Romantic ideas long distance relationship

Super Romantic Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

romantic ideas long distance relationship

Send a romantic gift to your long distance love and brighten up their whole week! Here are our 20 favorite picks for truly romantic gifts. Long Distance Relationship Activities and Ideas The longest list of things for long distance They can be funny, romantic, and cheesy, so what's not to love?. No one wants to be in a long distance relationship, but sometimes Showing up at their door step can be romantic, but it is more fun to have a.

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Even the smallest trinket can brighten up their whole day and make the distance seem a bit smaller. But choosing the right gift is not always easy. You have to take into account their interests, the history of your relationship, their unique personality and tastes.

Then, of course you need to think about size, perishability, and shipping costs J. Fortunately, there are some gifts out there that almost everyone loves. Here are 20 romantic gifts for couples in long distance relationships that are bound to score you a win. Let them hear your heartbeat Technology has come a long way. It has even managed to make long distance relationships a bit easier to bear. How does it work? Each set has two wristbands and speakers. The wristband tracks your heartbeat and transfers its sound to the speaker your beloved has tucked under their pillow, and vice versa.

And as a bonus, letting your partner know you want their heartbeat as your lullaby is a precious gift all on its own. Make them smile every day Sometimes the distance between you two can get too much! Ever had one of those days where it felt impossible to even crack a smile? Protect your girlfriend or boyfriend from those glummest of glum days by sending them this jar filled with sweet endearments.

They can open one message every day for a month, or any time they need to have their spirits lifted. Make them a promise Promise rings have a lot of meaning in most cultures, so think it over carefully before going down this path.

But if you decide you are ready for such serious step, there are plenty of beautiful promise rings to choose from. But this fun pair of lights will send them a bright hello without you having to say a word. This pair of lights is connected via Wi-Fi. Make the time difference easier Being apart while in a relationship is hard enough. Being in different time zones makes it even more challenging — especially if math is not their strongest suit who here has received late-night calls from a loving partner?

Solve this problem once and for all by getting them one of these beautiful watches that can track two different time zones at the same time. Give them marshmallows with a twist You know how sometimes you feel so strongly about someone you just want to eat them?

Well, with these marshmallows you can give your other half the chance to do just that. The photos of your choice can be printed on top of 9 cute marshmallows. This, combined with an adorable package and wrapping paper, are bound to make a tasty, giggle-inducing, gift.

Get closer to their heart Matching necklaces is one of those gifts that can be cheesy or elegant, depending on your choice.

romantic ideas long distance relationship

Either way, wearing them can serve you as a constant, tangible reminder of your love. Plus, imagine the sweet photo you can take when both you and your necklaces are reunited.

Light up their video calls Some time ago, long distance relationships relied on letters and occasional faceless phone calls.

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This will bring you close to each other in a manner most intimate. Did you just go 'awww' in your head?

romantic ideas long distance relationship

Well, you can take a cue from this gesture of love by having something delivered to your partner on a pre-decided date every month.

Pick a date, have a deal set up with a courier company, and have the same thing delivered to him or her every month. Exploit the Internet Ever thought about a virtual date? It's quite simple really. All you need is food, wine, candles, your cell phones switched off, and a dependable Internet connection.

Super Romantic Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Or if you're not in the mood for wining and dining, how about going shopping together, online? Make a shopping list and have each other on video chat while you browse through the plethora of online stores to pick and choose things for yourselves and each other. Make a Video Letter Instead of going through the apparently time-consuming and arduous chore of writing a letter, you could make a virtual one.

Get dressed up, switch on your recording device and speak your heart out; about how much you love him or her, about things around you that remind you of him or her, about things you wish you'll could do together, and the like.

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Send it to your partner via any of the gazillion modes of sending videos there exist. Now that's what I call a pleasant surprise. Plan your Future There's nothing more reassuring in a relationship than planning a future together. Distance does make the heart grow fonder. So, when you're sitting miles apart from each other, it's great to know that your partner eagerly anticipates the time that you will eventually spend together.

Talk as much as you can about a future that you will share. Talk about what you'll name your kids. Talk about growing old together. Talk about everything that will make the two of you feel close together always. Pay a Surprise Visit The single most romantic thing one can do when in a long distance relationship is drop in unexpectedly at the partner's doorstep. What more can one ask for than to be surprised by the one person they miss the most? So, plan a visit and ensure everything is perfect.

Have an entire weekend planned for the two of you. Just make sure that he or she does not have any prior commitments.

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