Relationship between poverty and deforestation

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relationship between poverty and deforestation

Deforestation and poverty are closely linked, negatively affecting communities who depend on the forests for their livelihoods. a sales tax increase is driven by increasing poverty in rural areas. Noticeably The link between deforestation and economic policy in developing countries. raphy), there is not a strong correlation between local poverty and deforestation rates. But defor- estation is closely associated with proximity to roads (Gorenflo.

Major companies say that such approaches can be combined to produce more food without further forest encroachment.

Poverty, Population Growth, and Deforestation… it’s not always what it seems.

That development can be achieved at the same time as reducing forest loss is not in doubt. Take the case of Costa Rica.

Wrong policies of Government and poverty responsible for illegal deforestation in Chinab valley.

During the mid s the country was engaged in mass deforestation but then took the historic step of seeing its forests as worth more intact than when converted to cattle pasture. By seeing other values, including for water which powers hydroelectric dams and for tourism, the country invested in forest conservation and restoration while at the same time achieving economic growth.

The link between deforestation and poverty

The result 30 years later was a doubling in forest cover while at the same time also doubling GDP. More recently, Brazil, the country with more tropical rainforest than any other, broke the historic link between high forest loss and growing agricultural output.

There are about 20m hectares of degraded land in Brazil so the potential exists for producing still more food with zero forest loss, if only the emphasis is on improving soils rather than cutting trees.

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  • Population Growth and Deforestation: A Critical and Complex Relationship
  • The link between deforestation and poverty

A range of policy tools could move food producers in that direction, so can international supply chains that demand zero deforestation. And then we should remember that the promise of development from deforestation has often not materialised, including in Liberia where Sime is seeking to expand its palm oil operations.

Reports from groups working in that country say that plantations carved over recent years into natural forests have caused more conflict and destitution than prosperity. The fork in the road for the forests is based on a clear choice: Read more stories like this: This pattern is also occurring in parts of Europe and some countries in the former Soviet Union.

In a few large Asian countries, aggressive forest policy in the recent past has more than offset losses of forest cover from agricultural expansion and development. In spite of significant human population increases during the s, India addedhectares net through tree plantation programs.

The general principle from the experience of countries as different as the United States, China, and India may be that after going through an initial deforestation phase, the combination of the scarcity of forest products and rising economic fortunes can lead societies to value, replant, and manage forests.

relationship between poverty and deforestation

Ecosystem and Biodiversity Challenges It is important to note that planted forests are very different from original forest cover in terms of species composition planted forests are often monoculturesecosystem functions, and their ability to support a wide range of plant and animal species and withstand stress such as drought and disease.

More than half of remaining forested land is found in less-developed countries, and many tropical forests are in areas with high population growth rates, high poverty, low access to reproductive health services, and rapid migration.

Effects of Poverty on Deforestation: Distinguishing Behavior from Location

For instance, in sub-Saharan Africa, human population density is greatest in area with the highest number of species of birds, mammals, snakes, and amphibians. Some of these species are threatened with extinction. Climate Change Uncertainty A critical wild card in the population-forests equation is global, regional, and local climate change, which can alter temperature and precipitation patterns sufficiently so that the existing forest cover type can no longer be supported.

This is particularly true in areas with significant dry seasons, where even a slight decrease in rainfall can produce more frequent and more destructive forest fires, preventing the regrowth of certain species and favoring others, or even changing the ecosystem permanently from forest to grasslands.

relationship between poverty and deforestation

The demographic characteristics of an area may facilitate this change by producing a more flammable mixture of fields and forests or by providing fire sources. In the long run, climate change is also likely to change the nature of human demands on forests, particularly in agricultural communities.

relationship between poverty and deforestation

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