Guilty gear ost meet again someday

♫ WE WILL MEET AGAIN (INSTRUMENTAL) скачать на телефон, слушать онлайн все песни.

guilty gear ost meet again someday

I just hope someday that we will meet again Gear XX Sound Alive · Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean Version Original Sound Track · Guilty Gear Isuka Original. Songs about two people: videos. I shot him down and I say: If I am guilty I will pay. “we'll meet again someday on the avenue,” Tangled up. Guilty Gear X subtitled By Your Side in Japan, is a fighting game developed by Arc System Works and published by Sammy Studios. The second installment of.

I'm not going to budge until I see That Man. Fine, don't move then! I-No Ending 1 Anji: The Japanese certainly are an interesting race.

To wield a Jinki and defeat I-No. You could call me that. There's something I've been wanting to ask you. I've met a lot of gears If we strengthen the ecosystem that supports this there's no problem. Energy problems can be solved with magic. If the Earth is filled up we can go to space.

Thinking like that is coherent Why did things turn out like that? In a tangible sense? If you feel like you can raise blades against God and the earth, come with me. Used towards older men as a sign of respect. How about calling me bro? You're older than me, right? Anybody older than me other than Johnny I call "ojisan". I can't let that go.

At least decide after you see my dance. Certainly an ojisan-like hobby Well, ojisan, what's Japanese? Johnny won't tell me even if I ask. Japan is an island country that disappeared in the Holy War. Then why is Johnny keeping it a secret Those Japanese who live on Tell somebody and the police would come flying.

Well, you can check up on the rest. You, suspect over there, please stop! Since when am I a suspect? Well, I understand your surprise, but please put aside your weapon. I really AM a suspect What's with the stupid polite language? You want me to teach you more Japanese? Sorry, but right now I'm I will take you into custody. I'll return you to your senses!! Chipp Path 2 Anji: So I'm not just a suspect Hey Anji-kun, what's the matter?

Robo Ky Ending 2 Anji: So you can still move! She isn't really Anji's sister. Well, that was dangerous. This was a fake. It seems the Shuusen Kanrikyoku Certainly an elaborate setup. But, you think this charade will fool the likes of me? Ky Ending 3 Anji: I got it, I got it.

You're the real one. You caught me unprepared when we first met. Just because I wanted to catch up to you and talk to you? I owe you one. Well, what did you want to talk about? You realize it, right? There's an organization after the Japanese. I know very well they're chasing me. From what I've gathered they call themselves the "Shuusen Kanrikyoku".

Perhaps, maybe, the War isn't over yet I'll check up on things, so for now, don't overdo it. It's got a bad ring to it. The possibility is low, but it could be that the subject has knowledge of important events from both the future and the past.

In his self-taught fighting, he has been able to control fire magic. He possesses great physical skill, and has even appeared as a competitor of the Second Holy Order's Fighting Tournament. In order to protect our secrets, it is necessary to acquire the subject rapidly and sample what he knows. Looks like something good's going to happen today! Oh, a nice girl Are you trying to pick me up? That wonderful hair and provocative body I want to talk to you slowly Well, how about it?

You want to come along? I've got a prior commitment. Well, who is it? You know a man called "Sol"? Hey, you know him? If you see him tell him, okay? That I-No's looking for him. Well, see, I just met someone you know. She was looking for you. A wild woman with red clothes and hat Before I tell you Somebody the chief knew Oh, when you say "that man", you mean "That Man"?

You sure are fast. If you keep pursuing weird things chief Sol's going to burn you Oh, well that's already been decided. Anyway, have you gotten better with your sickles? If you want to see I'll show you! So it's you, who's chasing him. I've got my reasons Sorry, but he's my quarry. Wait wait, that's a problem. You an ally of his? Then I won't give you any mercy. Well geez, it's not like I'm his ally Then in that case go away before I can count off three.

How come even you came here? Just looking for somebody. Have you perhaps seen a red-clothed musician? I did, I did I won't say anything bad, so forget about her and go home.

I can't do th I'll have to take compensation from you. I don't know what's going on but everybody's too serious! That's an interesting assessment. If you go past here, you'll see things even more pitiful than me. Fate which has surpassed humans. I don't know about fate, but it always gives you a promise, right?

That time passes, and words die. That might be true I'm going to return to Megumi. That's what I've decided. Testament Path 1 Axl: Messing up my carefully laid plans What do you mean? I'll take your head I-No Ending 1 Axl: It seems my servant has been a problem You wanted something from me?

Ah, me, I'm a Time Slip subject. I want to do something about it. You're like that too, right? No, I'm just somebody who lives a long time. I can't surpass space-time.

guilty gear ost meet again someday

I asked a doctor. He said that a "parallel existence" to me was the cause Ah, in that case I think I know Geez, something feels like I'm flying When parallel existences come together, forces gather.

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In this space, there are two of "you". Because of that, one of you cannot be at a fixed point. And one cannot disappear. Wwwwhy, is it like that? Oh, if you ask the cause, it was your fault. I certainly got held up I'm looking for a doctor named Faust What do you want with him? I'll curse you forever! Ah, so this is pitiful Such a weak-looking face I wonder how he got to this point I wonder what she's doing now Are there no good women in this age?

Oh, there she is! What are you blabbering about?

guilty gear ost meet again someday

Geez, she's looking at me so badly now What are you doing here? Nothing in particular, really. The woman in red who you're chasing. How did you know? How did you know I'm chasing I-No? But, I heard you saying it earlier Hey, I said that before too.

I've got a bad feeling Why is it like this? Chief Sol's power is great Yeah, just a little from the future. And what do you want from me, me? Can't stay here long, but I wanted to see you. Ending 3 Axl 2: So, what did you want to talk about? There's a lot of things happening I'm not getting down. No use hiding it. I remember it, you know. Kind of hard though If you don't give up, it'll turn out happy.

It's me saying it so no mistake about it. Hey, will I meet Megumi again? I can't tell you much specific Well, I'm going now. Glad I met you, me. Okay, I'll give it my best shot! Japanese This subject is an excaped Japanese. Having lost her parents at a young age during the Holy War, she is still traumatized. The cause for her actions is simple, and can be summed up as an intense desire for revenge.

She continues to hunt the one who created Gears even now. With the use of surprise weapons and a traditional Japanese sword she has much battle prowess, and is about on a level of military danger. But her actions are simple so she is easily controlled, and if by chance she should bring out the Gear Maker that fits with our plans. Because of this, we assign her a Risk Rating of C. You won't get away A journey of revenge under the sky?

You, what are you. Oh, you don't seem very young. If you keep babbling I'll cut you down! He simply let her go. Not having claimed the bounty, it was Jam Kuradoberi, a Chinese waitress who could wield the awesome Ki force, who banked the check. As for Dizzy, she was taken in by Johnny, captain of the infamous Jellyfish Pirates, as part of his crew of air pirates.

Everything seemed to be in its' place once again Now two forces are set in motion, each fighting for their own purposes. And it seems that the fighters of the past tournaments were now mere pawns in the eternal struggle for control of the world.

Their bio and dialogue is fully detailed in their respective section, although most of it is already revealed in their prologues in Story Mode. However, I'll do my best to make the whole background seem a lot more comprehensible. A carefree and spirited man, Anji found his vocation in dancing, performing traditional Japanese dances constantly. However, his graceful dance also proves to be quite lethal, as he uses his Zessen fans to overwhelm his opponents with hypnotizing moves.

Tired of living within the walls of the colony, Anji decides to escape, therefore turning him into a fugitive of the law. He only seeks to find the man who created the Gears, but his intentions are not that of revenge for what he did to his country; being a curious man as he is, Anji seeks some explanations about the Gears.

As it turns out to be, Anji seems to have some sort of adoring crush on Baiken. Just be glad I didn't completely finish you. First name's Anji, last name's Mito. They sometimes call me "Kakukaku". What's with that weapon?

What a cherry picker! You think you know me pretty well, don't you? In that case, do you have any idea what I'm about to do to you?

I admire your perseverance, but you're wasting your beauty. You ought to have more fun in life. My dance will quiet your soul. Now, go up to heaven Beauty and fortune rarely go hand-in-hand.

Don't think about it too hard, OK? Surely you can do better than this? I barely had to move a finger! Do you realize just how dangerous you are? I saw up your skirt! Now I guess we have to get married, huh? They say soft methods often get the better of brute force. Perhaps, but not this time Are you using that as a weapon? And to think, I thought I'd seen everything. Guess I was wrong. Fights are to be taken seriously! That's what you get for fooling around!

Not bad for a warm-up, but you'll never compete with the big-name performers at that level. I wouldn't want to soil a gentleman's handkerchief with blood, you know? Go on home and sip some tea or something. Why am I shirtless? Well, it helps me concentrate on dodging attacks. But when I get hit, it really hurts!

I was curious about you I can't believe mature adults are chasing after you. Oh great power of dance! Purify the heavens with your divine wind and send this demon to its' doom! I'm well-versed in Japanese music, but I'm afraid I'm not very up to speed of that 'sound' of yours.

Fighting is all about blood, sweat, and tears. That's what decides battles! A human without a soul, eh? Either way, I hope you make it to heaven soon. I never thought fighting someone your age would be so rewarding. For every man, there comes a time where he absolutely cannot lose.

That was no fluke just now! Bureau Report Name: A man of pure Japanese descent, his dance-like moves are like poetry in motion. Although his motives are unclear, it is believed he is searching out the Gears and their creator - not out of spite, but out of sheer curiousity. Regardless of his intentions, the danger of leaving a Japanese man unattended is profound. As such, he is to be viewed as a major threat. A "Gaze upon my peerless dance!

Use special and Overdrive moves to hurt him. Anji Mito, I presume. I wish to ask you something. What do you want with me? As a Japanese, you are currently wanted by the authorities. Heh, so that's it, huh? Well, if you think I'm going to surrender quietly, I've got news for you! That's not what I meant! Well, 'fraid I gotta be going.

I can't let myself get arrested now. I have too many things I need to ask that man. Hey, what's that heavy-looking thing on your shoulder? I guess he can't hear me. If you're here, that must mean I've figured out where that man is.

Would it be alright for me to accompany you? Sorry, but I'm not in the habit of walking hand-in-hand with another guy. I'll tell you where he is And then we'll see who gets there first. I heard it was this way, but Where do you think you're going? Long time no see. I think I'm chasing the same guy you are.

I don't want any interference. I'm afraid I can't promise that. I won't go so far as to take your life, but Get out of my sight! You shall not pass. What lies beyond here is not something a mortal should see. You shouldn't discriminate against people based on how long they live. I look at what I want to see. That's the secret to a long life. Man, is that all you people can say? I'm just going there to have a chat.

There's a secret there, buried in the darkness. I'll tell you what I think about 'secrets'. It's best to bring them out into the sun and let everyone see them. Then no one needs to fight over them anymore, right? If you don't let me through, you'll get to see my pretty moves, too!

You will not pass! My name is Anji. Could I perhaps have a short visit with that man? What's a clueless Japanese like you doing, trying to look smart? You perverted exhibitionist, if you bug me, I'll squash you. I'm very sorry to have intruded I'm not moving an inch until I get to meet that man!

Alright, just stay right there! Even the great Anji got a little scared with that one. The Japanese race never ceases to fascinate me. You come wielding a Sacred Weapon, you defeat even I-No Are you the one? The man who made the Gears? You could say that. I've been wanting to ask you for a loooong time Are they really meant to be weapons? That's not a question I expected to hear.

I've met a variety of Gears, and aside from the fact that they've got some pretty odd personalities I'd say the fact that you can live longer if you become a Gear is great news. And if you strengthen the ecology using Gear technology, that certainly wouldn't hurt.

The energy problem has already been solved thanks to magic If the Earth gets full, we can just move to space. If you look at it that way, this whole thing makes sense Why did it wind up like this?! Could you be more specific?

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If you're prepared to defy both heaven and earth, then come with me. Ah, there he is. I'm too young to be called that, don't you think? You're older than me, right? Except for Johnny, any guys older than me are just 'pops'. I can't just accept that. At least check out my dance before you make up your mind. If that doesn't scream 'pops', I don't know what does!

I asked Johnny, but he wouldn't tell me. I guess it's okay to tell you. Japan is the name of an island nation that was destroyed during the Crusades.

Then why did Johnny keep it a secret from me all this time? Because of the Japanese survivors. They're so scarce that they were all put into protective custody.

I managed to escape. If you blab about it carelessly, the police will come running. So that's how it is I'll let you find out the rest for yourself. Are you talking to me? When did that happen? Ah, well, I certainly understand your surprise and all But I'm going to have to ask you to lay down your weapon. If you surrender now, I'll be merciful. So I really am a wanted man. What in the world is going on?

Might I have your attention for a brief moment? Heh, what's with the super-politeness? You want me to teach you more Japanese or something? Sorry, right now I'm a little Ah, so that's it, huh? Don't worry, I'll return you to your old self right now! Looks like there's more than just a simple warrant for my arrest. Still, if they can get to someone as skilled as Chipp, I'd better keep alert.

Alert or not, anyone could see there's something wrong with you! So you too have been brainwashed Or should I say 'modified'? So someone's after me. Who in the world is it, though? Gah, give it up already! Baiken's in danger as well! Hold on, I'm on my way! This is a fake. It would appear that the Postwar Administration Bureau is behind this You certainly put a lot of effort into that. But it'll take more than a show like that to fool the great Anji into trusting you!

I believe it's the real you now. You caught me off-guard the first time we met. But I followed you anyway just so I could talk to you, and this is what I get? I owe you one. So, what is it you wanted to talk about? As you can see, there is an organization targeting the Japanese.

guilty gear ost meet again someday

I'd say I'm well-aware I've been targeted by someone, yes. My investigation has revealed that they call themselves the Postwar Administration Bureau. What are they administrating? The war ended ages ago! I do not know. Perhaps the battle is not yet over. I'll continue my Investigation, so for now, lay low and be careful. The Postwar Administration Bureau I don't like the sound of that.

Back in his time, Axl was known to settle differences between gangs in his native London, in the slums where he used to grow up. With his incredible physical prowess and ability with a chain-and-sickle, Axl managed to bring peace to his hometown for many years, until he suddenly found himself being swirled into time, and thrusted into the future. Axl is constantly travelling through time eras, and despite his goofy attitude and kickback view of life, he knows much lore about past events due to his many trips.

But even though he has met many new friends, what Axl wants more than anything is to go back to his time era, and reunite with his girlfriend, Megumi even though Axl likes to flirt with other women, as welland to this end, he sets forth to find a certain man who is said to also have seen many ages, like he has. Well, what do you think? I've gotten much better, haven't I? Hey, don't take it so hard. Think of it as volunteer work. Now, would you let me pass? Man, you've got it all wrong!

You forgot my number-one selling point: With those dancing skills of yours, you could really go places. Just don't end up in the wrong place There's nothing wrong with Chinese dresses, but kimonos Y'know, people should really try to be more responsible with their life goals. Guess it's too late for you, though. And to think I used to prefer blondes You may be faster, but my reach is longer. I guess size really does matter after all! Geez, I almost had a heart attack.

Don't get up anymore, okay? I have to know Why are today's women all so powerful? Offhand, I say your genetic makeup is a little different from mine.

I'd love to see your family tree. You can see things people aren't supposed to see, can you? Faster than a speeding bullet! Too bad you're no good when it comes time for action. You'll never beat me when it comes to playing around!

Let me show you how to use that thing. Hey, a proper escort protects his lady. So, why don't you go ahead and introduce me to your wife there? I went a little overboard there, huh? I was just looking to have a chat with a cute girl, but somehow I wound up all burned up What a horrible sight. If I lost to something like that, I'd be in tears I know I've seen that ches -er, face! And those beautiful thighs You were coming at me from all sides! My reach wasn't much help there.

So you're an android, eh? How'd something like you end up in this day and age? You were pretty cool back in the day, man. How's it feel to be bested by a 'mere' man? Although this claim is unsubstantiated, he is confirmed to carry certain vital information on past events.

His skill with fire helped him earn a spot in the second Sacred Knights tournament. Considering his high physical strength and the danger his unfettered knowledge presents, he should be handled with extreme caution. Johnny EX Axl L. Testament path 3 continues no continues Zappa I-No path 2 path 1 - If you perform the Instant Kill Midare Gami on Sol, you'll end up fighting him two more times afterwards.

The second time you face him, you must once again defeat him with the Midare Gami in order to advance, or you'll be thrown into a loop. You must use special and Overdrive moves in order to cause them any damage. Whoa, what a babe That's some pretty hair! Are you trying to hit on me? That elegant black hair! I'd like to take some time to get to know you better.

I'll teach you all there is to know. Well, what did you think? Will you go out with me now? Sorry, you've still got plenty to learn. Besides, I've already got someone. And who would that be?

You ever heard of a man named Sol? Oh, so that's it. You're friends with him? No wonder you're so strong If you run into him, tell him I-No's looking for him. I guess there just aren't any calm, gentle women around these days. I happened to run into an acquaintance of yours just now. She seemed to be looking for you. A woman in red Not half bad, either.

Where did she go? How 'bout a quick match first? So she's a friend of Sol's Considering her attitude, I bet she's involved with 'that man' as well. By 'that man', do you mean Where the heck did you come from?

If you go getting involved as well You'll get fried to a crisp by Sol! Bah, I'm not worried about him. But enough about that. Have you gotten any better with that chain and sickle of yours? You really want to know? Here, let me show you! The one who's chasing him I've got my reasons. Sorry, but I'm afraid he's MY prey. What do you mean 'prey'? What are you going to do with him? Whoa, whoa, wait just a second. I can't let you do that. Oh, so now you're on his side? In that case, I'll spare you no mercy either.

It's not that I'm on his side In that case, you'd better disappear before I count to three. I think this is far enough. Man, this is just not my day. What are you doing here? I'm just lookin' around for a certain someone. Did you happen to come across a female musician in red clothes? Oh yeah, I saw her! She's quite the babe I'll be straight with you. Forget about all this and go home. I can't really do that I was afraid you'd say that. I'll make up for this sometime.

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I don't know how dangerous this guy really is, but everyone is giving me way too hard of a time! That's an interesting point of view. If you continue down the path you now travel You'll run into something far more abominable than myself.

It's not the kind of fate a mere mortal can handle. I don't know anything about fate. But everyone makes a promise at least once in their lives. Time passes, and words lose their meaning. That may be the way things really are, but With an attitude like that, you'll never be popular with the ladies. I'll make it back to Megumi. That's the promise I made. Wonder what he meant. Looks like we meet again. We must be bound by invisible threads of fate You ruined the perfect trap I'd laid.

But I won't let you get away without paying for it! Looks like my subordinate has been causing you some trouble. I hear you want to speak with me?