Long distance relationship ideas skype download

36 Digital Tools That Make Long-Distance Relationships a Little Easier

long distance relationship ideas skype download

Long Distance Relationship Activities and Ideas The longest list of things for long distance couples to Download Google Earth Tour Builder on your computer. Couples in long distance relationships can have a hard time staying Here is a list of date ideas and activities you can do with your 8) Skype date Send them your youtube playlists of songs or download songs to a usb or. 5 Great Ideas For An Awesome Skype Date It's a common issue for many couples in long distance relationships because we can feel limited.

Long Distance Date Ideas: 23 Activities For Tonight! (UPDATED)

Frank and I tried it the other day. What you do is, you open a virtual browser, and you are given a link that you can share with other people that will let them join you.

long distance relationship ideas skype download

Once on, you can visit webpages together. You can even have fun doodling together on a webpage. One thing to mention is that if your screens are not the same size, your doodles will be off. It was because I have a wider screen than he does.

28 Empowering Long Distance Relationship Apps You Should Download!

So try to resize your windows so that they are better matched. You can do this simply by finding a reference point on the page, and draw a dot on it. Tell the other person where you drew the dot, and they can shrink or expand their window till the dot is on top of what you drew it on. From the website… — Use your webcam with multiple programs simultaneously. You can even make it appear as if it is snowing inside your house!

I especially like that not only can you download new effects, you are also able to create your own custom effects! Special thanks to Jenny for this idea!

Carve your initials in a tree… a virtual one that is One of our members PurpleDreamer gave us this awesome idea, she says: You can choose from different tree species, layouts and such.

There are a good handful of prank phone call sites online, but PrankDial. Here are a couple we like! Brainfall - How well do you know your lover?

long distance relationship ideas skype download

None of these tickle your fancy? Why not create your own? If you want to spice it up a bit, give them a reward when the question is answered correctly! Lolo Lasting The Distance 8. Have a Coffee Shop Date A coffee shop date is one of the closest options you've got to a real date. With both of you on Skype, at your favourite coffee shop's in a quiet ish corner with your headphones.

What else could you want?

long distance relationship ideas skype download

Have drawing competitions Using sites like CoSketch. Keep your artwork saved on your computer so you can get it printed as a hysterical photo book one day.

long distance relationship ideas skype download

Alternately, each of you could draw your image on a piece of paper and show it off via webcam. Miracle berries or miracle berry pills are naturally occurring fruits that change how your taste buds react to sour foods and drinks and make nearly everything taste sweet. Lemons will taste like sugar-saturated lemonade.

The effects wear off in an hour or two, but during that period you and your partner can have a great time tasting drinks, sweets, and savory foods over Skype. Read bedtime stories If you and your partner normally have a bedtime phone call, consider taking an extra ten to fifteen minutes each night to read stories aloud to one another.

Long Distance Relationship Activities: The Ultimate List

Bedtime stories are fun and relaxing and can even teach you new things and give you a sense of accomplishment. Cuddle up in bed and read a chapter over the phone, picking up where you left off the night before. One person may like to read and one person may prefer to listen, but you could also purchase two copies of the same book or share a digital version and take turns reading to one another each night.

Alternatively, if neither of you feels like reading aloud, you could download the audio version of a book and listen to it simultaneously. Have Skype drinking dates You can play some of your old favorite drinking games together via webcam or take turns choosing new and exciting drinks to try.

Test out the same drink recipes together or, for sophisticated folk, sip and nibble on new brands and flavors of wine and cheese or tea and cookies.

Long Distance Relationship Activities: The Ultimate List - EscapeNormal

Run outside and talk A Bluetooth headset for your phone or a simple set of earbuds with a built-in microphone will allow you to have tandem outdoor exercise time with your partner. Near the end you can encourage each other and give updates on how many minutes and seconds are left. Hold a fitness competition The site Fitocracy. You can each work out in your own free time or set a time to work out together each day over Skype.

Meld your faces together online There are a few sites where you can upload images of your face and the face of another person and see what you would look like mixed together. Take any of the ideas from this list to form your double-date plan: Write a story together Over the course of a day or week, construct a short story with your partner, one sentence or paragraph at a time.

One of the couples I spoke to when writing this book loves this method of story-making, but I prefer NaNoWriMo, which occurs every November with mini-sessions in April and July. During the month you aim to write 50, words and have access to one of the most amazing and supportive communities on the Internet.


Play six degrees of separation This is another easy game to play over the phone. Each of you should pick an actor and then work together to connect them through no more than six movies.

There are dozens of great free computer programs available now, but there are also many other options for your phone like the free Rosetta Stone-esque app Duolingo and for your car or mp3 player. Draw each other Your artistic skills are irrelevant to how much you will enjoy drawing your partner.

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Take turns posing via webcam and drawing one another. Then you can just enjoy making fun of each other. With practice, though, you can get pretty good pretty quickly. When the text is received, the receiver must immediately take a picture of himself doing whatever he is doing at that moment and send it to his partner.

Try to catch each other in funny situations or just enjoy seeing what your partner is doing at any time of the day. Scavenger hunt Normally these hunts are done by a group of people who split into smaller groups and meet up at the end to compare results; the idea here is the same, but the meet-up is virtual. Find a few people in different locations who want to participate. At the end of a designated amount of time, join a Google Hangouts session with all of the groups to share pictures and determine which team is the winner.

long distance relationship ideas skype download

This could be good if you have a lot of long-distance friends within similar time zones. Make bets Place some stakes on the goings-on of your everyday life: Paint Paint-and-wine nights have been gaining popularity lately.