Ilinykh katsalapov relationship poems

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ilinykh katsalapov relationship poems

So it all clicked: Paso Doble, corrida de toros, bull, torero, relationship, Spain, us. And that's what all the other two song are about: “Tercio de. Ilinykh Katsalapov Ice Dance, Figure Skating, Skate, Dancing, Ice, Dance, . Scott, Ice Skaters, Ice Dance, Skating Dresses, Figure Skating, Relationship Goals, Dancers .. Anna CAPPELLINI - Luca LANOTTE Skate, Poetry, Poems, Poem. As Cornel West, someone Cox often quotes, said, “Justice is what love . Valuing your relationship and making it a priority is what being with.

And I do know one: And, yes, this is a teaser. How are we gonna keep up with this energy? As for the colorful silhouettes on the ice, you can not possibly miss Mr. And who is not, really, with the quantity of talent on display in Geneva? I see no better comparison: Let Yourself Be Amazed.

And so it was. Instead of having a master of ceremony, the skaters became masters of ceremony themselves, introducing each other, joy, honesty, admiration included — and little jokes, here and there. And then Bond takes the ice, Brian Bond, and for the next couple of minutes the audience is literally on fire. And the short video of Brian introducing… well, Brian, brings a smile right from the start: Mais, en fait, on a surtout devenus des copains.

ilinykh katsalapov relationship poems

He smiles, an accomplice smile, and then continues: When Marie-Pierre Leray takes the sky of the rink for her number, Hiro, the colleague on my right, fetches a sigh.

Reactions, emotions, reflections Daisuke Takahashi: I have to tell you a secret: I almost became a hockey player. Et surtout pas moi! And so is the skater himself. And I remember my confusion the first couple of seconds of that program: How do I do preserve, in the tiniest details, the emotions of such a skate? And then my mind calmed down, and embraced the performance, and this new face of Daisuke Takahashi after a year in New York, studying dance.

And then it struck me: Yes, kind of scary, actually. What do you mean, scary? Not everything, but a few Olympic medals at least. Tessa and Scott enter the ice of Vernets for their first number and, as they start skating, Salome Brunner notices something on the ice and, in half-light, hurries up a little girl to go and pick the package. In a way, this particular number reminds me of them very young, performing their exhibition program in Vancouver, at the Olympics: One thing is sure though: And listening to it, Diaghilev said: This is, by far, the most inspired video in the show — the longest, the liveliest, if only for the number of characters involved: He is a poet of the ice.

And, plus, with classical music, which changes its rhythm all the time, and for a skater is difficult to keep up with this changing rhythm. To me, this is like improvisation, when I play the atmosphere is different all the time. Of course, for the last couple of seasons, Yuzuru Hanyu took hold of this wonderful musical piece, and you can barely imagine it now skated by someone else, but if someone can do that, that someone is Mao Asada.

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Mao who embraced the ballade once before, in her exhibition program from season — a year after winning the silver at the Vancouver Olympics. And Mao skates, and skates in Geneva — not 2: His touch is visible in everything about the show — what other jump would be more appropriate for Mao?

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We have, for example, the guys, the gang, with Ilia, Brian and Scott going out and being the bad boys of the village.

Then, finally, we have the romantic couple, Tania and Max — and, at the end, they present Carolina. Actually, we all see Carolina in the village and we ask her: Can you tell us your story? And then finally Mao asks her: Please, tell us your story.

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You know what they say: The Queen of emotions, above everything, and the most touching part of Ice Legends happens in these minutes and seconds towards the end of Act One. Carolina Kostner is not skating to music, she is the music. That ineffable music played by Khatia Buniatishvili with such devotedness, such delicacy. And their incredible connection, their eyes, their smiles, them being together in the moment, as if nothing else was happening in the surrounding universe, well, this might very well be the definition of magic.

And, in the morning following the show, the magic would still be there, with both Carolina and I under the powerful impression of those moments. It happens, it creates. To me, this was a pinnacle of emotions — a miracle in itself — and I see no reason not to share this with Carolina the following day: She smiles, her eyes glitter.

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The choreography was the result of the previous research and inspiration process. We never worked with David before, but Marie did — and watching them both in action is an experience worth a million; they would link their moves and ideas, creating a beautiful transition that we would try to imitate.

What about the music you used for the free? Who made the musical choice? One night, I was looking for pieces of music with voice, Spanish voice, and I found this. Something moved me inside when I first heard the song, so I said to myself: This is the song, this is the piece we should use. Next day everybody at the ice rink felt the same, so that was really the song!

How would you translate it? The name of the song is even hard to explain in Spanish; it comes from a very old poem from a preacher called San Juan de La Cruz. These are, actually, my favorite costumes of the season, alongside those of Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat… Wow, thank you very much.

The idea of the costume came with the program. I was interpreting Dora Maar — not just the woman, but the painting, the art, so we thought about becoming the painting. Thanks to one of the mother of one of our teammates, the painting worked perfectly. I gave her the portrait of Dora and she did everything in about 3 days — and it looks exactly the same!

It was very risky to do something like that because there was no time or option for mistakes and it could have looked tacky or overdone… I had to be honest: We believe in bringing new stuff to this sport. The brain of our creativity is a composition of many little brains working together. I would see a lift on the internet we could do, Patrice would tell us how to make it work on the ice, Adri would say how we could improve it, Marie would say how to make it look nice and musical… This is all a team work, if we miss one piece it would never work.

How did it happen, the fall? A deep sigh was heard in the entire arena when the fall happened — seemed that everyone wanted you to succeed in skating a flawless program in Budapest… We also wanted to succeed, I think everyone does, but the thing with this sport is that anything can happen.

Every move on the ice is so tricky that anything can happen.

ilinykh katsalapov relationship poems

Our performance in Budapest was good as it was; with or without the fall we only have good things to take from it. How are you approaching your first Olympic Games?