Secret garden singapore drama ending relationship

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secret garden singapore drama ending relationship

Drama: Secret Garden; Revised romanization: Sikeurit Gadeun; Hangul: Oska made the request in an attempt to prevent Park Chae-Rin from revealing their relationship to the press. Ra-Im. Eventually, Joo-Won was able to find Ra-Im but ended up stranded in a .. SG is destiny,love,magic and everything in between. Cast Tender Huang Yvonne Lim Paige Chua Li Wen Hai Benjamin Heng Chen Secret Garden (秘密花园) is a Singaporean drama which aired on Mediacorp .. Foo spent half of her year career in corporate public relations, and the other. Secret Garden (秘密花园) is a Singaporean drama which aired on Mediacorp Channel U (Singapore). It debuted on 29 December and consists of 13 episodes. Contents. 1 Cast; 2 Synopsis; 3 External links; 4 References.

He gets her to agree to do his music video, and hugs her in delight. He turns to Seul: He chases her around the bedroom for a while, and then lands on the bed alone. She tells him to freeze, and then climbs on top of him for a kiss.

secret garden singapore drama ending relationship

Finally, the Ra-im of yesteryear, pre-wrist-grabs and buckets of tears. We get a montage of their happy first days as a married couple, taking walks together and staying in together. Joo-won shows her the rewritten ending to The Little Mermaid.

She calls him Secretary Kim cute and tells him that his ending sucks, as he chases her around the room in circles. Easier said than done, Gramps. Joo-won notifies Mom of the marriage registration, and she ends up in the hospital.

Joo-won goes to see her, and she admits defeat. She disowns him as her son, and though she lets him keep his job, she takes back everything else, and tells him to cough up money for the land that his house is on.

All those dramatics, and you get to keep your job AND your house? What the hell was on the line, then? Director Park is lamenting his lost job when Joo-won calls, re-hiring him and taking him under his wing. Ra-im announces her married status to the action school, and the guys stare agape, some of them even crying heh.

Jong-soo congratulates her and gives her a script to a new project: Sector 7 another shout-out to a Ha Ji-won vehicle.

Secret Garden (Singaporean TV series)

Aw, this is the cutest thing EVAR. Why are you talking to him!? The guys look around nervously. He tells Tae-sun to use this studio from now on and make the music that he wants. He goes to film his music video, and finds that the story is his first meeting with Seul. Oska winks at her as she watches from the monitor, and she smiles.

Joo-won and Ra-im each do well at work, and enjoy the sleepy exhaustion of being newlyweds. Oska gets ready for his big concertand everyone watches happily as he sings. Tae-sun is the only one who looks on with a heavy heart, as he sighs wistfully, slings a bag over his shoulder, and walks away.

Seul sees him, and chases him down backstage. She tells him that if he ever needs something, to call her.

I do really love these two as frenemies fighting over one man. Too bad he has to leave. Do I have that right? With the excuse that I was hurt, I hurt you so much. Truthfully, the roasted chestnuts is me. But the cheesecake is some other bitch. I still love you anyway, Choi Woo-young. I do love her sassiness.

Oska makes a big heart over his head as he sings, signaling to her that he loves her too, and she cries, holding up her sign in the middle of the audience. As we watch Ra-im do sit-ups while Joo-won holds her legs an excuse for him to kiss her, of course he narrates in voiceover that they spend their days finding out just how immature a man and a woman who are in love can be. This time he follows her into the elevator for a makeout session, only to be awkwardly interrupted by his entire executive staff.

As everyone else gawks and averts their eyes, Secretary Kim takes out his camera…. Ra-im remembers the dream, and laughs that it really did come true. Grandma comes out to greet the kids warmly, but coldly ignores Joo-won and Ra-im, making sure the gate shuts firmly behind her. Joo-won says in voiceover that his mother really was true to her word. I rather like that her character stayed consistent. No easy answers in life.

secret garden singapore drama ending relationship

You know, except for coma-killing-body-swapping miracles. She cries, overwhelmed and probably exhausted, what with fifteen years of dating. Ah-young and Secretary Kim walk along the river, and happen to find the message in a bottle that he had thrown into the ocean on Jeju Island after they had first met.

She takes it as a sign and hugs him in delight. Jong-soo goes to meet a casting director for a project, only to come face to face with Sohn Ye-jin. Dude, he gets Sohn Ye-jin as a consolation prize? No need to feel sorry for this guy! Why do all Korean dads do that? A childhood trauma caused him to have a defective memory and claustrophobia, causing him to be unable to take lifts. As a rational person, he always seeks answers and solutions to explain things that happen to him.

When he meets the spunky Gil Ra-im, he is left confused as he does not understand why she is constantly on his mind. He is Joo-won's cousin, as well as the first love of Yoon Seul. Frivolous and free-spirited, Oska used to rely on his charming looks and money, but seeing Seul again and discovering new talent in a young man named Tae-sun triggers something inside him, causing him to change.

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She is a music video director. Unable to forgive Oska, she is bent on making him hurt as much as possible. Lee Phillip as Im Jong-soo The director of an action school. Having studied abroad, Im Jong-soo speaks English fluently and is well connected with Hollywood.

Despite his gruff and rough exterior, he cares about his stunt actors deeply and looks out for them. He holds a soft spot for Ra-im, who is oblivious to his feelings.

Prickly and cold, he initially rebuffs Oska's attempts to recruit him. It is later revealed that he is gay and Oska becomes his muse. Yoo In-na as Im Ah-young Ra-im's best friend who shares a loft with her.