Unwelcome relationship by madhu part 33

unwelcome relationship by madhu part 33

Madhu's wedding passed in a haze for Khushi. .. Part 33 "Khushi ", his husky voice pleaded. "Come out with me this evening for a long drive?" her many bangles and all the unwanted jewellery that stopped his hands. This article explores the relationship between gender and urban space within the context of 33 often unwelcome figures on the horizon of. NEW Arshi FF: UNWELCOMED RELATIONSHIP _ by Madhu. October 27, at (PART to 33) AFTER A LONG TIME .. Part The last.

She denied but he didnt listen.

unwelcome relationship by madhu part 33

He kept the final plate in the kitchen and saw her. She was decorating the Dessert which was a piece of cake. She was pouring the chocolate sauce on it for more taste when he interrupted. Dont waste the sauce like that. We would need to order some more then.

I didnt get you Arnav. She said still decorating the cake Arnav then came near her and pinned his hands on the kitchen slab, not her, so that she could not move.

Another 20 minutes and then it will be And hope you remember the challenge Khushi. And well I am using this Chocolate sauce entirely on the cake because I know I would win the challenge and this wont be required. Still in false hopes Khushi? Just 15 more minutes left for me to win.


She turned back to face him. She was still pinned in between his hands on either side of the slab. She made her hands slid on her own back and she started to unhook her dress buttons.

unwelcome relationship by madhu part 33

What was she doing?? Was she planning to undress herself in front of him?

She cannot do that. She didnt leave the eye contact with him doing so. She wanted to see what he felt while she did this. She could see him changing. Yes she could see him losing. Thats what she wanted. But only one thing was missing, he didnt touch her yet. She didnt know how he managed to control so much. She didnt open her dress entirely but she now slid her hands on her own shoulder and pulled the sleeves of that dress a bit more down.

Half of her breast were almost visible. She still didnt leave the eye contact with him and nor did he. Nothing happened for another few minutes after that. She kept looking at him and he kept gazing at her. And then finally the clock struck She kissed his cheeks. Arnav was still gazing her. He didnt even understand when it was He looked at the clock to confirm and then he saw her.

She too was looking at him smiling. Dont look like that Arnav. I always wanted you to win this. So lets order some more chocolate sauce then.

She said and tried to hook her dress buttons back when he held her hand. What are you doing Khushi? Wearing my dress back properly. Now its not required. I did it all to make you lose. Arnav pulled her close to him and then held her waist. Her bosoms were hiting his chest now. Now since I have won. That means we marrying right? So that means we can. He tried to kiss her on her cheek when she pushed him and closed her dress buttons.

Of course not Arnav. Not unless we get married. You can seduce me like this first and then leave me with nothing?? Arnav come on now be a good boy and order some sauce. I wont ask you again. If you not interested then fine. I have already had my bath. Now dont argue on that.

Get fresh I will order something for us. Arnav smiled and left her. Arnav had his shower and had came out.

unwelcome relationship by madhu part 33

The breakfast was kept ready. She was applying the butter on his bread. She loved doing these things for him now.

She knew how her life which she considered as normal before was changed because of him in between and now everything was back to good. They both fed each other. He made sure he never missed kissing her in between his bites on the bread. She loved him being so naughty. Sometimes she sat on his lap to feed him the juice and he caressed her belly with his fingers.

They were getting quite well with each other in these terms now. The meeting was in another hotel where a conference room was booked. Khushi was sitting next to Arnav. The lights of the room were switched off as the Projector was on and the team head was explaining everyone on the details.

Khushi was wearing a Plain Light blue saree with silver border. Arnav couldnt just keep his hands off her. She was so seductive all the time. No matter it was day or night, he always wanted to be with her. He checked his mobile for something and then excused himself for a while and went out. Khushi didnt understand what happened to him. May be some call. In next 5 minutes he opened the door and excused everyone again saying.

Excuse me again guys. Can you please come out. Khushi nodded and came out.

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She didnt know what had happened. As soon as she came out, Arnav pulled her hand and then started walking out of the Hotel. She didnt know what was happening. She asked him but he didnt reply at all. He made their way to the Parking lot and then opened her side of the door. He then opened his side of the door and sat in too. Where are we going? Will you tell me anything.? He put his finger on her lips leaning on her. I felt like kissing you. So I got you here. She removed his finger from her lips You are crazy Arnav.

This is not a way to leave some important meeting like this and She was stopped by his lips on hers. He started kissing her fiercefully and she couldnt help but kiss him back. He made her seat to bend back without stopping the kiss so that she could lie on the seat comfortably now.

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He slid his hand inside her pallu and started squeezing her belly. She could only dig her nails on his back asking him to stop. She loved him doing this though. He was very desperate. He should be given the most desperate fiancee award. No one else deserves it but him.

He then squeezed her breasts above the Blouse and she pulled back from the kiss. He kept kissing her neck, her face and her ears. She loved him for that. She started unbuttoning his waist coat and removed it off him. She opened the top few buttons of his shirt and placed wet kisses on his chest.

The touch of her lips on his chest aroused him more. He started to pull the saree a bit up from her legs to slid his hands inside it.