameo as Rita, April's boss, in a deleted scene. Jane Wu plays Jade, a police officer.

Development[ edit ] After the film exceeded box office expectations, Paramount and Nickelodeon officially announced a sequel was greenlit, and set to be released in theatres on June 3,[18] with plans to incorporate the characters Casey Jones and Bebop and Rocksteady.

Out of the Shadows. He stated the characters are "fundamentally different" from one another, but that Casey did resemble Oliver from older versions. Todd Freemanwho played the role in the film. Farelly and Williams recorded additional dialogue for the film in February The toys debuted at the Toy Fair in February. On February 17,Paramount released four character posters featuring the four turtles. The following day, Paramount released two more Bebop and Rocksteady posters and a new trailer from the film.

It had a limited opening on Friday, July 1 and opened wide the following day. It faced competition from local film Bounty Hunters which had the advantage of opening wide right from Friday.

tmnt 2014 meet the turtles band