Space runaway ideon ending a relationship

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space runaway ideon ending a relationship

Looking for information on the anime Densetsu Kyojin Ideon: Hatsudou-hen (The Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion7 Users Neon Genesis. bring up the relationship between the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and Space Runaway Ideon without knowing exactly how they connect. works (the Rebuild of Evangelion movies, the manga's alternative ending). Maiden Japan Cancels SD Space Runaway Ideon Blu-ray, Plans HD Release. posted on EDT by Karen Ressler. Section23 Films ' Maiden.

Because of the age of the seriessome extremely dated character designs, and its early cancellation and nonsensical ending as a result, it is highly unlikely that we will ever see Space Runaway Ideon in series or movie form on this side of the pacific, the two movies however are both available as Fan Subs through a myriad of channels.

This is a review based on those two films. The first movie in this double billing, A Contact, is similar to the Evangelion "movie" Death and Rebirth as it recounts the events of the series for those who haven't seen it. I have not been able to find the series in any form, but I have read synopsis and while "A Contact" does leave out a lot of plot details, it gives you all the important Character Information that you will need to empathize with the cast, though the entire thing comes across as a little rushed, compressing a 39 episode series into a 90 minute movie.

For the most part "A Contact" and "Be Invoked" follow the adventures of Cosmo, our knight in shining right red afro, The Ideon, the titular giant robot, and a crew of refugees from a colony planet which has come under assault from the brutal Buff Clan, a species of vulcan esque humans from another "Earth" somewhere in the galaxy. The Buff Clan are searching for The Ide, which may be an infinite energy source and also may be the will of "god", unfortunately the translation was not exactly clear on the second part.

It also happens to be what powers the titular Ideon robot, and the humans "Solo Ship" which they use to flee from the Buff Clan in a desperate attempt to keep them from discovering Earth proper. The most important part of "A Contact"'s plot is that it traces the character relationships among the crew of the Solo Ship, setting up the more interesting "Be Invoked", and is fairly important viewing if you really want a feel for the heroes in the much better second movie.

In true Tomino fashion, this battle is long and brutal with many violent casualties on both sides.

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It has a strong anti warfare message that is really hammered home with the extremely bizarre ending in which both nobody wins, and everybody wins, depending on your interpretation. Which brings me to my next point, if you are an EVA fan, you should consider these movies required viewing as the grand finale of "Be Invoked" greatly reminded me of the similarly screwed up "The End of Evangelion" only with more character deaths and less foot tall naked albino chicks.

The final resolution is greatly open to interpretation and without spoiling anything it is still safe to say that the true fate of the characters and the universe at large is very open to interpretation. In terms of Animation, "A Contact" is pretty much just a mild clean up of the animation from the series proper, it gets the job done but is never really that impressive. There are fewer instances of extreme cheapitude that often crop up in anime from the last century but the animation is still of a notably lower quality than other anime films of the time.

Karala Ajiba Voice Actor: Karala Ajiba The daughter of the main commanding officer of the Buff Clan, she is part of the Solo Ship crew from the beginning of the series though initially as a prisoner. However, her kind nature slowly wins over the crew and sees the wrong of her people and wishes to stop them.

Jordan Bes Voice Actor: Tanaka Hideyuki Despite his youth, due to being the highest-ranking officer aboard the Solo Ship, he becomes the de-facto captain. He is normally a by the book kind of officer, but as the series progresses, he exhibits more trust to the Ideon crew comprising of mostly civilians despite some of his conflicts with them from time to time.

He is one of the first members to trust Karala and falls in love with her. Yes, Cosmo is the main pilot but I feel the focus of the other characters is too all over the place and yet balanced to really say who is just like in Game of Thrones.

space runaway ideon ending a relationship

All the characters within the crew all have some sort of contribution to the story. All characters main or not on both sides of the conflict have an active role and yet the story continues to move in the pace respectable to the length of the series.

The characters on both sides of the conflict all get their own distinct development both individually and in their relationships with other characters. The series presents not just the conflicts between the Buff Clan and Earth, but the internal conflicts as well, which could accurately reflect what happens in war. Some of it is due to bureaucracy, some of it is due to fatigue, and some of it is also because of a conflict of morals.

The Buff Clan are very interesting villains and they have a samurai culture. But I say due to their more extreme approaches, earth tends to slightly have the moral high ground from time to time though the big wigs on the political side of things will do some questionable actions to even their own people. In context to the space exploration, this series takes it to a deeper level compared to Gundam since it is across the universe as opposed to the surrounding earth sphere.

space runaway ideon ending a relationship

Even though the original Gundam has intense moments, it also had some laughs. Ideon is one of the original series that Tomino went to the extreme 7 years before Zeta Gundam, the series that has a reputation amongst the Gundam fanbase for being dark. Ideon at the top of my head has no moments of comedy. There is always tension in the air. Elementally in terms to its atmosphere, I say this series shares more in common with another lesson known classic work by Tomino, Aura Battler Dunbine as opposed to Gundam.

But I felt that this series was very Shakespearian in comparison to Gundam. Just like any other anime, characters will have funky hairstyles and it shows early anime is no different in that department than it is today. The higher ranked characters look appropriately authorities with the shape of their chins and noses looking sharp as if they were Europeans nobles. The Ideon with its gimmick of trucks combining to be mech makes me think it was the prototype combiner in Transformers like Devastator with the constructions or Superion with the aerialbots.

Space Runaway Ideon Fan Art The idea of it being a God also makes me think it probably could have been an influence on Go-Lion, the anime series, which would later be imported outside of Japan as the first Voltron series.

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Also, some super sentai series like Zyuranger, in which its footage became the first season of power rangers, the Daizyujin or the Megazord, was also a God. So I do feel in some ways, despite Ideon being just a cult classic amongst Tomino fans, it could have been an inspiration to the mech genre beyond Evangelion.

space runaway ideon ending a relationship

But Ideon introduces other unique weaponry later on. The action is very explosive and missiles are flying all over the place. It is very intense and despite knowing the crew of the Ideon will pull through, there is a feeling of danger to the action. The series does contain some Gundam alumni such as the late Inoue Yo, the voice of Sayla from Gundam as Cheryl, one of the officers on the ship. She is very up tight and bitchy because she is always exhibits that something is suspicious.

He has that scratchy voice he does as Miyagi but with an appropriate sense of intensity in conjunction of being in a conflict as opposed to being a juvenile delinquent. And I am positive hardcore Gundam fans are going to instantly recognize some of the other voices but what stroke me the most was Shiozawa Kaneto as the narrator.

He really knows how to set the mood and just makes things so chilling and scary.

space runaway ideon ending a relationship