How apple uses relationship marketing

Apple’s marketing relationship building with the target customers Essay Example for Free

how apple uses relationship marketing

Apple's consistent marketing excellence is built on core disciplines that of Apple retailers, dealers, and resellers, where Apple uses “minimum. Their success is a direct result of their marketing strategies. Apple's Another way to use this Apple secret is to embrace a free trial program. Offer a free trial of . That's what makes relationship marketing critical. Happiness and Trust: Apple, with its belief of making easy-to-use technology, maintains a friendly.

Customers start to pay attention to products of Apple and they are quite satisfied with these products. And with the brand being more meaningful and inspiring, customers are impressed with positive brand images of Apple. Gradually the brand of Apple has been identical for customers which help Apple to build the first step of marketing relationship with customers. And the second step for marketing relationship building is achieved by collecting customer profiles.

how apple uses relationship marketing

Apple takes advantage of its customer profile to find their target customers, and to maintain brand loyalty. Through the information of customer profile, Apple knows exactly who bought their products, when did they buy the product and how many times did they buy the products.

how apple uses relationship marketing

In all, the customer profile of Apple provides the knowledge needed to posit its target and potential customers and enable Apple to focus on marketing and branding efforts more effectively which finally help Apple to build marketing relationship with its customers.

Thirdly, despite the innovative and amazing products of Apple, it also provides customers with the delicate services which help to enhance marketing relationship with customers. It has been said that Apple has five stages of service including approach, probe, present, listen and end. This has solved the problem of the screen be scratched by keys. In addition, the Voiceover helps the blind to read texts and ever enter information.

Apple always stands on the side of customers and think for them. By the three steps of establishing the brand of Apple, maintaining the loyalty of customers and enhancing connection between customers, Apple builds the marketing relationship with customers. He gives the brand of Apple the name of fashion, innovation and esthetics. Depending on his public influence, many of his followers choose to buy the products of Apple.

With the left of Jobs, the brand of Apple may face some challenges.

Customer Relationship Marketing: Apple Vs Samsung – This site is the cat’s pajamas

Secondly, the price of Apple is too high among its competitors. Last but not least, Apple has a big competitor-Samsung. The competition between Apple and Samsung will challenge the brand value of Apple. Conclusion To conclude, brand is of vital importance to a firm or an organization.

Branding helps to make products different and can choose the target customers. Through branding, Apple builds the brand which establishes the first step of marketing relationship with customers. By collecting customer profiles, Apple knows better about its customers which help Apple to maintain brand loyalty of target customers. In addition, through the delicate services and innovative products, Apple enhances the marketing relationship with customers.

The main reason comes from the application approval process of Apple and Android. Android strategy is to get users installed as much as device possible so this process is much easier. According to John Mitchell there is no need to get approval by the Marketplace, once the developer clicks submit button the application will be uploaded on the store.

On the other hand, to publish an application on Appstore, developers must follow guideline of Apple. In addition the application must be tested and approved individually by Apple. By ensuring the consistency and quality check of all applications upload to Appstore, Apple is able to provide to customer the quality product with stability, be free of malware Sophos.

Other manufactures usually develop the product base on the market research to know what customer want, then providing a product can satisfy it. In contrast Apple not only relies on focus group but also the internal team. Steve Jobs asks his engineer who creates the product have to want it themselves — Tim Bajarin And the end of the day, they bring the satisfaction to their customers. Before Ipad was released, people wrote an email, browse Internet to enjoy photographs, video and books on their computer.

They need a device that can perform those entire tasks well but Steve provided a device also perform those task perfectly with ultra-portable. This is the reason why Apple store is built as a place that customer can come and experience the products. Apple employees need to advise customers how the apple product can bring more benefit and enrich their live. During the time at Apple store, the customers will be encouraged to touch and experience products by themselves.

The objective is to unleash their inner genius, because Steve Jobs believes that every Apple consumer has creative spirit, and Apple responsibility is to provide tools for them to change out the world. When the customer join One to one program, they will be trained by Creatives personally in order to edit and use Apple devices and actually do the task with in the control experience.

Apple likes to say that people come to shop but they return to learn. People come to the store not only for the product, but also for what they love, Michael a famous dancer at Apple store, said. Michael thinks that Apple store is a cool place that he can come to enjoy products and dance while customers in store look at him.

Up to now, there are aboutvideos dancing at Apple Store uploaded to Youtube.

how apple uses relationship marketing

About the store, last but not least, Apple has owned retail stores. Apple had been very careful about how people buy their products and experience Apple product. Since Apple owns their own retail experiences they get a chance to create direct conversations with their potential.

This helps Apple to find out exactly current needs of their customers, more important, forecast future need and how their products can help them to solve current and future problems. Unlike Apple, Samsung approaches their customers by innovative product with a broad range of smartphones in different shapes, sizes and operating systems.

By developing the S Pen to launch the Air Command features like Action Memo, which gives you the ability to jot down a name and number and instantly turn it into a new contact, this application brings more easy for customers who are Asian can write down the note by their languages.

Samsung has been carrying out many marketing strategies to increasing its sales volume. Therefore Samsung has developed a lot of products targeting many different customer segments, different income levels to make sure that their customer easily to find out the product which can be fixed their needs. Samsung has a wide coverage from Samsung shop, online websites, mobile center, electronics shopping center to other mobile phones retail stores, bring more convenience to customer.

Samsung brand shop is where its product showcases. Customers can be consulted and guided on Samsung products about functions and how to use. In term of pricing strategy, by building customer experience, Apple makes them feel I-products have been tailored for themselves. Once set up, it will look like a custom iPhone app developed exclusively for your business. Apple has set a higher product price and the company does not give any promotion, especially on Back Friday in US and recently, Red Friday in some Asian countries.

In the other hand, Samsung often offers consumers a very attractive price.

Samsung has used its internal resources and applied into their production system, this will help to cut down the production cost and bringing more choice for consumers. Decreasing cost is another strategy of Samsung in offering to customers. This term applied for both consumers and distributors which catch customer attention and action, therefor it will help to increase sales volume. We want to please them.

how apple uses relationship marketing

There is a huge difference between market share of units and usage share. Happy generally means using more.

Apple’s marketing relationship building with the target customers Essay

And to them innovation only equals a new category. I mean, if you look at these products, there are many innovative things in these products, from the fingerprint sensor to the flash to the processing power. IOS is filled with innovation. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Let some other companies do that. So I called him back and said sure.

how apple uses relationship marketing

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