Pininfarina ferrari relationship advice

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pininfarina ferrari relationship advice

This publication is not a substitute for such professional advice or ser- vices, nor should it be used as a offers his opinion on his company's best-ever Ferrari design. BY SCOTT WILSON That relationship remains strong today under the. Pininfarina Ferrari Sergio (): here's the production version who initially began the coachbuilder's storied relationship with Ferrari. Between and his death in , Enzo Ferrari turned his own name into a legend, . In , he struck a deal with Pininfarina to design the bodies, with aluminium Their relationship had a dark genesis — Musso's was one of a series of . View Site Tips Help Centre About Us Accessibility myFT Tour.

Towns like Maranello, where Ferrari made his home and where in he built his first car under the name Auto Avio Costruzioni at 4 Via Abetone Inferiore.

Pininfarina Design

He was forbidden to use the Ferrari name for four years after leaving Alfa Romeo due to a contract dispute. Enzo and his factory team assess an engine, Credit: Ferrari On the 70th anniversary of the first car made in the Ferrari name, Ferrari is now a public limited-liability company with an HQ that comprises a collection of buildings from the likes of Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel and Marco Visconti.

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Ferrari was quick to realise that the glamour of racing created a market for his cars among the rich and often famous, who he and his agents actively courted.

Having lost his father when he was 18 and suffered the tragedy of his son Dino dying from muscular dystrophy at the age of 24, Ferrari was reclusive and by the end of his life he died in had not attended a race meeting in decades.

His team managers would have to call and tell him the race results, good or bad — and in F1 the reputation has often not reflected the reality.

pininfarina ferrari relationship advice

Virtually empty but for an old-fashioned phone and a portrait of Dino on the wall, it was part race HQ, part shrine. Although there is a memoir, Ferrari gave few interviews and when he did comment it was usually from behind that emotional cold front. He liked to present himself as pragmatic to the point of ruthlessness, obsessive, dominant and difficult.

Ferrari turns 70: The makings of the sexiest car in history

Very rarely did any light illuminate the solitary man inside that study. The BB is visually similar to the GT4 BB, but the two- instead of three-element rear lights are somehow cleaner and more appealing.

pininfarina ferrari relationship advice

From the light groups within the front spoiler to the wide and sculpted rear haunches, the GTO is somehow as lean as a long-distance runner and as muscular as a sprinter. It was designed and built for homologation purposes, but when Group B racing was banned, the GTO seemed like a rebel without a cause. Not that this dampened enthusiasm for the project: Ferrari had little trouble finding homes for the GTO.

pininfarina ferrari relationship advice

A total of were built — 72 more than the planned Ferrari Testarossa It has had its detractors, but to some people, the Testarossa is the archetypal Ferrari of the s. But what if you cannot stretch to a priceless concept or a Ferrari supercar?

pininfarina ferrari relationship advice

Here are 10 worthy alternatives. Sure, the saloon is a handsome thing, but in creating the Coupe, Turin pulled off a minor miracle. As an overall package, the Coupe is simply elegant and elegantly simple, but small details include the rear buttresses, slightly widened haunches and creases in the bonnet. Alfa Romeo When it had finished designing the Ferrari Testarossa, Pininfarina paused for a while, before creating this: The Alfa was one of the Type Four project cars — the others being the Fiat Croma, Lancia Thema and Saab — and was by far the prettiest of the quadruplets.

It was the first BMC car to benefit from Italian styling, and while it might seem a world away from Italian supercars and French coupes, the A40 was a revelation. The design gave it van-like load-carrying capabilities in a car the size of a small family saloon. Both stylistically and aerodynamically, the MGB GT was a compelling alternative to the roadster, while having the benefit of some added practicality.

Peugeot Saloon, coupe, estate, van and convertible — there was a Peugeot for just about every occasion.