Teacher pupil relationship jeremy lin

NBA Star Jeremy Lin Reveals He's Challenging Himself to 'Give God' More Space in His Life

teacher pupil relationship jeremy lin

AT THE BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY, Jeremy Lin ('06) was just Paly English teacher and basketball aficionado Mike McNulty said. “He believed he was a student-athlete, not an athlete-student. Lin had to repair his relationship with Diepenbrock quickly as he entered the Palo Alto basketball program. Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire Jeff Zelevansky “ Relationships deteriorated where I couldn't get the most out of people. Take me . Teacher who had sex with student should get off easy because he. Jeremy Lin, 23, is currently living on his brother's sofa in Manhattan's student- dominated Lower East Side - but the Harvard University graduate.

And myself, and Coach Diepenbrock and everyone was telling him: Shoot a set shot. Lin as a junior. Part of the reason Lin had more of an affinity toward competition than toward practicing the fundamentals of the game may have been because he thought he had already mastered them. Under the tutelage of his longtime Amateur Athletic Union AAU travel team coach Jim Sutter, who coached him from fifth grade through the end of high school, Lin had already put in extensive work on fundamentals.

And all we do is go from one drill to the next. Jeremy would then take the stuff he learned, turn it around, and head over to the Palo Alto YMCA to work on it with his dad and two brothers. Throughout his junior year, Lin found success running the offense for an extremely talented Vikings team.

teacher pupil relationship jeremy lin

Led by Lin and Baskauskas, the two best high school players Diepenbrock ever coached, it was on paper the strongest Paly team Lin was a part of. The Vikings cruised to a stellar regular season record, suffering only one loss before the playoffs.

NBA Star Jeremy Lin Reveals He's Challenging Himself to 'Give God' More Space in His Life

But then, on the eve of one of the biggest games of his life, Lin made the fateful decision to head over to the Ross Road YMCA for some additional practice. Lin, unsure of the severity of the injury, immediately called both of his trusted coaches, Diepenbrock and Sutter. Diepenbrock immediately tried to determine whether he would be without his starting point guard against Mitty.

Forced to watch his teammates play without him, Lin had an epiphany. Lin takes the ball up in the NorCal Final en route to a nail biting victory over Archbishop Mitty. Other players also noticed the change in Lin, especially those who had watched him in the preceding years.

Lin recovered from his broken ankle to play AAU basketball for Sutter in the summer.

How Carmelo, Amar’e pushed Jeremy Lin out: Mike D’Antoni

Jeremy had the task of guarding Lawson. However, the unstoppable play of Durant proved too much. Metro lost by five.

Lin had a game-high 16 points, seven assists, and three steals.

Basketball star Jeremy Lin tells HK youngsters how he chased his dream

Besides growing physically, he had also made strides as a leader. Lin made it clear to all of his teammates that their ultimate goal was a State Championship. However, when the opportunity arose to add a piece to that championship puzzle, Lin made one thing clear: If they were going to win it, they were going to do it with the team they already had. Although Lin knew and liked the player, his current teammates came first.

So, [Jeremy] is a very loyal guy and he has matured a lot. He realized his value as a creator for his teammates. He no longer felt he had to score all the time, and looked to distribute the ball more, to the benefit of the team. In the playoffs, the Vikings reeled off win after win, including two victories over Archbishop Mitty, and made it all the way to the State Championship game against heavily favored Mater Dei.

Unfortunately for Mater Dei, however, the outcome was the same as in the AAU game the previous summer. Lin grabbed eight boards and scored 17 points in the game, burying crucial baskets down the stretch to seal the Viking victory.

Having achieved his ultimate high school goal of winning a State Championship, Lin next set his sights on the future. He graduated with a 4.

According to a Dec. Lin celebrates after winning the State Championship his senior season. After a disappointing season in which Lin did not receive much playing time, the Warriors decided to cut him loose at the end of the NBA lockout. The Houston Rockets quickly picked him up, but then released him after just 15 days. Finally, Lin signed with the New York Knicks in December, where he sat on the bench for several games before he finally got his chance that February 4 less than three months ago.

Linsanity then entered the collective vocabulary of the United States. Although this injury puts Linsanity on hold for now, Sports Illustrated writer Pablo Torre, who wrote consecutive cover stories about Lin in mid-February, does not view him as a passing phenomenon as others in the media have. It was the language through which she could communicate best with Americans.

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She became a basketball instructor, teaching kids. And like many Asian parents who immigrated to the States, Li was hardest on her two most prized pupils, her daughters. Li started with Tingting at the age of 7. Natalie followed her mom and sister to every basketball class and soon began to not only dribble a ball but execute crossovers by age 5. The way she figured it, her daughters were different here. Li didn't see other Chinese or Asian girls playing basketball in Texas. She was determined to change people's minds and show she was the best basketball skills coach and that her daughters could play with anyone -- no matter how they might be judged based on their ethnicity.

A lot of high expectations. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we're first-generation immigrants. My mom has made so many sacrifices, like when she came to the States, she had nothing. It is a lot of emphasis on work ethic and determination and never giving up.

teacher pupil relationship jeremy lin

Li ran Natalie through grueling workouts, harder and more detailed than any of her team practices. It was common for Natalie to practice twice a day, forsaking all the things kids her age did for fun. She traded sleepovers and school dances for basketball camps and tournaments. I never really got to go hang out with friends after school or over the weekends because I was always playing basketball. The pressure to play well is always there. Natalie always knew where her mother sat during AAU and high school games -- front row, center court.

And she always heard Li, constantly coaching from the stands with instructions, words of encouragement and criticism in Chinese. But I feel it [if her mom is disappointed]. That is when you know you messed up. Yeah, in some ways, I am.

I can't say I am a tiger mother [though]. I don't think that is a good word. But I am pretty strict with them. No one is going to baby you.

Basketball star Jeremy Lin tells HK youngsters how he chased his dream | South China Morning Post

I got the Asian! That's me, I am guarding her! But usually in the first couple of seconds is when they realize, 'Oh snap! Who is going to guard the Chinese girl?

Just watching her mature and grow and realize that hey, I am Chinese but I am a basketball player. She took race out of it when you saw her skill set. Provided by Jason Terry There have been some Asian female basketball standouts in college before, like Eun Jung Ok, who helped lead the University of Louisiana Monroe to the Final Four, and serves as the team's associate head coach.

More recently, Lindsey Yamasaki was a volleyball and basketball star at Stanford from Still, the overall number of Asian American basketball players is microscopic. Asians and Pacific Islanders made up 1. I think there are more but there are just still so few that it is not as noticeable.

Both stand at a stereotype-defying 6-foot Nakase, now a video coordinator on Doc Rivers' Los Angeles Clippers staff, always got looks for her stature, but she still walked on at UCLA in before finishing her college career as a three-year starter and an honorable mention All-Pac point guard.