Meet celebrity dog trainer bash dibra

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meet celebrity dog trainer bash dibra

Celebrity Pet trainer and long-time friend of Talkin' Pets, Bash Dibra will join Jon and Talkin' Pets live from Hotel Penn for the st Westminster Kennel Club. You will meet other pet owners, veterinarians and pet store owners from the five COSTUME and A LOOK-A-LIKE Contest with celebrity judges and prizes. with renowned pet trainer, Bash Dibra, author of DogSpeak and CatSpeak. Billie Snook, Fieldston Pets and Bash Dibra like this. Sun PM EDT · Meet at Canine Court, Van Cortlandt Park, enter st. and Broadway DogSpeak, Dog Training Classes and Agility Classes at Canine Court, Parade .. #adoption #dogs #dogsofinstagram #celebrities #StarPet #dogoftheday #fundraising.

And that's just Bash and Mike! In fact, there were just 4 dogs!

meet celebrity dog trainer bash dibra

But the powers-that-be at QVC-TV were so gracious, that the dogs were, literally, given complete run of the place! Indeed, the canines were given carte-blanche from catered food in the green room to actually dining in the company cafeteria! Everyone from the head honchos to the hairdressers were extremely dog-friendly and gracious So, just who were these 4 lucky dogs and just why did QVC roll over belly-up like a submissive puppy for them?

Who, by the way, ALSO sold out her line of jewelry!

New Member Alert: Meet Celebrity Dog Trainer Bash Dibra!

Joan's three dogs include, of course, the usual suspects and TV stars, the inimitable Yorkshire Terriers, Spike and Veronica, whom we all know from their TV appearances with Joan; and the third dog who shall remain nameless, as he is not in show business, and does not want his private life made public! Actually, the buzz around the studio was that Spike, aware of his celebrity status as Joan's 1 dog, caught an attitude with Joan's new Terrier and is more than a little jealous!

Looks like Bash may have to make a housecall!

meet celebrity dog trainer bash dibra

Bash's sidekick, Mike the Dog, on the other hand, is about as laid back as they come! Indeed, he lived a hard life as a stray on the streets for the first 3 or 4 years of his life, finally being rescued as he "vegged out" on an abandoned sofa in a rough neighborhood! In fact, Mike believes if you're tough enough to survive sleeping nights on an abandoned sofa in a tough neighborhood, you're certainly tough enough to fight Hollywood's infamous "casting couch"!!!

Mike's a real success story, on and off the screen! Indeed, Mike's incredible professionalism belies just how much of a success story he is!

When he was rescued by Judy Jensen herself an actress, having logged several seasons with the legendary "Patty Duke Show" and, more recently several spots on commercials and soap operas he was deemed untrainable by the countless trainers and animal behaviorists Miss Jensen hired.

It was only Bash, who, not only had faith in Mike, but could see the diamond in the rough.

To Bash, no dog is untrainable, and some, like Mike here, even shoot to stardom! Over 15 million pets are abandoned each year in the United States because, like Mike, they are "hard to handle" or deemed "untrainable".

meet celebrity dog trainer bash dibra

Bash's mission is to help people and pets understand one another and strengthen that bond. Buffon, whom King Louis XV appointed to his court as "Naturalist Laureate" to officially report to the French people on animal behavior, wrote: More docile than man, the dog adapts himself to the gestures, the manner of all the habits of those who give him orders.

He takes on the tone of the house where he lives.

meet celebrity dog trainer bash dibra

The pleasure of attaching himself to a man and the desire to please; he lays his courage, his strength, his talents at his master's feet. He counsels and questions: The dog has all the warmth of feeling, and, even more than man, the dog has fidelity and constancy. In the forefront of the pet-facilitated therapy movement, Bash has been instrumental with his New York Council on Pet Therapy in framing groundbreaking laws to allow therapy and service dogs in nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, schools and prisons.

meet celebrity dog trainer bash dibra

But despite the front-line battles he's fought, and the honors he's received, Bash hasn't forgotten the playful puppy that exists in all pets and their people: This ancient, symbiotic relationship allowed the two species to survive, and, for man, at least, to flourish: The dog has served us as watch dog, sled dog, war dog, rescue dog, medical and space exploration, education, therapy dog and service dog.

But now, as we enter the new millennium, Bash is painfully aware that the covenant has been broken, and he is calling on all of us to help repair the Canine Covenant: Dogs are abandoned because they are 'unruly' dogs, 'problem' dogs. Only the "best' dogs have a chance at adoption.

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A dog who is understood, well-trained and well-behaved will remain with a home his entire life and never be abandoned.

If people are thinking of getting a dog, they should visit their local shelter and adopt one. No dog is untrainable, and all dogs deserve a good and loving home. Save Animals in Veterinary Emergencyand hopes you will, too: