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Case management, counseling, therapy, education, skill-building, advocacy, and . Adoption is a “social and legal process whereby a parent-child relationship is org/includes/tiny_mce/plugins/filemanager/files/egauteng.infod this resource: from pdf. OCSE partners with federal, state, tribal and local governments and others to promote parental responsibility so that children receive support from both parents . Advanced Custom Fields is one of the top rated plugins in the entire tabs, relationships, images, and many other more common options.

Johnson Cover Comic Art: Nicholas Gallo-Lopez Cover Design: Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN hardback 1. For Randi Zach and Becca my superfamily. This page intentionally left blank slide 8: Traditional Superheroes in Counseling and Play Therapy 1. Superheroes and Unique Clinical Applications 6. Superheroes Are Super Friends: Nontraditional Therapeutic Applications of Superheroes The Case of Blake Conclusions: Hypnosis and Superheroes Jan M.

The academy specializes in the treatment of adolescents with sexual behavior problems.

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She later advanced to the position of unit coordinator. She enjoys using a variety of experi- ential therapeutic techniques with her clients. He was the CEO and creator of Psychiatric Center one the largest providers of outpatient care for the chroni- cally mentally ill in the District of Columbia. He is a professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland where he teaches a course on Children and the Media.

He has published widely on child media issues includ- ing superheroes from Batman to Spider-Man. He is also active in the Popular Culture Association where he chairs the section on celebrity and posits that superheroes are true child celebrities.

Burte PhD MSCP is a clinical psychologist who has taught and lectured nationally and internationally on hypnosis for the past 20 years.

He is a past director of the Milton H. Burte has been published in numerous journals and books appeared on radio and television discussing the applicability of hypnosis for a wide range of patients and conditions.

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His growing fascination with heroes led him to miniatures through which he formed connections with others. It is his hope to use these experiences to help others to overcome their challenges. Roger Kaufman LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Hollywood California specializing in work with gay men slide Fans Merchandise and Critics.

JohnSheltonLawrencePhD showedearlybehavioraldisordersstem- ming from encounters with fantasy superheroes. That teenage skepticism grew into a philosophical teaching career result- ing in his current position as professor of philosophy emeritus at Morningside College in Iowa. Fans Merchandise and Critics He lives in Berkeley California.

He currently works for the Memorial Hermann Lamar School- Based Health Centers where he provides individual and family coun- seling services to noninsured and underserved students of the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District.

With the help of a worried supportive slide He works in Rockville Maryland at the Reginald S. Thomas University in Miami Florida. He received postgraduate training in attachment theory and evalua- tion as well as play therapy. Jeff is a lifelong Trekkie. He wishes to thank his wife Frances for her interest support and assistance in writing his chapter. Contributors xv he started as a Case Manager. Robert sees his superheroes as those who defend freedom protect and help their neighbors in need and instill healthy morals and values.

His superhero interests are of the human kind and he strives to teach clients the value of real-life superheroes and role models. Porter PhD was involved in academic and clinical work at the University of New Orleans and the Louisiana State University Medical School for more than 25 years before moving to Tampa to pursue clinical interests in He was a principle archi- tect of the Applied Biopsychology and Applied Developmental PhD programs at the University of New Orleans where he taught a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate courses.

He currently teaches on an occasional basis at the University of Tampa and at Argosy Uni- versity. Porterisinternationallyrecognizedforhisworkinpsychology and brain function biopsychology and nonlinear chaos systems the- ory. He says he still wonders. She has been employed by Nexus-Onarga Academy for more than 8 years. A li- censed clinical therapist she has almost 20 years experience working withsurvivorsoftrauma. Under her tutelage as clinicalsupervisortheFieldofDreamshasimplementedandexpanded the expressive arts treatment modality.

Shehaspublishedtwohomestud- ies and other evaluation instruments. Sayers has served as president of the Broward County Psychological Association and is currently in private practice specializing in clinical neuropsychology with children andadults. Debating the premise that comic characters are literature helped germinate the idea that these charac- ters have depth applicable to therapy.

She currently lives in Ellenton Florida with her family. In she opened PlayJourneys Inc. She specializes in the treatment of trauma and abuse divorce and autism spectrum disorders. Since then she has been involved as chair of various committees of the Association for Play Therapy. She enjoys gardening and playing with her four dogs Shiva Erin Kali and Plato. Her favorite superhero is the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz.

Ryan Weidenbenner MS LCPC is the senior sexuality therapist working with children with sexual behavior problems at the Onarga Academy in Illinois he has worked there for the past 9 years. Throughherworkshehascome to appreciate that the most resilient children are those who identify withtherescuerratherthanthevictimroleandasaresultshehasde- veloped an appreciation for the diagnostic utility and healing powers of superheroes in therapeutic work.

This page intentionally left blank slide Foreword Finding Ourselves in Our Superheroes 1 What is the social meaning of these supermen superwomen super-lovers super-boys supergirls super-ducks super-mice super- magicianssuper-safecrackersHowdidNietzschegetintothenursery —Dr. Fredric Wertham Seduction of the Innocent p. I found the comics early on one of the most valuable means of carrying on such examinations.

Lauretta Bender psychiatrist and editorial board adviser to Superman comics U. Bender and Wertham recall a time when superheroes had become public policy issues. Crime-themed comic books—even some featuring the perpetually beloved Batman Su- permanandWonderWoman—wereanationalconcern.

Public passions eventually took a national policy focus during 3 days of the Kefauver hearings on comic books and juvenile delinquency a venue where psychiatrists delivered expert testimony for U. The great youth-focused cultural questions of the early s were these: With fellow child psychiatrist Dr.

Foreword xxi superhero fantasies. Fredric Wertham and Lauretta Ben- der were the star psychiatric witnesses. After all their careers show so many striking parallels with a common mentor Adolph Meyer and appointments at identical facilities Phipps PsychiatricClinicattheJohnsHopkinsUniversityBellevueHospitaland the medical faculty of New York University. In the period between and the New York Times printed dozens of articles about her discoveries and innovativetreatmentmethods.

Justoneexamplewasherpartnershipwith artist Bernard Sanders: His words betray a conspiratorial mind-set in approaching anyone who disagreed with his interpretation of the superhero phenomenon. Actually the brunt of the defense is borne by a mere handful of experts. Their names occur over and over again.

They are connected with well-known institutions such as universities hospitals child-study associations or clinics. That carries enormous weight with professional people and of course even more so with casual lay readers and parents all over the country. Buttheirwayofreasoningtheirapologeticattitudefortheindustryand its products their conclusions—and even their way of stating them— are much alike.

So it is possible to do full justice to them by discussing themasateamratherthanindividually. Both free and paid versions allow for a great range of customizations to the subscription page, including over 70 themes with photoshop files.

MailChimp for WordPress MailChimp for Wordpress is the highest rated newsletter and email campaign plugin, even if with slightly less downloads than its competitor MailPoet.

Mailchimp allows site administrators to build email user lists through a variety of methods, the creation of custom opt-in forms, and the ability to send free mass email newsletters to up to 2, subscribers. Where MailChimp really excels within the category of newsletter plugins is its seamless integration with a number of other useful plugins, as well as additional plugins built to extend the functionlity of MailChimp.

Rather than bloat the plugin, users can install optional plugins that work in conjunction with MailChimp, including Boxzilla Pop Ups, a sign up form for the top bar of your site, a newsletter list sync, and a plugin extending the user tracking funcationality of the plugin. Furthermore, MailChimp integrates with a number of third-party services, including WooCommerce, a number of common contact forms, event manager and many others.

BuddyPress Buddypress allows Wordpress users the ability to integrate social networking capabilities into their Wordpress theme. With a wide range of extensions as well as a detailed documentation page, BuddyPress has many prebuilt and custom features to build out a community on your Wordpress site. For site administrators or developers trying to build a new site with social components, a wide variety of themes also come with BuddyPress already included. BuddyPress has over 4.

Broken Link Checker is the top plugin of its kind, with some 4. The plugin provides a wide number of calendaring options that support organizations listing a large number of events, access by many different groups of users, or simple solutions for minimal calendars.

An extensive documentation as well as a skelaton stylesheet lets site administrators and developers go to town with a variety of views and options, including day view, calendar view, Google Maps, list view, searchable events, a number of stylesheets, event taxonomies, the ability to save venues or organizers, and a number of other features.

For pro users, events can be made recurring, location search is enabled, content that goes with specific events may be loaded, user-submitted events are enabled, and event tickiting can be included. Google Analyticator Google Analyticator is one of the more popular Google Analytics plugins, with over 4. The plugin offers similar functionality to other Google Analytics plugins, with one amazing perk: Features include visitor tracking, backlink tracking and download, shortcodes for public visitor display, and universal or traditional Google Analytics tracking.

Brought to users by SumoMe, a leader in plugin development, users can also rest assured their plugin will b regularly maintained and supported. Duplicator Duplicator is the top reviewed site backup and transfer plugin in the Wordpress Plugin Directory, with a rating of 4.

The full list of features offered by Duplicator includes the ability to backup, duplicate, clone, and migrate wordpress installations. A paid version also allows for automatic backups, multisite and large site setups, support services, and the ability to create databases in the installation.

Duplicator notes that not every site is similarly configured, making the job of transferring all sites nearly impossible. For this reason your feedback is important, and with 27 of 78 support threads closed in the last two months, users can rest assured the Duplicator team is listening. Regenerate Thumbnails Regenerate Thumbnails solves a very specific and annoying problem. As a site manager have you ever edited the thumbnail dimensions or all of size dimensions from the original?

With more than 1 million active installs, and a 4. The plugin can be implemented on any form in your site, including login, comment sections, registration, and password recovery. A pro version is also available that adds additional features including multisite support, BuddyPress compatibility, a time limit for multiple form submissions, and a number of other features. The plugin both optimizes images — a process that reduces the size of large, bulky images without losing their apparent visual clarity — as well as resizes images above a set max height and width.

Together, these processes can sometimes dramatically reduce bandwidth usage and increase page load speeds.

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All previously uploaded images can also be smushed at a rate of 50 of a time or en masse for paid pro users. Four different slider types are available through the plugin, including flex slider, neo slider, responsive slider, and coin slider. All sliders allow users to drag and drop from their media library, set captions, alter SEO settings, and embed in your blog.

Additional features include multi-site compatability, a widget and shortcode, intelligent image cropping, and a full developer API. A paid premium version is also available with additional funcationality: Vimeo and YouTube slideshows, personal support, custom slider themes, html-only sliders, and slider layers including css animations and background video. The Matcha Labs team is also known for their support, having closed 8 of 45 support queries in the last 60 days.

Cue the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget, which enables rich text objects and editing, as well as the ability to insert images and multimedia from the media library to the widget.

Other features include the ability to quickly switch between html and rich text modes, support for fullscreen editing, multi-site support, live preview, and multi-language support.

One of the simpler plugins for contact forms, users simply select an email address to be notified of contact form submissions and then paste a short code in a page, post, or widget. A number of pre-built options allow for users to easily toggle form types through a drag and drop interface. A paid version is also available offering the ability to further dit styles, add tooltips, automatically populate user fields from signed in users, and one-day support request times.

CF, cf plugin, contac, contact, contact button, contact form, contact form plugin, contact us form, email form, feedback form, form, web-page feedback The Redirection plugin helps with a number of these.

This can be particularly helpful when migrating from one site to another, or when changing the installation directory of Wordpress from one directory to another. Full list of features includes the ability to manage, and reirects to any file or post, regular expresssion support, redirection statistics, and the ability to manage redirections without touching the. Redirection has overinstalls, and a rating of 4. YARRP pro also allows for users to include sponsored related content for site monetization.

Basic features center around offering up related posts, pages, custom content types, thumbnail view of related content, templating, and the ability to display related content in RSS feeds. Both free and paid versions of YARPP serve up custom content through a unique algorithm that takes into account post titles, content, tags, categories, and heirarchies. The algorithm also allows some level of customization, if users would like to fine tune exactly what related content is being served up to users.

The paid version also includes the ability for advertisers to reach content makers on other sites, as well as advertising based on granular metrics including IAB category and geo-targeting by DMA.

Free to Negotiable Advertising Price Rating: Ninja Forms Ninja Forms is one of the most well-known form creation and management plugins on Wordpress. Powered by a drag-and-drop editor, plugin users can create contact, subscription, order, quote, and payment forms. Ninja Forms has a beautiful and intuitive user interface that makes quickly configuring a number of form types with a large variety of entry and anti-spam fields a quick and painless process.

Toggle which form fields are required, set up automatic email procedures, redirect users, and manage an unlimited number of forms for free. A number of add-ons are available as well, expanding functionality to include payment acceptance, building of mailing lists, and customer service interactions. The Ninja Forms framework is also completely open source, allowing developers who would like to further add on to the platform the power to knowledgeable do so. A pro version is also available, allowing for the use of conditional logic in forms, support for a number of sites depending on membership tierand a rebate for paid add-ons.

The plugin syncs with a wide variety of contact form plugins and saves form submissions to a database. Plugin users may then use three shortcodes to display form submissions and related information on a non-admin page. Shortcodes including [cfdb-html], [cfdb-table], [cfdb-datatable], [cfdb-value] and [cfdb-json] simply export form submissions in a variety of formats to a page of your choice, allowing plugin users to bypass tons of emails and quickly review post submission information in a variety of formats.

Particularly for sites looking to draw conclusions on form submission types en masse, this can be quite a time saver, allowing for instant analysis and manipulation of form submissions. With overactive installs, and a 4.

The plugin offers the widest range of image compression and optimization features for free of other popular optimization plugins in the Wordpress Plugin Directory. A cloud version of the EWW Image Optimizer is also available, allowing users who cannot utilize binaries on their server or cannot touch the exec function.

Attachment, Compression, gifsicle, gmagick, image, jpegmini, jpegtran, lossless, lossy, Optimization, optimize, optipng, photo, picture, pngout, pngquant, seo, tinyjpg, tinypng, webp, wp-cli The new version incorporates many requested changes from the original version, and is a powerful tool for presenting customizable breadcrumbs for the users of your Wordpress site.

Users may customize navigational breadcrumbs through two methods: BackWPup offers a wide range of unpaid features, as well as additional cloud storage options and support for paid users. Un-paid features include database backup and optimization, database scans and repairs, the ability to save backups in a number of file types zip, tar, tar.

Logs and backups may be sent by email, and multi-site support is available. A pro version is available for additional storage options as well as quicker support. Gallery The Photo Gallery plugin allows users to quickly and easily create different galleries and gallery views that are responsive and can be embedded in any page, post, or custom-content type.

Perhaps the most visual distinguishing characteristic about gallery includes the number of gallery types that work right out of the box, including masonry view, compact album view, extended album view, thumbnails gallery view, mosaic gallery view, image browser view, slideshow view, and blog style image view. Other features include disabling of right clicking on images, Vimeo and YouTube gallery support, integration of Wordpress search into galleries, a three-column visual shortcode, and the ability to add tags to all images at once.

A paid version and a number of paid addons are also available, including tag clouds, dynamic tag clouds, the ability to place different multimedia types in the same slideshow, lightbox effects, and editable themes. A wide variety of features are available in the unregistered version, including access to over social sharing icons and networks, the ability to place social sharing icons in a variety of locations including floatingthe ability to alter social sharing button sizes and styles, and the ability to include a mobile-specific social sharing button bar.

Quick and Easy Post creation for ACF Relationship Fields

For users who would like to register through AddThis, additional button configurations as well as a social media analytics dashboard are available through the AddThis site. There are overactive installs of AddThis Share Buttons.

AddThis, bookmark, bookmarking, Facebook, linkedin, mobile, mobile sharing, pinterest, plugin, Share, share button, share buttons, share buttons plugin, sharing, sharing buttons, sharing sidebar, sidebar, social buttons, social tools, twitter, widget Built by the creators of Wordpress, bbPress is built with theme support, meaning that even if your theme does not already include bbPress support, all plugin elements are included and should function normally.

For example, all front-end code comes with the plugin so that users may fully integrate the plugin with their site. Having been around for a while, a vibrant community of developers have extended bbPress through plugins to be exact. There are also a number of customizable themes for use with bbPress, allowing users to customize the look of their forums with minimal effort. User Role Editor User Role Editor is a great tool for site administrators without an in-depth knowledge of Wordpress and who have found themselves needing additional functionality in assigning roles to site collaborators.

Features include obviously the ability to easily edit the roles of users, as well as the ability to dictate what priviliges are made available to new users. Perhaps the most unique offering is included in the pro version, and is the ability to quickly exclude certain elements in the dashboard or on the site as a whole from certain user classes. This effectively extends your ability as a site administrator to target what parts of a site certain users can intereact with exactly.

In fact, through a pro version shortcode administrators can enable users to see or not see elements contained therein. Additional pro version features include the removal of advertisements and premium support.

Disable Comments Disable comments currently has overactive installs and a user rating of 4. This entirely free plugin allows administrators to entirely remove comments from each individual page, post, widget, or custom content type on their Wordpress. Additionally, content-related information may be removed entirely from the dashboard and admin bar.

This plugin can be used to disable content from just one area or post, or globally. Multi-site support is also available. Two of Six support threads have been taken care of in the last 60 days.

Social Networks Auto-Poster Posting new content to all social media channels can be an aggrevating and time-consuming process. Particularly for sites reaching out through a wide variety of social channels, NextScripts is an absolute time-saver.