East side kids meet bela lugosi funeral

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east side kids meet bela lugosi funeral

Spooks Run Wild is an American horror comedy film and the seventh film in the East Side Kids series, starring Bela Lugosi, Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, and Bobby. the east side kids meet bela lugosi) ( US) D: WILLIAM BEAUDINE W: KENNETH It turns out to be Nazi spies Bela Lugosi, Minerva Urecal and Frank Moran. If you have to watch a b/w Monogram Bela and East Side Kids flick, SPOOKS RUN burial alive and being torn apart by horses (all very tame, cheap CGI). This movie is also known as "The East Side Kids meet Bela Lugosi". They certainly do, even though Bela in this movie is a Nazi, living next door to a newlywed.

He also said that at one point he hid in a mass grave of corpses to escape death. After being wounded three times, he was discharged while apparently feigning concussion-caused insanity. According to biographer Robert Cremer, Lugosi was not only the finest party host among Hungarian members of the Hollywood community but also an inveterate practical joker.

When other expatriates such as Joe PasternakIlona MasseyMichael Curtiz and Willy Pogany were guests, he would hire comic actor Vince Barnett to play the role of a clumsy waiter spilling drinks and dropping plates of hors d'oeuvres, resulting in near misses for the guests to Lugosi's delight.

east side kids meet bela lugosi funeral

His wife and son had him buried in his cape from his role as the title character of Dracula He did not wear fangs when playing the title character in Dracula The same was true of Frank Langella in Dracula He has two roles in common with Christopher Lee: He has two roles in common with Lon Chaney Jr.

He appeared with Lon Chaney Jr. Bela Lugosi passed away on August 16,two months away from what would have been his 74th birthday on October Is referenced in The Kinks song "Celluloid Heroes", with the lines "Avoid stepping on Bela Lugosi, because he's liable to turn and bite. Contrary to popular belief, Lugosi only played Count Dracula in two films: Dracula and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein He played vampires in many other films, but none of them--besides the aforementioned two--were Count Dracula.

This cane is considered one of the only remaining props from the film.

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Privately, Bela Lugosi struggled with his dependency upon morphine, a drug he was given to deal with leg pain from his war injuries. However, tabloid reports erroneously purported him as a "drug addict", however there is a significant difference between being physically and clinically depend upon a drug, and being "addicted" to it.

The latter denotes the presence of a morbid mental want, which is absent in a medical dependency, which is a physiological need.

Because of his political involvement, his remaining in Hungary became hazardous, so he left Hungary. He went via Vienna to Berlin, where he continued his film career.

Before his success in the Tod Browning film, Lugosi had already portrayed "Dracula" on Broadway, starting in Actor Lon Chaney was originally chosen for the title role, but with his unexpected death, the search for a new Dracula started. Bela Lugosi campaigned hard for the part, and thus won the role that made him a silver-screen horror legend.

Because his parents were against his plans to become an actor, Bela Lugosi left his family at the tender age of After working in a mine, he would later join the theater, where he gained his first experience as an actor. Thus classically trained, he subsequently joined the film business, inand, early on, used the pseudonym Arisztid Olt.

At the end of the Sledge Hammer episode Sledge Hammer!: Blasko", Lugosi's birth name. Although he expressed interest in playing a romantic lead as he had in Hungary, Bela Lugosi only got to share a kiss once with a female co-star in a romantic scene, during his entire Hollywood career. That film was The Midnight Girl Became a proud and patriotic U. A for 45 years yet never sought American citizenship.

east side kids meet bela lugosi funeral

Long before Draculashots of Bela Lugosi's hypnotic eyes in extreme close-up were often used in his films, including Sklaven fremden WillensThe Silent Command and, later, more famously in White Zombie Wore a tuxedo in nearly every film he ever made, except for the ones where he played beasts or monsters, such as Island of Lost SoulsSon of Frankenstein and Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Bela Lugosi was a philatelist. As such, he would have been thrilled to know that he, himself, ended up gracing a stamp.

Bela Lugosi was photographed in miscellaneous evil, demon-like poses for the animators to draw the demon character based upon his modeling. The end result on-screen unmistakably shows typical Lugosi traits, expressions, and mannerisms in Chernabog.

Owned a large, framed, self-portrait painting he had commissioned of himself, in the 's. He is depicted as standing in a gray suit, one hand upon his hip, the other holding his coat and hat.

This painting hung in his home until the day he died. It is now owned by Metallica's lead guitarist, Kirk Hammetta hard-core horror movie fan and horror memorabilia collector.

White Zombie was a personal favorite of his films, for which he stepped in and did some of the directing, according to his son, Bela Lugosi Jr.

Though famous for his role as Dracula, even in his native country of Hungary the movie itself was surprisingly unknown there, along with most American pictures he had appeared in. Dracula was released in Hungary shortly after its American debut inbut many critics and viewers slammed it.

east side kids meet bela lugosi funeral

The movie fell into obscurity shortly afterwards, and very few American niche genre movies such as horror and monster films reached the country during most of the 20th century, mainly due to the strict Communist censorship. It was only through the advent of home video and the internet that most Hungarians finally saw the performances that had made Lugosi a star in the West.

To this day only a couple of his works have been dubbed into his own language, and the DVD releases have been out of print since the early s. Was President of the Hungarian Council for Democracy, to which many leading Americans of Hungarian descent were active. Studio hype claimed in the press that Bela's father was a Count, but he was actually a bank president. In spite of his cinematic association with the dark side and portraying miscellaneous evil-doing characters, Lugosi was a Catholic and, as such, was buried at the Holy Cross, a Catholic cemetery in Culver City, California.

His favorite food was stuffed cabbage, a popular Hungarian dish.

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His favorite sport to watch was soccer and his favorite one to play was golf. His favorite screen role was Dracula Legally changed his name to Bela Lugosi from Blasko.

east side kids meet bela lugosi funeral

He added an "i" to the end of the name of Lugos, the town he was born. In a form requesting biographical information for Cameo Pictures Corporation, next to the question "earliest childhood ambition", facetious Bela wrote "highway bandit". In answer to "present ambition", he wrote "dude ranch". In response to "favorite screen players", he wrote "none", then crossed that out and wrote "Mickey Mouse".

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His patience must have been tested when seeing the privacy invasive question requesting "highlights of your life", with three blank lines to fill out for 1 to 30 years, in 10 year increments.

To cut through the aggravating nosiness, Bela used a curly bracket through all three lines and cheekily wrote: In spite of wearing a tuxedo in nearly every film where he didn't portray a hairy beast, he said he preferred sportswear to formal, his favorite material was flannel, and he favored bright colors. Come into the Cafe and join in the conversation! Even the silliest films reflected an appreciation for classic vaudeville comedy with a duo comprised of a wisecracking straight man and a not-so-bright funny guy.

I don't think Leo Gorcey as Slip and Huntz Hall as Sach will ever be considered comic geniuses--but they could be pretty funny. Bobby Jordan, Gorcey, and Hall. In the early s, producer Sam Katzman signed the principal Boys to a contract with Monogram and billed them as the East Side Kids in a series of films. These pictures initially included dramatic elements, but gradually transitioned to straight comedies.

By then, Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall had emerged as the stars--and, inthey revamped the series as the Bowery Boys.

east side kids meet bela lugosi funeral

The somewhat jarring opening scene shows the gang in handcuffs. Yet, instead of being shipped off to a reform school, these "underprivileged youths" are sent to a two-week camp in the rural community of Hillside. It's a tense time in the small town, for a "monster killer"--who has committed "three inhuman murders"--is on the loose. A publicity still with Lugosi, Angelo Rossitto, and the guys.